Dec 29, 2007

Mixed nuts

Steve Martin remarks in the movie Mixed nuts that at Christmas time we look at everything in our life through a magnifying glass. My Christmas this year was sumthing like this. Everything seemed to be blown out of proportion.. I missed my friends so much. It was like as if I have no one else.. everyone was just too distant from me.. my Christmas tree died this year.. and I didn't want to buy a new one.. so I didn't have a tree.

Christmas is a very special time for me coz I've been celebratin it for as long as I can remember.. with gifts n trees.. n I'm the santa. My tree is very famous amongst my neighbors and relatives coz no one else has one!! It's the first time that I wanted Christmas to be over. I was actually wishin that it shudn't even have come!!!

I wish I cud post this as anon..

2days for new year.. n I'm not yet over Christmas.. to top it my civil service notification has come.. and now suddenly I don't wanna give the exam this year.. I have only 3 shots at it. I don't think I'm fully prepared for the prelims.. Mains to bahut duur ki baat hai..

Happie New Year


  1. Well Christmas is not that big a thing in our household but that duznt mean that i dont get jealous when the spicy aroma of stuffed turkey travels thru the air into our houz from our christn neighbours houz....and santa used to be a fascinating thng once upon a tym fr for missing friends...well til last yr all my frnds were with me...but ever since engg. startd they have gt scattrd all over India.Nd ya thngs do gt blown outta proportion....for example the amt i have to study fr my xams.btw thanx for ur lovely cmmnt....cya

    P.S-hope u dont mind my long cmmnts.I cn blabbr a lot.

  2. Nd Happy New Year to u too ...!!!

  3. @ tentacles
    hmm.. i still believe in Santa.. i gt gifts every year.. he hs not missed a single xmas till now :) :P

  4. Yeah thats prolly bcoz u r the santa...lolz....i hv updatd my blog....

  5. hey SS Nablus... :p

    Merry (belated) Christmas and a very happy New Year.

    Preparing for Civil Service, huh? One of my friend is writing this time. Poor thing spends most of his day taking print outs of notes..

    Good luck with everything :)

  6. i knew i'd get bored on xmas this year.. none of my friends were around.. so i got drunk, ate good food and fell asleep.. :D
    there something's you cant help..

    anyway.. all the best for your prelims.. and have a happy new year!

  7. I am sure you are now awaiting your birthday, am I right?

  8. heya....
    i just havent had time to drop by and get confused coz the accounts book is keeping me all too confused .... the pre boards are knocking at the door .... i can understand i do nt want to give the pre boards ... boards to bahut door ki baat hai ...

    as for the christmas ... i am so sorry about the tree... and the bit about you being santa... aww!!! thats so cute ... i think i have to start doing that...
    christmas is nothing big for me ... its just this year that me and my friends went out ... its on the blog ...
    anyways before i end up writing a post here ... just wishing you luck for the exams if you do decide to give em ..
    and a very happy new year !!!

    when is your birthday ???

  9. Hmm...I sense depression before the new year !!! forget everything !! be cheerful!! this leap new year will hold something goood for oyu !!!

  10. A very very happy new yr. to you!
    May it light up any sort of darkness that ever succumbs you!

    God Bless ya!

    P.S. Nice post :)

  11. @ Ron
    lolz.. i love the name.. :P

  12. @ setu
    thts 1 of the best ways to celebrate new year.. lol..

    @ solitaire
    yup.. m waiting fr my birthday..

    @ bluebutterfly
    thnx :).. i need all the wishes..

    @ zahid

    @ rohit
    thnx :)

  13. Happy budddayyyy yayyy!!
    So wherez the party..(:P)....?!

  14. thanks for ur comment.. :)
    and that's a good thing u do.. the holika thing..

  15. Looks like you were having a hard time.
    Did the new year bring you any better times?

  16. I get a feeling that this post is not only about christmas,or maybe i'm wrong..But i felt it tat way..Sometimes out of the blue,we miss something and it makes life worse..

    This post made me remember my long lost i miss her even now..


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