Jan 17, 2007

Mallika Sherawat- the real face of feminism

Mallika Sherawat is awe inspiring to me. She epitomises every women's dream the world over. Every woman in her heart of hearts wants to do something wacko and out of this world. It could be anything- from bungee jumping to actually realising their dream of becoming an actress. Nobody bothers how one does it, by hook or crook, achieving your dream is the only goal. even if its just for a day.

To begin with, its not an easy thing for an Harayanvi girl to divorce her husband and even more earth moving is her decision to become an actress. She abandoned everybody. Her father refused to support her decision, she finally made it in Bollywood with only her brother for support. In Bollywood where ones lineage matters a lot, Mallika Sherawat made it without any godfather. In fact, she made her courage to do anything, her godfather.

Liberalisation is a very cruel process. It makes many people its victims. Women like Mallika Sherawat are true feminists and also victims of the process. Not many people acknowledge their sacrifices and the other hardships that they have had to face to get to their current position.

Other actresses like Aishwarya Rai etc.. are no less than Mallika Sherawat. The difference is that Ms. Sherawat is bold and makes no issues about her job and that she'll do anything for money. She is famous for her infamous quotable quotes. BUT what ever she says and does is so in your face and deep down everybody knows that she's right.

It'll take a very long time for society to accept women like Mallika Sherawat. She is way ahead of her times. Our society is not ready for women like her, it is in fact scared of her. Until then we'll get to see many more Sherawats who are victims of their own ambition.


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  2. Tapas Shankar GaurMarch 11, 2007 at 6:47 AM

    How can u put ur words in everybody's mouth????
    If u like her then go for it , but dnt say tht everybody shud like a girl like her ??
    its like the same tht a cook says tht cooking is the best thing n so everybody shud do for it .
    n if u r talking about her limits tht she may cross in order to get money ? then i wud say tht Bollywood industry is ther for ther acting , and not take off ther cloths .
    Revealing the body can be a part of it , but u cant say tht bollywodd is the name of body show :O .
    Kya bolti :) .

  3. hey nidhs this isnt fair mallika sherawath is mallika sherawath shes only fittt for bollywood movies and movies cant b inspiring u better knw that the sreen whch u see is actually a artificial one..
    dnt try to enforce misbelief abt feminism indias tradition is gr888
    u can say abt hema malini .... shes also a succesfull actress pll admir her and nt sm mallika sherawath who takes a heavy sum just for an item songggggggg

  4. I dont think i understand your definition of feminism and liberalisation. maybe you mean liberalism?
    also, does only doing something boldly for money and divorcing someone and living independently the only ways to prove that someone is a "feminist"
    are happily married women or single women who dont make much money conservative and non-liberal? cos that seems ot be why mallika sherawat rates higher from your pov than many other great women.

  5. Btw, I like Mallika Sherawat. I think she's a phenomenal performer and has a very good screen presence. It takes a lot of guts and also a good amount of smartness to be open, make a point and still play "dumb", while making it big in a very competitive industry.

  6. Well said and justified...fine...would u say the same for rakhi sawant that she inspires u???
    Reply in my blog..k..

  7. great!!!!!!!!

    an inspiration can be taken from any one..............even an great actress like she is.............

    great thinking..............and also good template....



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