Jul 16, 2007

Bridget Jones's Diary ...---... :(

I have maintained diary entries since i was in 7th std. I don't exactly remember what prompted me to start maintaining a diary. But I think it was after a counselling session where the school shrink told all of us to maintain diaries and to consider them as our best friends.

I have been faithfully writing my diary ever since. Or at least i thought so.

How many of us our really sincere and honest to our diary?? Do we actually pen down every thing we feel, hear, see, say??? Maybe not eh?
Most of us are not Bridget Jones to write down every horrible event that occur in our lives and preserve it for a later read!! This revelation happened to me today when i sat down to make a diary entry. A friend of mine is moving to another city and I may not see him again. The thought kept bothering me the entire morning and I thought the best remedy to it was to tell my diary about it.

When I got down to it I ended up writing odd details except the stuff that I really wanted to write. Going back a few pages I found that on many occasions I had omitted events and details that I distinctly remember occurring. The details that I had so blissfully ignored had either offended or hurt me. I desperately wanted to write them down, same time I was reluctant to tell my diary about it. I was somehow hopping that it would be some other diary or notebook but not the one which I regularly wrote in. I did not understand why I wanted to lie and hide from MY DIARY!! Run and hide from my own thoughts and feelings and treat them like they don't exist or don't affect me. Its almost like betraying the trust of a close pal. Its not like My Diary is going to tell anybody or anything, then why do I fear my diary so much. We're suppose to gain from our past experiences and personal diary is supposed to assist in the learning process. But that may not be possible when the story in the diary is a big farce.

Despite this revelation and this long article I have not yet completed my diary. And honestly I'm not sure if I'll ever get around to it.

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  1. well i did write each and everything that happened in my damn life except on one occasion...

    but then people started reading my dairies...
    and i just stopped writing them!!!

    sometimes i miss my diary!!

    nice posts...


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