Jul 23, 2007

Rapist's Paradise

Most of the democratic countries believe in the policy that it is better to acquit 99 criminals than convict 1 innocent man. I honestly don't understand the logic behind this policy. Maybe because it has no logic. How can the state be a welfare state when it is thinking about the welfare of only 1 innocent man. all the while endangering the lives of many other citizens when they let go of criminals for the lack of evidence.

Cases like Jessica Lal murder, Nitish Katara murder, the Nanda Hit & run case are all hung up due to lack of evidence to convict the criminals. The only surviving witness in the Nitish Katara case was poisoned last week. That too when he is not the key witness and his testimony does not have much value. Even then the cops are clueless whether the accused are the real culprits or not.

Such weak method of prosecution brings to mind the situation of rapists. Rape is a crime far more heinous than murder therefore rapists can't be dealt with leniency. Most of the rapists in our country don't get convicted because the law requires the victim to stand in court -identify the accused and narrate the events. It is a very torturous process for any rape victim to face her offender. In most of the cases the victims cannot sum up the courage to even come to the court. Every woman can't be as courageous as Mukhtar Mai.

Every country should have courts like the ATC that convicted Mukhtar Mai's rapists. ATCs are Anti-Terrorist courts of Pakistan that deal with cases of terror or mass-intimidation. They admit hearsay as evidence, and do not require guilt to be proven to the reasonable doubt standard.

These kind of harsh and crude courts seem to be the only solution to handle rapists. And India especially New Delhi aka rape capital of India desperately needs one. Until some urgent actions are taken to curb it, our complacent judicial system India will remain a rapist's paradise

Jul 20, 2007

Khadoos buddhaa people..!!!!

Yesterday was my counselling for my admission into the LLB course at Law Faculty of Delhi University. There were so many OLD people who had come to take admission. I have no objection if middle aged people with 2-3 dregrees to back them apply for LLB. But outright senior citizens taking up full time courses meant for youngsters is baaaad!!!!!!

what will the buddhaa people do doing LLB? If they are really that interested in persuing law, there are many other law degree and diploma courses available. Securing an admission in DU Law Faculty is very difficult and youngsters work very hard for it. Senior citizens, (they ARE senior citizens-its not a pun) who read 2-3 newspapers a day and have a large group of similarly bored folks to discuss it with will obviously have more IQ than many other young people who compete with them. They don't have any right to hog the seats that rightfully belongs to the youth. They have a career to make and an admission in such a prestigious institution can make or mar their future prospects.

These buddhaa people should be more interested at playing chess or discussing politics or playing with their grand children.

P.S. No offence to any buddhaa in particular. but i guess they are nice on the rocking chair and that's where they should be.

Jul 16, 2007

Bridget Jones's Diary ...---... :(

I have maintained diary entries since i was in 7th std. I don't exactly remember what prompted me to start maintaining a diary. But I think it was after a counselling session where the school shrink told all of us to maintain diaries and to consider them as our best friends.

I have been faithfully writing my diary ever since. Or at least i thought so.

How many of us our really sincere and honest to our diary?? Do we actually pen down every thing we feel, hear, see, say??? Maybe not eh?
Most of us are not Bridget Jones to write down every horrible event that occur in our lives and preserve it for a later read!! This revelation happened to me today when i sat down to make a diary entry. A friend of mine is moving to another city and I may not see him again. The thought kept bothering me the entire morning and I thought the best remedy to it was to tell my diary about it.

When I got down to it I ended up writing odd details except the stuff that I really wanted to write. Going back a few pages I found that on many occasions I had omitted events and details that I distinctly remember occurring. The details that I had so blissfully ignored had either offended or hurt me. I desperately wanted to write them down, same time I was reluctant to tell my diary about it. I was somehow hopping that it would be some other diary or notebook but not the one which I regularly wrote in. I did not understand why I wanted to lie and hide from MY DIARY!! Run and hide from my own thoughts and feelings and treat them like they don't exist or don't affect me. Its almost like betraying the trust of a close pal. Its not like My Diary is going to tell anybody or anything, then why do I fear my diary so much. We're suppose to gain from our past experiences and personal diary is supposed to assist in the learning process. But that may not be possible when the story in the diary is a big farce.

Despite this revelation and this long article I have not yet completed my diary. And honestly I'm not sure if I'll ever get around to it.

Jul 13, 2007


The blueline bus owners have once again held the national capital at ransom. Tagged as the 'killer-line' they have managed to cause havoc to city life.

To begin with they drive around without any licence. Neither the bus has a permit nor the driver a driving licence. Then they go around flouting every traffic rule in the book. They are responsible for the death of more than 50 people in 2007 alone. The govt has sanctioned only 600 permits but more than 6000 blues ply in the city. and now that the police have cracked down upon them, they have literally disappeared from the streets of Delhi. Leaving 3/4th of Delhities stranded.

The govt has threatend to implement ESMA. But that should not be done. This will only make the bus owners more vain. The govt should not succumb to the pressure of these rogues. It is what they would enjoy the most. The blue line have tried this tactic once before when the CNG was made mandatory as a fuel for public transport. It was because of the firm stand taken by the then State Transport Minister Ajay Maken that the blue line people had to concede. The strength of the Transport Minister was under test when the Auto rickshaw people went under strike on the issue of electric metres.

It is high time that we got rid of the ugly buses and made way for high capacity, eco-friendly buses. The Commonwealth Games 2010 are not very far away and we have a world audience to impress this time. This kind of opportunity will not come again. The blue line have withdrawn services themselves expecting the govt to come begging. They have made the govt's job easier.
The Delhi Govt now need not go through the elaborate Herculean efforts that were being planned to ease them out of the city streets.

The move will also strengthen the Congress in Delhi. Since the revelation of the dubious history of Congress Presidential nominee Pratibha Patil, the Congress has been pretty weak amongst the educated class. Providence has presented this oppurtunity, just hoping that Sheila Dikshit is clever enough to make use of it.

Jul 9, 2007

BAAAAAACK to the future??!!!

I&B Ministry's baby Prasar Bharti is way over its head. Its grossly incapable of generating revenue for its sustenance.

The only way out is for the ministry to collect charity to keep the Doordarshan network afloat. So the govt is now tracing its footsteps back to the medieval ages when there were licences for Television, Radio, cycles etc.

The govt plans to introduce 'licence fee' of Rs.500 p.a on EVERY colour TV and Rs.200 p.a on EVERY black and white TV set in the country. Radio and television manufacturers are also going to be charged 10% licence fee. In all, the govt expects to draw in approximately Rs.24,000 crores from this licence fees. The revenue will be used to fund the hard pressed Prasar Bharti and towards the salaries of its 38,000 odd employees!!!

The basic question is how is the govt going to track down every single television set in the country?? The has to stand on its toes to collect the annual income tax that comes with such heavy penalty, how will it enforce such a licence fee??

The end result is clear. This will lead to another set of Govt babus being appointed. The kind which existed when a licence was required for every thing. There will be one Licence Inspector, some other guys under him who will go door to door harassing innocent people.

one another question that comes up is why Rs.500 p.a.??!!! when property tax is as low as Rs.2000-2500 p.a for an apartment in prime location in the capital, Rs.200 p.a for a dumb old black and white TV is simply outrageous!!

At an age of disinvestment and fierce open competition among private channels Doordarshan is pathetically lagging behind with shows like Stree.. teri kahani!!!!

Honestly i have no idea who watches the DD channels. People in the rural areas most definetly don't watch it. I don't watch it. That's one question most people will be asking. "who watches these channels?" There seems to be no sense in trying to maintain a channel that has no viewers and that too with public money!!!
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