Oct 6, 2007

"Madam, Buddha has finally smiled"

While studying India's nuke history i came across the events of India's first nuclear test explosion. The event shows India's humble beginning, struggle and innocense!!!

It was on 18 May 1974 at Pokhran in Rajasthan. Another speciality about the test is that, it was the first confirmed nuclear test outside the five members of the UN Security Council.
On that day, when the blast was conducted successfully, Dr. Ramanna(head of the project) wanted to inform PM Indira Gandhi. The secure phone lines were not working. So Dr. Ramanna instead went to a nearby village and called up Mrs.Gandhi from a payphone and said "Madam, Buddha has finally smiled".
'Smiling Buddha' was the code name of the project as it was to be conducted on 18 May which was Buddha Jayanti that year and also becasue the nuclear devise was called "Peaceful Nuclear Explosive"


  1. buddha must be really confused now-a-days regarding the Test thing.

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. alooha!

    good piece of info

    fi amanillah!!

  4. That must be a quirky smile, for his disciples are experts in reading a mind busting it with bare hands.

  5. Such cute things makes one smile on a tiresome day!! Thanks for sharing!!


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