Dec 3, 2006

GoOglE.. bOoGle.. JoOgLe

This term i've to submit 10 assignments or projects in my Mass Communication class and 1 for my Sanskrit class. To my utter dismay there is no book prescribed for my course. My lecturer's advice was to spend the entire week hunting for books in our ill equiped library. The better option i found was obviously to search the web. Google being my favourite was the only serch engine i bothered to open. Until now i had never given much thought into search tags and search strings and their importance. I had almost always found what i was looking for without much effort. My friends had earlier discussed at length about their frustration with google not giving search results exact to the search strings. However yesturday was my turn to get frustrated. For my Mass Communication assignments i searched for stuff like tutorials for The Contempt of courts Act and importance of advertisements , importance of cyber laws etc. But google came up with results like "piano tutorials teacher....... laws.. litigation of some case... contempt of courts.... imprisoned fr........"!!! AND
"important clients...... some company.... advertisement very expensive..... importance in country-side..."!!!

Oh!! The ultimate frustration was searching for my Sanskrit assignments. I've to submit a gist of Kenopanishad. (Kena-Upanishad) Its an Upanishad, one of the many sacred texts of Hindus. I had not read it to write the gist so thought of searching for it on the web. So i put 'Explain Kenopanishad' and 'gist Kenopanishad' as my search tags. And....
"Swami somebody... explains the meaning of life..... speech at...... referring lines (1-22)... kenopanishad...."
"gist of speech... atma.. salvation.... life.... swami... kenopanishad..."!!!

In short, i've not yet completed my assignments. HELP!!!

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