Jan 12, 2007

Dude!! where are my marks??

Today i gave my Mass Communication exam. and guess what?!? it was for only 50 marks! where did the rest of the 50 marks go?

yea.. beleive it or not even at one of the worlds top ten universities we're made to give exams for half of the total marks.

Now the question is where does the rest of the 50 marks come from? i sincerely hope that it will fall from the heavens coz the lecturer is royally pissed at me and i have no hopes from her. but to my utter horror my lecturer is goin to give me the rest of the 50 marks. She is goin to evaluate my 'performance' in the internals (house exams) plus assignments etc etc..

'Performance' like its some kind of a kidergarten where she gonna call my parents to inform them that im cuting classes!! What the hell!!

For two years now almost all the students of Delhi University have signed petitions under the RTI Act (Right To Information Act) to the dean, the vice-chancellor and other authorities about this opaque system. however there sems to be no redressal immediately in sight. my lecturer is still dangling over me like the Damocle's sword!!!

i still have to pataofy my lecturer in everyclass to keep myself in her good books. suppose desipte my best efforts,for some unkown reason she's still pissed off at me.. then what? she wont even give me a 25 out of the 50 marks of mine she hold!!

How can lecturers be given so much of power? they can arbitarily give or take marks. and poor me! i've got no way to prove my intelligence. im as brilliant at studies as my lecturers shows me to be!!!

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