Dec 5, 2007

Jaywalking & Delhi

Jaywalking has suddenly been declared as illegal in a city with no pavements. 
Laws banning jaywalking is only meant for cities that have an alternative for their pedestrians. Delhi is famous for its markets on streets like Karol Bagh, Kamala Nagar, Janpath, Chandini Chowk etc. or rather these are markets that have come to the streets. So.. now where do shoppers walk? obviously on the road.

The famous Daryaganj Book market. No price for guessing where this market is.. obviously on
the pavement of one of the most busy roads of Old Delhi- Ansari Road.

Old Delhi at its glory..

Karol Bagh..

Nehru Place.. biggest computer market.. on the pavement!

Khan Market.. imagine when it is open.. !!!!

Now where to send all the people who are forced to walk on the road? These were just some images that i could find on google.
Delhi's roads starting from the pavement towards the road are divided into segments -
  1. footpath has a paanwala, a water wala, a chai wala, a tabacco stuff wala, chana and other
  2. stuff wala, newspaper wala, presswala (laundry :P) & a tailor in residential areas..
  3. then come the cycle-rickshaw people. The most annoying breed on Delhi roads. They think that the roads are made for them to occupy. All along the pavement is a universal rickshaw stand. The situation is worse if there is a bus stop. coz...
  4. Then come the auto-rickshaw stand. Its the third barricade.. to prevent people from accessing the footpath.
  5. Then the normal traffic.. obviosuly.. the road was meant for them from the begining.

Bottomline:: we should have two pavements. one for markets and the other for pedestrians. And when the second pavements gets encroached upon.. we can have a third pavement..


  1. Heyy there....great road and churney road in mumbai can give the nehru place close competition.....also u mentioned all the waalas except the most obvious one....shoe polishwala....hehe......and gud that delhi streets hv no street urchins......k nd wn the third pavement is built after the first two are encroached then the pavement becomes a road(or the road becomes a pavement)and there were two pavements first and now there is one after u hav added a third pavement to the first basically the first two add up with the third to give 1+2+3=6....but thats just one pavement........confounded???

  2. according to me this rule is pretty dumb coz what does teh govt expect us to do .... walk in teh dirty urine smelling subways or take the long overhead bridges long enough to qualify for teh wall of china bridge ..... as for street urchins ... believe me delhi has plenty of them ... every where ...

  3. god....if someone were to ban such roads i cannot survive....i dont live in a metro but whenever i visit a metro i wont leave without visiting the pavement markets and get some nice books for myself!!!

  4. we have pretty much the same problem in mumbai, if not even worse. tea stalls, book stalls, bhaaji-tarkaari waalas,pani pur stalls, florists, etc, we have em all on the borders of the roads (once known as footpaths:p)

    i guess we'll soon require flyovers for pavement walkers, but again they might be converted to roadside "malls" by hawkers:P

  5. @ tentacles.. :P
    yeah.. royally confounded.. m v poor in math.. n pavement math.. hehe

    @ blue butterfly
    thnx fr d commnt :)

    @ zahid
    even i'm a regular at dez markets.. ;)

    @ CRD
    lol.. thr r so many varieties of people on d streets tht u lose track of them.

  6. i have no idea on the city...
    I have never been there...
    Anyway ur post looks cool...

  7. hey, even I am a big fan of U571.. I love all the sub movies.. esp U571, crimson tide and red october ...have you seen 'the enemy below'? Its the best :)

  8. lol....really gud post....
    u missed out the manholes on the pavements....they are always ready to welcome the pedestrains :D....

    i choose the sidelanes to walk down instead of roads... and pavements. :D

  9. hahah i walk like a crazy nutbolt actually... i can walk faster than most of the cars on a bsy road..u see cars dont move much..n the best part is i love makin em know that im faster than them..n im savin 10 lacs :P


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