Dec 3, 2007

Love to Hate

While searching for some data on Microsoft for my bro i found this website or rather it was a
blog i think. It was a hate site of Microsoft. I have come across many hate sites and
communities before. but this one got me thinking. Why do we love to hate? We'll hate anything and everything. You name it- people, animals, books, software, food, exams list is endless. If Somebody is doing well in their career, we hate them. By hook or crook- they must
have definitely worked hard to achieve it and we must give credit for that. Unless of course if its
Dawood Ibrahim or Osama Bin Laden we are talking about. But mind you even they have worked very hard to get where they are today.

Even i have joined many of the 'hate' communities like 'i hate smokers', 'i hate bathing' (i really
do), 'i hate math' and some more. I guess to a certain limit it makes sense. That we may have a
strong dislike to certain things and want to let everyone know about it.
But what about those communities that breed hatred? Hatred- in the truest meaning of the word. With a single motive to destroy or completely ruin the subject. There are communities
that say 'We hate Muslims/Hindus', 'We hate Indians/ Pakistan'.

Back home on orkut i did a community search of 'hate' and wow! what a treasure trove of 'i hate../We hate..' communities i found. You just can't believe the kind of communities people create and there are people who actually join them!!!

There were some obvious subjects that mostly everybody hate...
  1. to wake up early..
  2. ekta kapoor's K serials..
  3. smokers/ smoking..
  4. math
  5. exams.. etc
Then there were the weird ones.. 'I/we hate... '
  1. Discussions after exams..
  2. you but i love you (???)
  3. when some wakes me up.. (sum1 ought to..)
  4. people with bad grammar!!!
  5. Gandhi..
  6. Manchester United..
  7. Computers.. (aren't they.. like.. using one?)
  8. to trust..
  9. missed calls..!!
  10. myself (:D)
  11. mosquitoes.. (like thrz anybody who loves'em)
  12. desperate journalism.. (maybe they meant Yellow journalism..)
  13. buzz on yahoo messenger
  14. Sri Chaitanya (apparently it is the most misguided evil organisation on the face of the planet)
  15. one community read 'I hate Love'..
  16. Flu and Cough.. :P
  17. orkut !!! (back stabbers!!!)
  18. me as if i care..
The ultimate i think were these 2 communities..
  1. 'i hate to hate' ,and,
  2. 'hate- Someone, anyone don't care' (huh?!!!!)

bottomline is that I HATE BOTTOMLINES..!!!!!! 


  1. i guess that 'our' love to hate primarily comes from our heart that wants us to be unique..for example,i hate Roger federer(i dunno why...mebbe because most people like him) by hating him..i feel unique(i sound silly i guess:D).

  2. hi vinodh.. even i dnt like Roger Federer (dunno why :P).. bt i dnt exactly 'hate' him.. i like Rafael Nadal :)

  3. woooooooow!!1
    ur template rocks...

    i awlays wanted to tell u to change ur old template bt....


    its nt that bad yaar...
    that place did give me in one way or d other today wat i am...

    these hate comm really suck!!!

    i find few funny though!!

  4. hey matty.. long time.. thnx a lot.. a template change ws long over due!!

  5. Three actually four
    >>hating is quite sadistic
    >>even i hate bathing
    >>u forgot I HATE HIMESH
    >>"back home in orkut"....hehehe.....

  6. hey thnx fior comment on my blog...u hv got grt blog i blogroll ya?

  7. Good work dude...
    But you forgot the hate communities of heroes...
    they make a real big mess....
    they morph the photos of other heroes just to show that they love some other hero...n he wants that hero to b unique(like bala krishna fans--you'll really hate his movies--also him-- if u happen to see them)...
    I just want to quote a line that i happened to read once

    "We love ourselves even after doing many try to think once before hating some one"

  8. hey...what about
    I hate to go to toilet
    I hate to watch tv
    I hate to be alive

    And i hate people who hate

    funny post!!!!

  9. @ tentacle.. :P (i like ur name)
    orkut is my home. aftr gazag, hi5, tagged, facebook etc i've settled in orkut :D

    @ frisbee
    yea.. agree with u

    @ Zahid
    lol.. i dnt kno thr whr communities like tht.. thnx :)

  10. lol.. u like nadal then u must hate

    aah i hate a lot more things.. i like very few things.. i land up finding something wrong in most things..i dunno..i dont think anything is made 4 me or 4 u for anyone.. its made so that it gives its maker a chance to make money.. which is kinda sad coz i disapprove such a purpose.

    obviously such a purpose can be both right or wrong..thus i can only approve or disaprove it.. i have no right more than that.


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