Oct 27, 2007

My Art Attack II

To make an antique looking vase.

Stuff Required::
1) An earthen pot or a vase
2) Acrylic paint or plastic paint
3) Lacquer
4) Coir Rope
5) Golden Sequins
6) Copper/ Gold/Silver dust
7) Feviquick/ Fevicol/ Fevibond or any other strong adhesive

1) Paint the pot inside and outside with acrylic/plastic paint.
2) If any other paint is being used then the earthen pot has to be soaked in water over night. This is to prevent it from soaking extra paint.
3) Blow the copper/ gold/ silver dust before the paint dries. The dust should not get concentrated in any place.
4) Keep the pot in bright sunlight. Acrylic paint takes time to dry. If it’s not properly dry there are chances of fingerprints coming onto the pot which will look disastrous, unless fingerprints are the theme of the pot.
5) Take the coir rope and braid them.
6) Stick or stitch sequins onto the braids.
7) Strategically place the braided rope and stick them onto the pot.


Oct 24, 2007

A Second Angle

The First angle:: We-humans are responsible for destroying earth’s climatic balance. The emission of green house gases is the major cause of it.

Until half hour back even I was a great believer in the first angle. Until I came across this article about a documentary made by British producer Martin Durkin. It’s called the The Great Global Warming Swindle. The documentary was aired in March 2007 on UK’s Channel 4. The documentary says “if the planet is heating up, it isn't your fault and there's nothing you can do about it.” The documentary has been in the eye of controversy ever since its airing.

The documentary claims that the theory of man-made global warming is “the biggest scam of modern times”!!!! Some of the arguments given by the documentary are quite valid.

1)The earth gets heated up due to solar radiations.
2)The earth has always experienced climatic disturbances with, without, in spite of human inhabitation. When ice age ended there were no humans to cause the melting.
3)There was a small ice-age (the river Thames froze in the 17th century)and small heat wave (the temperature went higher than present day readings) even before the industrialization started.
4)Apparently some of the effects of man-made global warming that were predicted have not come true. For ex: if the earth is getting heated up because of man made global warming then the troposphere is suppose to get heated up. But it has not.

Some African researcher has blamed the developed countries of conspiring against the developing nations and trying to hinder their growth in pretext of protecting earth.

The only point that they have raised is that maybe man made global warming is a minor contributing factor. How much 'minor' the contribution has not yet been determined.

They even partially won a legal suit against the documentary ‘An Inconvenient Truth’ that is backed by Al Gore, which was circulated amongst schools in the UK. The documentary was made to sensitize young students about the harms n impact of global warming. It claimed certain things like the polar bears were drowning which is only in theory.

Whereas all the arguments presented in the Great Global Warming Swindle have scientific confirmation.

Guess.. we were blaming ourselves for no fault of ours. The mammoth’s are as much to be blamed for the end of the ice age!!

The Great Global Warming Swindle::

Oct 9, 2007

Blue Line is Saddi Dilli

Blue Line or Killer Line or Blood Line call it what you want. But there is no stopping them. They have such high flying statistics to their credit that no other transport system can match up to it.
There are 3000 owners of these buses (ie; having valid
permits) most of them have sub-let the buses. All the 3000 of them ply the buses on their own terms. Most of them are MPs, MLAs and top Police officials!! The death toll is going to cross 100 for 2007 alone. 82 out of the 88 convicted blue line drivers are back on the roads (and that’s official statistics!!)

I was thinking yesterday after watching the news.. Peo
ple are demanding for the blueline to be taken off the
streets immediately it will be such a sad sight to see Delhi’s roads minus the eyesore (they are of an ugly glue green color.. hey thats's nasty algae) Blue Line is an integral part of Delhi's landscape just like the Phat-phat seva or Chandini Chowk!!

Blue Lines are famous for their decorations. The hideous buses are decorated with bangles, dupattas and weirdest are the cut-out of the eyes of actresses. From Aishwarya’s eyes to just some eyes found in magazines will be staring from everywhere. They look no different from decorated buffalos in villages with colorful stuff dangling that very rarely compliments it. The buses are also painte
d with improved writings like “Buri nazar wale tu kala, teri ma kali, tera baap kala….” Or “yahan to yo hi chalegi”

If these buses go away where will people advertise remedies for ‘Gupt Rog’ and other weird diseases??

I will definitely miss the radio!! Not that I don’t have one at home. But the one which I have does not play the station that is on in the buses. It’s the only place where I get hear “Cibaca Geetmala” and Bhojpuri plays on tape with songs and good melodrama.

The best thing about these buses are your seat is guaranteed. That is if you are Rs.10 ticket traveler. You can threaten to board the next bus if the conductor does not provide you with a seat. Oh!! How can I forget my travelling time to college were spent sitting on the bonnet of the blueline!! Only it gets too hot :P the DTC drivers are very khadoos in these matters. Neither do they offer you a seat nor the bonnet!!

Blue line people are a creators of new dialects. If we remove them a whole set of linguistic diversity will be lost. The term “naveda naveda” or “nyoda nyoda” came from them. Lemme tell you this the newest name of NOIDA in UP. You get a feeling maybe they’ll drop you off at Las Vegas, Nevada in the US!!

Blue Line buses are also a place where you can get to buy some great junk when you are bored at traffic jams!!!! People who have never traveled beyond 1-2 signals, board the buses and sell Chinese stuff. From pain relief oils to English speaking course books etc. Their staple dialogue “ hamare China wale company ne aapke suvidha ke liye …….” This feature is not available in DTC buses.

These were some of the positive points. In comparison there is only 1 negative aspect. That, if you are on the road and not in the buses may die under them and maybe some officials may get suspended for it.

The positive points clearly out weigh the negative points....
With the Commonwealth Games 2010 coming up fast I think Blue lines should be kept at least till after the games. The Blue Line buses are a chalta firta museum of our ultimate loss of law and order, lack of social consciousness and no respect for the law of the land. I'm quite sure its very difficult to find a better combination in one system anywhere else.

Oct 6, 2007

"Madam, Buddha has finally smiled"

While studying India's nuke history i came across the events of India's first nuclear test explosion. The event shows India's humble beginning, struggle and innocense!!!

It was on 18 May 1974 at Pokhran in Rajasthan. Another speciality about the test is that, it was the first confirmed nuclear test outside the five members of the UN Security Council.
On that day, when the blast was conducted successfully, Dr. Ramanna(head of the project) wanted to inform PM Indira Gandhi. The secure phone lines were not working. So Dr. Ramanna instead went to a nearby village and called up Mrs.Gandhi from a payphone and said "Madam, Buddha has finally smiled".
'Smiling Buddha' was the code name of the project as it was to be conducted on 18 May which was Buddha Jayanti that year and also becasue the nuclear devise was called "Peaceful Nuclear Explosive"

Oct 4, 2007

1 2 3

What do the numbers 123 signify to you?? I see them everywhere nowadays. As newspaper headlines, in magazines.. every channel has a heated discussion on this trio. I've been told to ardently follow them coz they are 'hot' topic for next year's civils exam. People who consider themselves even remotely intelligent want to discuss about the 123 deal. What's the big deal? huh!

I wanna know why 123? why not 12345 or 1-10 or 1-100? Its just a name right?? How many Indians vehemently rallying FOR the deal know that 123 stands for section 123 of the United States Atomic Energy Act, 1954 that deals with "co-operation with other nations"??? Anywayzzzzz...

For me.. I think its called 123 coz the US of A-ians can't count beyond 3. They care and bother only about 3 things:: 1) Statue of Liberty 2) The Empire State building and 3) Osama Bin Laden

So.. What does 123 mean to me?

1) On your mark, get set, 1 2 3 GO !!!

2) Mike testing 1 2 3...

3) 1 2 3 Benedryl cough syrup's ad..

4) and hey I always start counting from 1 2 3...

5) 1 2 3.. feviquik dries before you can count three..

6) how can I forget.. the zingy song 'ek do teen..' of Madhuri Dixit. Atleast the counting went beyond 3 here.

Our ex- PM Sh. Atal Behari Vajpayee is a great fan of Hema Malini's Seeta aur Geeta. So taking his cue from his seniors our current PM may as well hum 'ek do teen'.

As for me -nuke deal or no deal it don't affect me unless::

1) i get a piece of the shinny 'U' to keep at home and show it off to my friends, or,

2) i grow 2 1/4 hands, and 1 eye coz of the 'U'..
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