Dec 29, 2007

Mixed nuts

Steve Martin remarks in the movie Mixed nuts that at Christmas time we look at everything in our life through a magnifying glass. My Christmas this year was sumthing like this. Everything seemed to be blown out of proportion.. I missed my friends so much. It was like as if I have no one else.. everyone was just too distant from me.. my Christmas tree died this year.. and I didn't want to buy a new one.. so I didn't have a tree.

Christmas is a very special time for me coz I've been celebratin it for as long as I can remember.. with gifts n trees.. n I'm the santa. My tree is very famous amongst my neighbors and relatives coz no one else has one!! It's the first time that I wanted Christmas to be over. I was actually wishin that it shudn't even have come!!!

I wish I cud post this as anon..

2days for new year.. n I'm not yet over Christmas.. to top it my civil service notification has come.. and now suddenly I don't wanna give the exam this year.. I have only 3 shots at it. I don't think I'm fully prepared for the prelims.. Mains to bahut duur ki baat hai..

Happie New Year

Dec 21, 2007


Politics:: (read Poli – Ticks) Poli meaning 'many' and Ticks meaning 'blood sucking insects'.

1. Salary per month: Rs.16,000.
2. Constituency allowances: Rs. 20,000 per month.
3. Allowances for attending parliament and Panel meetings: Rs.1000 per meeting
4. Road travel within the constituency: Rs.12 per km
5. Free air travel: 34 per year
6. Unlimited  first class Rail travel
7. Free accommodation with 50,000 units of electricity and 4000 kilo liters of water.
8. Office expenses: 1, 68,000 per annum.
9. And many more sumptuary allowances at various rates.
10. Pension: Rs. 6000 per month.

These are some of the many benefits given to a MP in our country who are the most corrupt, illiterate and have no national consciousness or a vision for their country. Rajiv Gandhi had said that only 17 paise of every rupee spent by the govt actually reaches the people it was meant for. The rest …. Well.. You know where it goes..

MPs are also given the position of cabinet ministers. As we all know that these posts are distributed on the basis of favoritism and who can give more support to the govt. and not by who is more qualified to handle which ministry. Check out this page and find out who is actually qualified for the ministry that's under them.
Obviously you find huge resumes before each name. But how many of them ( degrees and masters etc) are authentic??? With the minister actually having spent time to study the course…. Bhagwan jane..

There are 17 categories of committees in the parliament. These committees give reports on the working of the various ministries and the working of the parliament etc. Of these there is a Parliamentary Subject Committee under which there are 17 standing committees on various subjects. From topics ranging from commerce to defense to labour and social welfare. The people who fill these committees.. I don't think they even know the words 'Inclusive Growth' let alone its meaning and its impact on Indian economy. But they are so ecstatic about their govt's new idea for the XIth plan!!!!

Some of the privileges given to MPs are::
1. They cannot be arrested for civil cases during the session of the House.
2. Or for a period of 40 days before or after the session of the House.
3. they can speak anything on anybody giving reference to 'reports' of their committees on the floor of the House that may otherwise amount to defamation or misrepresentation etc.. and not get arrested for it.
4. No MP can be summoned by a court to give evidence as a witness without the leave of the House. Boleto.. it's the House speaker's wish to give permission or not.. and how many times a Mp is asked to do that.. one can imagine..

People like Shibu Soren get away with corruption even after being caught red-handed. All because the bribe was taken inside the parliament and anything that happens in there is beyond the jurisdiction of normal law. The anti-corruption law is also flawed. It blames the giver of bribe and not the taker. Whereas the giver is always the loser. Why will anybody want to part with their money if there is no taker??? The taker of bribe should be held responsible for bribing.

Bottom-line:: Next time your mom starts scolding you for not studying. And goes on to say what will happen to your future when all your friends have gone to IIT or IIM or where ever.. your simple answer can be.. "They are earning for me.. ma Why worry.. I'm gonna be a MP.. white ambassador car with a red light nah.. make that a BMW…….." its not a bad career choice if you see.. very high returns on investment, and no investments needed to begin with (the more educated you are.. more problematic.. see Dr. Manmohan Singh)..

Hey but that's not about me.. ok.. I'm gonna be a civil service officer. Without us the MPs like I said before.. wouldn't even have known that the words 'inclusive growth' or any other kinda growth words exist.

Dec 14, 2007

Tagged again..

Hmm.. well I've been tagged again.. by buddy Roshan.. here goes..

1. Pick out a scar you have, and explain how you got it..
hmm.. well i have a scar on the back of my left hand. My doggie Dennis jumped at me and sratched. His nails dug pretty deep.. n now i look like a pirate i guess.. arrgghhh.. Ms.
Capt. Hook is in the house.. aarrgghh..

2. What does your phone look like?
hmm.. i have a Nokia 2300 fully customized it myself.. so i dont wanna let go of it.. it says 'Psycho Chic' on it :D and has 5-6 danglers..

3. What is on the walls of your bedroom?
SYLLABI of all my subjects for my civils. Important pointers, maps etc.. in between them are sum of my creative stuff..

4. What is your current desktop picture?
hmm.. well i'll be honest and hope Tentacles of Thought won't put a Copy write suit or something.. its from his post 'Your soul within'. Lovely pic of a girl with a skull on her back.. check it out..

5. Do you believe in gay marriage?
yeah.. why should anyone have a problem???

6. What do you want more than anything right now?
WORLDPEACE!! Seriously.. all this war thing is gettin too much…

7. Last person who made you cry?
the wind made me cry.. i was driving in the mornin.. n the wind was so chilly.. my eyes were watering.. technically crying ryt?

8. What is your favorite perfume/cologne?
Tommy Girl by Tommy Hilfiger.. bestest of the best.

9. What are you listening to?
Tumse hi from Jab We Met :D

10. Do you get scared of the dark?
i used to be scared... when i was miniature.. i had watched Predator. Not scared anymore though.. i know so many ways to kill them now.. all thanx to Mr. Cameroon :D

11. Do you like pain killers?
yeah.. if they can work on my heart.. (not for heart attacks)..

12. Are you too shy to ask someone out?
dunno... neva gave it a shot..

13. If you could eat anything right now, what would it be?
French Fries.. French Fries.. French Fries.. French Fries.. French Fries.. French Fries.. French Fries.. French Fries.. nothing yummier has ever been made..

14.Who was the last person who made you mad?
sum weirdo.. his question- "will u be friendship with me?".. had been so long since i'd heard the line.. i thot their species was extinct..

15. Who was the last person who made you smile?
everybody.. even the previously mentioned weirdo made me smile.. lol actually..

16. Is someone in love with you?
Dunno.. can't say

and the tag passes on to Matty..

Dec 10, 2007


Yipee I have been tagged finally by blogger buddy matty. I was actually thinking of taggin myself :P hmm.. so here it is.. 8 facts about me..

1. My name:: SSNAB is the very short version of Sukanya Sri Nidhi Ashok VenkatRamu Bagur. I was born on a sleepy Sunday winter afternoon.. So I'm pretty much the way the day was when I was born. I'm epitome of lethargy according to dad and an example of inertia according to my bro. They are not exaggerating.. I have everything that I need and may need at arms length from my bed.. I write or think of a layout for a new post but it takes me almost a week or two to get typing same goes for replyin to sms n scraps..

2. I'm a collector –period. I collect trash in general and artistic trash in particular. Artistic is by definition crap, but basically I collect anything that I consider can be converted into something- anything. My latest acquisitions are around 80-odd floppy disks. I hope to make something outta them someday. Chck out My Art Attack I.

3. Like everybody else.. even I have a gut feeling that I am born to be SOMETHING. So even I have a long list of the many SOMETHINGS that I think can be/or want to be.. IAS, IFS, fashion designer etc etc.. But kambakht Blogger and Orkut are the hurdles that are keeping me a step away from them.

4. Technically I'm a day dreamer. I think.. I actually dream and conjure up situations. I have bollywood-hollywood inspired dialogues et al. Ex:: I imagine someone to say something and I reply as if it is for real.. This happens on a regular basis and more so if I'm hyper.

5. I'm also a hypochondriac (Fear/Belief of contracting/or having contracted a disease). I see infections every where.. I can't stand if anyone sneezes around me especially in public places. Bus travels are a nightmare.. Being in Delhi.. people keep spitting everywhere.. TB!!!!!! Hepatitis A-Z and what nots… yuck!!

6. I have a habit of giving running commentary on the traffic while I'm driving. Its more like.. I talk to the vehicles around me. Ex:: If a bus comes too close then "BUS!!! Hat hat.. dur jaa be.. abe!!! Go away!!" or maybe if the signal is gonna change and I'm totally uncertain about the driver in front of me then "ruk matt.. brake mat dal.. thok dungi.." Problem arises as I say it all aloud. It scares the people riding with me… :P

7. I'm stuck in front of a computer no matter where I am.. and I have been on d net for.. I've lost track.. atleast 4 years now.. So.. I have more netpals than I have real friends. I have net buddies of more than 2-3 yrs and I'm so lucky to have them as my friends :-) this is for you Peeyush, Zulu, Rohit, Roshan.. :-)

8. Finally.. I'm a philosopher. I have many borrowed philosophies from all around.. "Don't bother to know people, just make yourself worth knowing.." etc.. etc..
But.. All my conviction lies in 'what goes around.. Comes around' in karma.. that whatever we do.. we will get it back.. not in our next life.. but in this lifetime itself and with interest..

hmm.. that went pretty well I guess.. now to pass on the tag.. make someone else do a noble deed.. CRD and Tentacles of thought

Dec 5, 2007

Jaywalking & Delhi

Jaywalking has suddenly been declared as illegal in a city with no pavements. 
Laws banning jaywalking is only meant for cities that have an alternative for their pedestrians. Delhi is famous for its markets on streets like Karol Bagh, Kamala Nagar, Janpath, Chandini Chowk etc. or rather these are markets that have come to the streets. So.. now where do shoppers walk? obviously on the road.

The famous Daryaganj Book market. No price for guessing where this market is.. obviously on
the pavement of one of the most busy roads of Old Delhi- Ansari Road.

Old Delhi at its glory..

Karol Bagh..

Nehru Place.. biggest computer market.. on the pavement!

Khan Market.. imagine when it is open.. !!!!

Now where to send all the people who are forced to walk on the road? These were just some images that i could find on google.
Delhi's roads starting from the pavement towards the road are divided into segments -
  1. footpath has a paanwala, a water wala, a chai wala, a tabacco stuff wala, chana and other
  2. stuff wala, newspaper wala, presswala (laundry :P) & a tailor in residential areas..
  3. then come the cycle-rickshaw people. The most annoying breed on Delhi roads. They think that the roads are made for them to occupy. All along the pavement is a universal rickshaw stand. The situation is worse if there is a bus stop. coz...
  4. Then come the auto-rickshaw stand. Its the third barricade.. to prevent people from accessing the footpath.
  5. Then the normal traffic.. obviosuly.. the road was meant for them from the begining.

Bottomline:: we should have two pavements. one for markets and the other for pedestrians. And when the second pavements gets encroached upon.. we can have a third pavement..

Dec 3, 2007

Love to Hate

While searching for some data on Microsoft for my bro i found this website or rather it was a
blog i think. It was a hate site of Microsoft. I have come across many hate sites and
communities before. but this one got me thinking. Why do we love to hate? We'll hate anything and everything. You name it- people, animals, books, software, food, exams list is endless. If Somebody is doing well in their career, we hate them. By hook or crook- they must
have definitely worked hard to achieve it and we must give credit for that. Unless of course if its
Dawood Ibrahim or Osama Bin Laden we are talking about. But mind you even they have worked very hard to get where they are today.

Even i have joined many of the 'hate' communities like 'i hate smokers', 'i hate bathing' (i really
do), 'i hate math' and some more. I guess to a certain limit it makes sense. That we may have a
strong dislike to certain things and want to let everyone know about it.
But what about those communities that breed hatred? Hatred- in the truest meaning of the word. With a single motive to destroy or completely ruin the subject. There are communities
that say 'We hate Muslims/Hindus', 'We hate Indians/ Pakistan'.

Back home on orkut i did a community search of 'hate' and wow! what a treasure trove of 'i hate../We hate..' communities i found. You just can't believe the kind of communities people create and there are people who actually join them!!!

There were some obvious subjects that mostly everybody hate...
  1. to wake up early..
  2. ekta kapoor's K serials..
  3. smokers/ smoking..
  4. math
  5. exams.. etc
Then there were the weird ones.. 'I/we hate... '
  1. Discussions after exams..
  2. you but i love you (???)
  3. when some wakes me up.. (sum1 ought to..)
  4. people with bad grammar!!!
  5. Gandhi..
  6. Manchester United..
  7. Computers.. (aren't they.. like.. using one?)
  8. to trust..
  9. missed calls..!!
  10. myself (:D)
  11. mosquitoes.. (like thrz anybody who loves'em)
  12. desperate journalism.. (maybe they meant Yellow journalism..)
  13. buzz on yahoo messenger
  14. Sri Chaitanya (apparently it is the most misguided evil organisation on the face of the planet)
  15. one community read 'I hate Love'..
  16. Flu and Cough.. :P
  17. orkut !!! (back stabbers!!!)
  18. me as if i care..
The ultimate i think were these 2 communities..
  1. 'i hate to hate' ,and,
  2. 'hate- Someone, anyone don't care' (huh?!!!!)

bottomline is that I HATE BOTTOMLINES..!!!!!! 
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