Jul 20, 2007

Khadoos buddhaa people..!!!!

Yesterday was my counselling for my admission into the LLB course at Law Faculty of Delhi University. There were so many OLD people who had come to take admission. I have no objection if middle aged people with 2-3 dregrees to back them apply for LLB. But outright senior citizens taking up full time courses meant for youngsters is baaaad!!!!!!

what will the buddhaa people do doing LLB? If they are really that interested in persuing law, there are many other law degree and diploma courses available. Securing an admission in DU Law Faculty is very difficult and youngsters work very hard for it. Senior citizens, (they ARE senior citizens-its not a pun) who read 2-3 newspapers a day and have a large group of similarly bored folks to discuss it with will obviously have more IQ than many other young people who compete with them. They don't have any right to hog the seats that rightfully belongs to the youth. They have a career to make and an admission in such a prestigious institution can make or mar their future prospects.

These buddhaa people should be more interested at playing chess or discussing politics or playing with their grand children.

P.S. No offence to any buddhaa in particular. but i guess they are nice on the rocking chair and that's where they should be.

1 comment:

  1. i think you have offence with buddha.
    but don't consider with narrow audiance..and i'm sure u don't know very much with Buddhism..bcause now real buddhism live in srilanka..and we offer very much on it...
    wide ur vision..u will see more..



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