Oct 27, 2007

My Art Attack II

To make an antique looking vase.

Stuff Required::
1) An earthen pot or a vase
2) Acrylic paint or plastic paint
3) Lacquer
4) Coir Rope
5) Golden Sequins
6) Copper/ Gold/Silver dust
7) Feviquick/ Fevicol/ Fevibond or any other strong adhesive

1) Paint the pot inside and outside with acrylic/plastic paint.
2) If any other paint is being used then the earthen pot has to be soaked in water over night. This is to prevent it from soaking extra paint.
3) Blow the copper/ gold/ silver dust before the paint dries. The dust should not get concentrated in any place.
4) Keep the pot in bright sunlight. Acrylic paint takes time to dry. If it’s not properly dry there are chances of fingerprints coming onto the pot which will look disastrous, unless fingerprints are the theme of the pot.
5) Take the coir rope and braid them.
6) Stick or stitch sequins onto the braids.
7) Strategically place the braided rope and stick them onto the pot.



  1. humm...
    well sounds easy...
    so u came up this thing???

  2. yea.. i make this kinda stuff.. thrz one more art attack chck it out if u're interested..

  3. hey.....
    so i am visiting ur blog for the first time and i have just read your "about me" and thats really teh most intresting one i have ever read .....and btw we made this vase when we back in class 10 and mine was purple but well it did not have a long life my sister broke it .... but urs has come out pretty beautiful

  4. alooha :) bluebutterfly
    Darwin and Lamarck both reached the same conclusion.. it was only a matter of time and path they took..

  5. hey nioce pot.. i used love doin such stuff when i wuz a kid... even now.. id like 2 do that sumtime now too... rock on...

  6. well it seems like your personality shows in everything u do or make! your quirkyness is your beauty!


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