Jul 13, 2007


The blueline bus owners have once again held the national capital at ransom. Tagged as the 'killer-line' they have managed to cause havoc to city life.

To begin with they drive around without any licence. Neither the bus has a permit nor the driver a driving licence. Then they go around flouting every traffic rule in the book. They are responsible for the death of more than 50 people in 2007 alone. The govt has sanctioned only 600 permits but more than 6000 blues ply in the city. and now that the police have cracked down upon them, they have literally disappeared from the streets of Delhi. Leaving 3/4th of Delhities stranded.

The govt has threatend to implement ESMA. But that should not be done. This will only make the bus owners more vain. The govt should not succumb to the pressure of these rogues. It is what they would enjoy the most. The blue line have tried this tactic once before when the CNG was made mandatory as a fuel for public transport. It was because of the firm stand taken by the then State Transport Minister Ajay Maken that the blue line people had to concede. The strength of the Transport Minister was under test when the Auto rickshaw people went under strike on the issue of electric metres.

It is high time that we got rid of the ugly buses and made way for high capacity, eco-friendly buses. The Commonwealth Games 2010 are not very far away and we have a world audience to impress this time. This kind of opportunity will not come again. The blue line have withdrawn services themselves expecting the govt to come begging. They have made the govt's job easier.
The Delhi Govt now need not go through the elaborate Herculean efforts that were being planned to ease them out of the city streets.

The move will also strengthen the Congress in Delhi. Since the revelation of the dubious history of Congress Presidential nominee Pratibha Patil, the Congress has been pretty weak amongst the educated class. Providence has presented this oppurtunity, just hoping that Sheila Dikshit is clever enough to make use of it.

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