Feb 14, 2007

Indian Culture-- Endangered species?!!

India is one of the most culturally rich nations of the world with documented history dating back to 5000 yrs ago. She has long been known for her tolerance towards other cultures and traditions. Indian culture is an amalgamation of the different cultures it has come in contact with in its long history. Starting with the Aryans, the Turks, the Mughals, the British and many other factors to this day have all contributed to the ever growing culture of India. Diwali and Holi was celebrated at the White House.

Indians have never hesitated to accept anything new. Considering that statement the concept of love, love marriage is not new to the Indian society. Then why this hue and cry over celebrating St. Valentine’s day?

Shiv Sena activists come to our university campus and terrorize young couples. It’s ridiculous of them to think that if they prohibit
the celebration of one day, the so called ‘western influence’ will be curbed.

RSS executive committee member Ram Madhav has apparently told media persons.. “If a couple is in love, why don't they get married instead of celebrating the day every year?”

I was wondering where all the romance had gone from such a romantic nation.. I see now..

St. Valentine’s Day celebrates love. St. Valentine helped unite people who were in love against the orders of the Emperor Claudius II (the then RSS!!)

To the RSS, maybe days like Karva Chauth is a celebration of love. But I don’t get the point. How can a woman think of love when she is starving the whole day all for the sake her husband’s well being. One cannot possible think about anything while starving to death. If that is considred as a romantic way to display your love then why doesn’t the husband also starve for his wife’s well being? Doesn’t he love her?

All these demonstrations are just publicity gimmicks by the RSS and the Shiv Sena.

Just one piece of advise.. GET A HOBBY!!

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  1. Excellently said, well presented and very articulately put. And Yes, that's the hobby of RSS. Don't suggest any other new hobby to them. They are already creating enough litter for others to clean up. I for one would like to celebrate Valantine's day as well a meetha chauth all the year round.


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