Jan 28, 2007

India shinning!!!

Cruelty towards is so widely prevalant that we have become kinda immune to it. Even if we see it, we dont register incidents in our minds. it could be tiny incidents of young fellers throwing stones at a mongrel or educated people murdering children and eating them.

the question to be answered here is:: IS THIS CALLED BEING CIVILISED?

There was a programme on IndiaTV that showed dogs that were tied up in gunny sacks to be sold. so far so good eh?! but unfortunately they were being sold for being eaten, and not to loving owners. It was found that dogs were bought by some people in Nagaland. Who would not feed them for a week and suddenly feed them one day and eat the dog the next day!!
where is India heading? you may ask.. people killing owls for curing a whole in the heart?!! what could be more ridiculous?!!
Just last month a female bear was charred to death ALIVE!! in kashmir. The enthusiastic and royally stupid i may add,journalist had the presence of mind to video record the entire episode but dint think even once of saving the poor creature from such an unfortunate death. Apparently this was not the first of such cases. five other bears have been brutely burnt in the same manner in the village.
Even the great Delhi University has not spared animals. To ward off monkeys, colleges are keeping Langoors. The poor Langoor is tied up to the main gate with a rope and made to sit on the compund wall for the whole day!
Cruelty of man has not stopped at torchuring just animals. people have become inhuman enough to sexually abuse and murder children and then EAT THEM!! The psychopathic duo moninder singh Pandher and Surender Koli have written history. they have become India's first in every psychopathic way. Alfred Hitchcocks best imagination seems to have failed before these two's work. The amazing fact is that when the duo got beaten up recently at a court, moninder's son has filed for a case on human rights.

i have a question: how can moninder be a human after killing more 40 children?

Jan 17, 2007

Mallika Sherawat- the real face of feminism

Mallika Sherawat is awe inspiring to me. She epitomises every women's dream the world over. Every woman in her heart of hearts wants to do something wacko and out of this world. It could be anything- from bungee jumping to actually realising their dream of becoming an actress. Nobody bothers how one does it, by hook or crook, achieving your dream is the only goal. even if its just for a day.

To begin with, its not an easy thing for an Harayanvi girl to divorce her husband and even more earth moving is her decision to become an actress. She abandoned everybody. Her father refused to support her decision, she finally made it in Bollywood with only her brother for support. In Bollywood where ones lineage matters a lot, Mallika Sherawat made it without any godfather. In fact, she made her courage to do anything, her godfather.

Liberalisation is a very cruel process. It makes many people its victims. Women like Mallika Sherawat are true feminists and also victims of the process. Not many people acknowledge their sacrifices and the other hardships that they have had to face to get to their current position.

Other actresses like Aishwarya Rai etc.. are no less than Mallika Sherawat. The difference is that Ms. Sherawat is bold and makes no issues about her job and that she'll do anything for money. She is famous for her infamous quotable quotes. BUT what ever she says and does is so in your face and deep down everybody knows that she's right.

It'll take a very long time for society to accept women like Mallika Sherawat. She is way ahead of her times. Our society is not ready for women like her, it is in fact scared of her. Until then we'll get to see many more Sherawats who are victims of their own ambition.

Jan 12, 2007

Dude!! where are my marks??

Today i gave my Mass Communication exam. and guess what?!? it was for only 50 marks! where did the rest of the 50 marks go?

yea.. beleive it or not even at one of the worlds top ten universities we're made to give exams for half of the total marks.

Now the question is where does the rest of the 50 marks come from? i sincerely hope that it will fall from the heavens coz the lecturer is royally pissed at me and i have no hopes from her. but to my utter horror my lecturer is goin to give me the rest of the 50 marks. She is goin to evaluate my 'performance' in the internals (house exams) plus assignments etc etc..

'Performance' like its some kind of a kidergarten where she gonna call my parents to inform them that im cuting classes!! What the hell!!

For two years now almost all the students of Delhi University have signed petitions under the RTI Act (Right To Information Act) to the dean, the vice-chancellor and other authorities about this opaque system. however there sems to be no redressal immediately in sight. my lecturer is still dangling over me like the Damocle's sword!!!

i still have to pataofy my lecturer in everyclass to keep myself in her good books. suppose desipte my best efforts,for some unkown reason she's still pissed off at me.. then what? she wont even give me a 25 out of the 50 marks of mine she hold!!

How can lecturers be given so much of power? they can arbitarily give or take marks. and poor me! i've got no way to prove my intelligence. im as brilliant at studies as my lecturers shows me to be!!!

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