Oct 9, 2007

Blue Line is Saddi Dilli

Blue Line or Killer Line or Blood Line call it what you want. But there is no stopping them. They have such high flying statistics to their credit that no other transport system can match up to it.
There are 3000 owners of these buses (ie; having valid
permits) most of them have sub-let the buses. All the 3000 of them ply the buses on their own terms. Most of them are MPs, MLAs and top Police officials!! The death toll is going to cross 100 for 2007 alone. 82 out of the 88 convicted blue line drivers are back on the roads (and that’s official statistics!!)

I was thinking yesterday after watching the news.. Peo
ple are demanding for the blueline to be taken off the
streets immediately it will be such a sad sight to see Delhi’s roads minus the eyesore (they are of an ugly glue green color.. hey thats's nasty algae) Blue Line is an integral part of Delhi's landscape just like the Phat-phat seva or Chandini Chowk!!

Blue Lines are famous for their decorations. The hideous buses are decorated with bangles, dupattas and weirdest are the cut-out of the eyes of actresses. From Aishwarya’s eyes to just some eyes found in magazines will be staring from everywhere. They look no different from decorated buffalos in villages with colorful stuff dangling that very rarely compliments it. The buses are also painte
d with improved writings like “Buri nazar wale tu kala, teri ma kali, tera baap kala….” Or “yahan to yo hi chalegi”

If these buses go away where will people advertise remedies for ‘Gupt Rog’ and other weird diseases??

I will definitely miss the radio!! Not that I don’t have one at home. But the one which I have does not play the station that is on in the buses. It’s the only place where I get hear “Cibaca Geetmala” and Bhojpuri plays on tape with songs and good melodrama.

The best thing about these buses are your seat is guaranteed. That is if you are Rs.10 ticket traveler. You can threaten to board the next bus if the conductor does not provide you with a seat. Oh!! How can I forget my travelling time to college were spent sitting on the bonnet of the blueline!! Only it gets too hot :P the DTC drivers are very khadoos in these matters. Neither do they offer you a seat nor the bonnet!!

Blue line people are a creators of new dialects. If we remove them a whole set of linguistic diversity will be lost. The term “naveda naveda” or “nyoda nyoda” came from them. Lemme tell you this the newest name of NOIDA in UP. You get a feeling maybe they’ll drop you off at Las Vegas, Nevada in the US!!

Blue Line buses are also a place where you can get to buy some great junk when you are bored at traffic jams!!!! People who have never traveled beyond 1-2 signals, board the buses and sell Chinese stuff. From pain relief oils to English speaking course books etc. Their staple dialogue “ hamare China wale company ne aapke suvidha ke liye …….” This feature is not available in DTC buses.

These were some of the positive points. In comparison there is only 1 negative aspect. That, if you are on the road and not in the buses may die under them and maybe some officials may get suspended for it.

The positive points clearly out weigh the negative points....
With the Commonwealth Games 2010 coming up fast I think Blue lines should be kept at least till after the games. The Blue Line buses are a chalta firta museum of our ultimate loss of law and order, lack of social consciousness and no respect for the law of the land. I'm quite sure its very difficult to find a better combination in one system anywhere else.


  1. nice post... u ve managed to bring a charming dose of humor in a sensitive topic... really liked the 'naveda naveda' thing...

  2. lets give the defence ministry a great suggestion to cut down on purchases

    they ought to send down a few blue liners into the highly active field areas (read warzones) instead of armored vehicles and tanks... im sure theyre cheaper and sure killing machines :P

  3. humm well it was so informative ..
    you have the art of telling a tale..
    well good one keep going!
    The conclusion was good!

  4. Even i think that somethng needs to be done abt the blue liners....

  5. nice post,.....positive points certainly outweigh the negetive points.

    somewhr down the line media is responsible for highlighting the "killer blueline", given the fact tht road accidents hav always been thr. death tolls on road accidents hav been shocking.

    i hope media's next target is not "KILLER TRUCKS".

  6. @ prachi
    its good if they target. atleast people wont b'cm roadkills..

  7. So true buddy! U cant live wid it bt ucant live widout it too.
    Even i wrote smthng on this some time back. read it here:

  8. id add sumthing here
    having grown up in mumbai.....i know for sure more people on the tracks there....ok...bluelines are mess....but this is just a media blitz....y doesnt the media follow it up till there's a solution/....


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