Sep 30, 2007

My Art Attack

I'm into craft. That usually involves some bits of junk and some bits of creativity. Creativity is needed to pick out the artistic junk from the general trash. Inspired by Neil Buchanan (of Art Attack on Nick) I too have decided to put up some 'junk' creativity.

1. cardboard cylinders (this can be acquired from used up cellophane tape bases or the base of tissue rolls or aluminum foils)
2. a circular piece of wood or better still is thin melamine circular cut outs (this is generally sold as switchboard base in hardware stores)
3. colors (paints/sketch pens/crayons)ill any other stuff for decoration
4. Feviquick/ fevicol/ fevibond or any other super adhesive
5. some creativity

Now the above junk can be made into three items:: a) bangles b) pen stands c) vase


For Bangles::  Cardboard circles of cellophane tape is preferred.
1. Take the cardboard circles (in case of bangles, the circles should be big/small enough to fit your wrists).
2. Paint the circles with the color of your choice.

3. After the paint has dried any kind of floral patterns etc can be made on it. Sequins can be stuck etc.
4. The inside of the cardboard has to be painted with black to hide any kind of printed matter etc.
Now your own custom made bangle is ready.
Caution:: since it cardboard and paint stay away from water.

Pen Stands::  Cardboard circles of cellophane tape is preferred.
1. Depending upon the width of the Cardboard circles available. Stick together 2-3 of them.
2. Paint them with your choice of color.

Well i got my friends to sign my Pen stand.
3. Decorate on top of the paint with mirrors, cartoon pics, drawings, sequins etc.
4. Now stick the melamine sheet at the bottom of the cardboard circles.
5. Paint the inside of the top most cardboard in black paint.
Your pen stand is ready.

A single artificial flower vase can be made. For this only the cardboard circles from tissue roles or aluminum foils (they should be thin and long) should be used.
1. Follow same procedure of Pen Stand.
Caution:: don't put real flowers as they need water and your vase is made of cardboard. :D


  1. its good keep it up instead of vase and other thing get some research oriented wrks i am nt degrading this its excellent wrk by u ..
    but try with other innovative ideas


  2. surely.. bt research on what???

  3. dont quite have art in my blood.....
    but loved that "hitler" comment.. :)

  4. Hi... grt stuff.. good to know u are also into the things tht also interest me big time.. wud be a pleasure to read your posts regularly... also liked the 123 post... pretty catchy..


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