Oct 4, 2007

1 2 3

What do the numbers 123 signify to you?? I see them everywhere nowadays. As newspaper headlines, in magazines.. every channel has a heated discussion on this trio. I've been told to ardently follow them coz they are 'hot' topic for next year's civils exam. People who consider themselves even remotely intelligent want to discuss about the 123 deal. What's the big deal? huh!

I wanna know why 123? why not 12345 or 1-10 or 1-100? Its just a name right?? How many Indians vehemently rallying FOR the deal know that 123 stands for section 123 of the United States Atomic Energy Act, 1954 that deals with "co-operation with other nations"??? Anywayzzzzz...

For me.. I think its called 123 coz the US of A-ians can't count beyond 3. They care and bother only about 3 things:: 1) Statue of Liberty 2) The Empire State building and 3) Osama Bin Laden

So.. What does 123 mean to me?

1) On your mark, get set, 1 2 3 GO !!!

2) Mike testing 1 2 3...

3) 1 2 3 Benedryl cough syrup's ad..

4) and hey I always start counting from 1 2 3...

5) 1 2 3.. feviquik dries before you can count three..

6) how can I forget.. the zingy song 'ek do teen..' of Madhuri Dixit. Atleast the counting went beyond 3 here.

Our ex- PM Sh. Atal Behari Vajpayee is a great fan of Hema Malini's Seeta aur Geeta. So taking his cue from his seniors our current PM may as well hum 'ek do teen'.

As for me -nuke deal or no deal it don't affect me unless::

1) i get a piece of the shinny 'U' to keep at home and show it off to my friends, or,

2) i grow 2 1/4 hands, and 1 eye coz of the 'U'..


  1. haha.. that made good reading..

    123 can mean some more things :

    1) tendulkar's scores in the last 3 matches :p

    2) what my weight in kgs would read if i dont get serious about exercising soon

    3) the third point i was gonna type here, but am not able to rack my brain to produce.. chuck it:P

  2. there u go.. that was 1 2 and 3 :P

  3. u could hv mentioned the 1,2,3 things india will be bothered about

    1.sensex..whether it makes sense to them or not
    2.every run of sachin's bat

  4. 1 time u should have a bath .....atleast
    2 times u should brush ur teeth in a day............eeks
    3 minutes i wasted in thinkin wat to write


  5. @ cold & silent
    do you do all these stuff u've writtn???

  6. hey nice blog....

  7. ha ha ha!
    nice one!!

    BTW nuclear thing is important, I mean this AMRIIIICA we are talking bout!

    I hope assembly dissolves n then re elections.

    (yipeeee me gonna get a off from the office)

  8. hehe nice one

    1 2 3 surely reminds me of benedryl cough syrup....

  9. i cant read anything..the fonts reaaaaal smaall

  10. lol.. nice tp..like that benadryl one.. caught completely offgaurd n also mic testing :D


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