Jun 4, 2007

Who is more backward... Me or U?

The agitation started by the Gujjars in Rajasthan has no meaning to it. Their demand is to be classified as more backward and to be considered down trodden!!!! i.e., they want to be classified as Scheduled Tribes.

Its that kind of situation you know.. u don’t know whether to laugh or cry.

The core issue lies is the continuance of caste based reservations. Not all SC/ST/OBC are backward in anyway. That includes economic, social, or cultural backwardness. Politicians should desist from making promises to vote banks. They might have been backward at some point of time in history. But that does not mean that their situation has not improved till date.

For Example:: The Meenas of Rajasthan were body guards of the King. It was a prestigious post that was not offered to all. So, to begin with they don’t need to be classified as ST. They have been the only community classified as ST from Rajasthan. So they have, until now taken full advantage of all the privileges the reservation brings. They have hogged most of the Government posts. They get their postings and transfers altered in their favour.

The fight between the Meenas and the Gujjars is very transparent. One can clearly see that the Meenas don’t want to let go or even share the privileges that comes with being classified as ST.

However, focusing once again on the issue at hand- the Gujjars resorting to violence to get their demands fulfilled. This is just open terrorism and it should be dealt with as one. Gujjars are not the only community who are interested in getting themselves classified as ST or SC etc. If they succeed today we might get to see a string of such out breaks from many other communities. No other community should get the idea that they can get away by holding the nation’s capital hostage.

After a heated debate about an issue Sardar Patel once asked Nehru if he was a leader or a part of the mass. A similar question beckons our leaders today. They have to prove to the rest of the nation whether they are leaders who will show a new path and lead or just succumb to the pressures of some despicable people.

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  1. All this should be blamed on The Mandal Commission which brought reservations in vogue in a big way. Looking at the way people demand reservation, i think the day wont be far off when the best birthday gift a child could ask for would be a Scheduled Tribe status. When will we Indians learn to stop treating priviliges as rights? When will we learn to stand on our feet? What happened to equality? Are some of us more equal??


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