Feb 1, 2007


The idea of having a blog and telling everyone about it is just so exciting. And it barely takes a second to dampen the excitement when you start thinking of a topic to post!
Phew! The past week has been excruciating. For some unknown reason, I desperately wanted to post an article this week. I couldn’t go beyond hunting for a topic. I don’t think I’ve succeeded much yet.

I’ve hopped from Mika (Punjabi singer) to Abhishek and Aishwarya wedding. Pals and internet buddies all chipped in with ideas on hell and heaven, adoption laws, inter-caste marriages, global warming, mutation, face transplant….. bla.. bla.. etc..

And finally, here I am boasting about my lack of creativity. With no ideas. Its just to frustrating!
But from the looks of it, its just a phase of .. writer’s block.. yea.. that’s what it is.. Writer’s block even before I start writing!


Its just the lull before the storm. Then my blog will be flooded with my posts.

Watch this space for some awesome posts.. :D

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