Nov 29, 2007

Comment..Comment everywhere..But none on my Blog

everytime i open my blog the number of hits registered always seems to jump by 50s n 100s. what i dont understand is that do people jus come and go and not read anything???
no one wants to comment or has anything to say about my blog??
i dont think tht i write tht bad or that my topics are are unworthy of a dekko.
its funny n sad that we need a special forum on orkut to compel people to comment on
blogs to get a comment on theirs'.

I don' think this is the case with only my blog. everybody(me included) goes blog surfing with a single selfish motive ie; to comment on other blogs and to get one in return. A blogger friend of mine who was outta station for most of the
month got only 5 comments. now
that he is bak and continuously marketing his blog he's got more than 15 comments.

really this unacknowledged cold war of lets-see-whos-got-the-most-comments is very unnerving.

HOWEVER.. it does not mean that i'm a sadhu and don't want people to comment on my blog. Go ahead.. click on the views link and let it all out..

Nov 1, 2007

Hit behind the ear with a sock full of wet sand..

thats how Wodehouse's sweet old uncle Fred would described my condition. I'm on mission mode. On a marathon study till the end.. gotta finish General Studies. Only today i bought another G.S. book that weighs about 2kg heavier than me!!! No amount of studying seems sufficient. i always end up finding a question that i can't answer!!! its so frustrating!!!

in school i always wondered( sumthng that most of us have) what was the use of all the crappy math(algebra and trigonometry) i still see no sense in learning them.. i thought that maybe when i grow up and get to study the subjects of my choice then i'll enjoy. But now it seems i'm back to sq one!!!! i don't see the purpose of learning by name all the members of the Simon commission that came to India when mammoths walked the earth..

Anywayz.. point is..I didn't see the guillotine coming until today morning. Suddenly its 1Nov today and i have no clue how i've killed 4 months of precious time.. My civils form will be out this month.. that means there is no time!!! the thought of filling the form is so exciting and scary at the same time. Feeling claustrophobic i think.. like there's no turning back i've made a choice.. i've chosen a path.. one that does not have any forks ahead..and cracking the exam is only choice or succumb to my mom's pressure into holy (read unholy) matrimony. yeah.. its true.. i'll become Mrs. Confounded.. u'll find me watching stupid TV and wondering what might have been.. I know i've written that i'm excited with the idea of being a house wife.. but there's proper time for it.. NOT NOW!!! hopefully...

If i do get through the prelims.. YES I WILL.. then again like the sword of Damocles.. i'll have only 2months time to perfect myself for the mains..

think i'm wasting time writing this post.. i could have used it to finish geo!!! oh hell..
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