Sep 25, 2007


Yesterday's T20 world cup finals had a very goose pimply effect on me. Especially the team's victory lap when they took flags from spectators. It was such a 'wow' moment. I bet a billion bucks that every Indian who saw it would most definitely have felt the surge of patriotism at the sight of the young victorious fellas with the national flag.

Now after having said all that call me a sadist if you want but I (I dunno why) want the team to be greeted by a truck load of court summons. I want some crackpot lawyer to file criminal cases against the players for having 'insulted the national flag and violated section 65745/87 sub section 389734 clause 349 (a) (i) of the Bla bla Act'. Coz I'm quite sure I saw a flag being held upside down and one of the flags also fell down.

(Hey, whatever happened when Prez Mushrraf's flight to India displayed our flag upside down?? Guess no one bothered they were just happy that he came to see the Taj Mahal! )

I'm not sure, but I think only those players who are sponsored by the govt. are allowed to sport the national flag on their person. So, technically speaking the Indian cricket team does not represent India but BCCI, which is not sponsored by the govt. rather it's a private body. Narain Karthikeyan was also sued for displaying the tri-colors on his helmet. He is also not sponsored by the govt.

The rules & regulations that surround the use of our national flag are very cumbersome. People have the right to proudly display their flag. When a Naveen Jindal or Narain Kathikeyan fight for their flag rights only a fraction of the public knows about it. But the cricket team has mass appeal and Indian's especially take everything thing that happens to them very personally.

I for one love our flag and have dared to put up a pic here.
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