Jul 23, 2007

Rapist's Paradise

Most of the democratic countries believe in the policy that it is better to acquit 99 criminals than convict 1 innocent man. I honestly don't understand the logic behind this policy. Maybe because it has no logic. How can the state be a welfare state when it is thinking about the welfare of only 1 innocent man. all the while endangering the lives of many other citizens when they let go of criminals for the lack of evidence.

Cases like Jessica Lal murder, Nitish Katara murder, the Nanda Hit & run case are all hung up due to lack of evidence to convict the criminals. The only surviving witness in the Nitish Katara case was poisoned last week. That too when he is not the key witness and his testimony does not have much value. Even then the cops are clueless whether the accused are the real culprits or not.

Such weak method of prosecution brings to mind the situation of rapists. Rape is a crime far more heinous than murder therefore rapists can't be dealt with leniency. Most of the rapists in our country don't get convicted because the law requires the victim to stand in court -identify the accused and narrate the events. It is a very torturous process for any rape victim to face her offender. In most of the cases the victims cannot sum up the courage to even come to the court. Every woman can't be as courageous as Mukhtar Mai.

Every country should have courts like the ATC that convicted Mukhtar Mai's rapists. ATCs are Anti-Terrorist courts of Pakistan that deal with cases of terror or mass-intimidation. They admit hearsay as evidence, and do not require guilt to be proven to the reasonable doubt standard.

These kind of harsh and crude courts seem to be the only solution to handle rapists. And India especially New Delhi aka rape capital of India desperately needs one. Until some urgent actions are taken to curb it, our complacent judicial system India will remain a rapist's paradise

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  1. hey..
    rape is a heinous crime, which i believe should be given a punishment worse than death perhaps..

    however, to say that even hearsay should be treated at par with evidence is not at all right...imagine how that can be misused.

    most rapists are men..but that doesnt mean that all men are rapists...similarly most rape victims being women doesnt mean that all women are innocent victims...we have seen many cases where the women might have had a mutual sexual relnship with aman, but eventually when the relnship went sour she took recourse to the easiest way of seeking revenge, accusing the man of rape. dont forget that even in the case of dowry deaths, more than 50% of the time its the mother in law , who happens to be a woman who is the main perpetrator of the crime.

    there is no other way to get justice than to openly sue the rapist..agreed that in our hypocritical society it is difficult for a lady to bear the shame, but she has to be bold. if she cannot stand up for herself, how can she expect others to stand up for her to give her justice? she HAS TO BE STRONG AND STAND UP FOR HERSELF!


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