Sep 28, 2007

An ENIGMA That is The Civi Services Exam

I now know the secret. People are jealous of our guts. Of us- civil services aspirants. Of those who know deep down that they will crack it no matter what. But the question is why the demoralization starts so early..

School :: It all started when I first took humanities as my stream of studies in my XI th grade. I had got good grade in my Xth boards. Not that I had flunked or anything. I always aimed to give the civil services and planned to study keeping only the exam in focus. After much research I found that eventually I would end up with arts subjects. So I found no sense in grating my head over weird formulae just because taking up the science stream was prestigious. But some how I never actually got around to drive home the point that I was indeed much focused. People always gave that "I know you must have got 50%" kinda look. I din't care.

College:: I didn't bother to take up any honors but settled for a plain simple BA. Again this was a conscious decision so that I could concentrate on my civils. But when you're doing plain BA while everyone else you know is doing an honors course in history or Pol. Sci or Hebrew you have lot of explaining to do. People blatantly demand explanation and then refuse to accept it. It's all pre-assumed. BA- the marriage degree what more could there be to it?

Civils at last:: now that my graduation is complete and I'm studying full time for my civil services I expected people to give me some credit. But to my dismay/ astonishment their reaction was very complacent. They didn't care. Their reaction "oh really... IAS eh?! Even I gave the exam in my days. I attempted it thrice. Soon I got over it"!!!!!!

  • If you get through Civil Services its not news coz every year 500 odd candidates do.
  • If you don't get through, again it's not news coz every year about 4 lakh people don't.


  1. good continue with ur civils dont bother about others...

  2. its really nice ,..........continue ur gud works and really very nice blog

  3. Hmmm a few of my friends are giving civil service thing

    and my dad always wanted me to prepare for it! ( I was never that good n secondly had no interest in being a babu all mh life)

    More so I think one can do two things with there life
    1)warren buffet
    2) einstein

    1) i.e earn as much as u can, make it huge moneywise, IAS (only bribe, otherwise govt salary anyways no body become rih by doin a job, private too, ceos too)

    2) give something to the world ( though einstein gave nuclear thing :|, still point is do something for the world , with ur head I mean , n die poor)

    IAS?govt job? eh?

  4. hey
    man ur a focused guy
    since 11th u know wt u want
    thats awsm
    best of luck

  5. @ juggs
    i think its a girl..not a guy.. a focussed chick :P
    u cant get 100% if 99% is ok.. so u must get thru civil xams.. theres noway u want to be with 4lac ppl.


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