Mar 1, 2007


People should not be allowed to blatantly make a mockery of religion, any religion. Every religion struggles to create a sense of faith in people. It my have had to make some false claims. But at certain times it is unavoidable.

It is a very difficult task to make a common, uneducated man have faith in himself. Religion gives him that confidence and faith to face life, which may not be as smooth.

People who consider themselves enlightened should not go around preaching against any religion in the name of educating men, unless they have an alternative solution. No religion Hinduism or Islam or Christianity.. etc.. aims at keeping its believers in the dark.

They in fact have helped people earn a decent living in terms of econominc stability, spiritual etc.

1 comment:

  1. i have only one thing to say on this...
    if people could only forget their religion when they work & forget work when they r religious....
    not all...but ....lot of da problems will be solved


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