Nov 29, 2007

Comment..Comment everywhere..But none on my Blog

everytime i open my blog the number of hits registered always seems to jump by 50s n 100s. what i dont understand is that do people jus come and go and not read anything???
no one wants to comment or has anything to say about my blog??
i dont think tht i write tht bad or that my topics are are unworthy of a dekko.
its funny n sad that we need a special forum on orkut to compel people to comment on
blogs to get a comment on theirs'.

I don' think this is the case with only my blog. everybody(me included) goes blog surfing with a single selfish motive ie; to comment on other blogs and to get one in return. A blogger friend of mine who was outta station for most of the
month got only 5 comments. now
that he is bak and continuously marketing his blog he's got more than 15 comments.

really this unacknowledged cold war of lets-see-whos-got-the-most-comments is very unnerving.

HOWEVER.. it does not mean that i'm a sadhu and don't want people to comment on my blog. Go ahead.. click on the views link and let it all out..


  1. very true...

    nice post...keep scribblin...

  2. haha.. so sooooo true. Cant blame the readers. Cant blame fellow-bloggers either, they dont find time for their own blogs, so taking time off to reads others' blogs is being too harsh on them. So its more like "u scratch my back, i scratch urs" when we comment on fellow-bloggers' blogs.
    Nice work

    Btw, my clairvuoyant-esque mind has found out who that friend of urs is ;):p

  3. Haha....quite right....nd thanks fr cmmntin on my blog....thing is i comment only if i REALLLYYY like the article......but yea a bit of give nd take policy is there...anyway nice add ur blog link to mine....mayb then there wil b an incrs of cmmnts....lets c......

  4. People of course would leave you a comment only when they notice the updated mass! Sad that you don't!! Be regular! For sure, you'll attract more and more readers(The ones who care to leave a comment)

  5. aloha :)
    thnx all of u.. fr d comments ;)

    @bizarre kid
    u gotta point thr.. but comments need not be just fr d latest post right?

  6. hehe :d

    just chill chill just chill
    hey i comment everytime i come :d......isnt it?

    but u arnt really regular.....
    u write more regular :)

  7. lol.. so true..
    u do indeed have a nice blog.. just keep blogging.. i hope more people read and comment..

  8. well well ..dat my stroy tooo
    even i was offline..for a month due to my crap exams!!..
    and..nw i gues even i need to do some marketing..


    bt..there r people who read blogs for pure pleasure...(i am 1 of dem)
    and comment..

    bt no one comments me.....

    and u didnt do dat since a long time....(in my blog)

  9. alle... don't worry
    see how many comments u got.. mai hoo naa...

  10. thanks for the comment..
    well.. there's only a fine line between reality and fiction.. :)

  11. You are perfectly right....
    Also not many people are blogging....coz most of my frnds(more than a 300 of those who use internet daily) don't even know what a blog would be like.....
    Really a comment gives a lot of inspiration to blog....
    I liked the brain wash tag n also ur brainwash
    Do keep

  12. @ frisbee
    yea.. thts weird.. many regular netizens hv no clue wht a blog is!!!!!!

  13. yep....therez a pleasure associated with a comment.....just like receivng a letter suddenly from a post man!!!
    Good you blogged this...many are skeptical bloggin on this topic!!!


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