Dec 21, 2007


Politics:: (read Poli – Ticks) Poli meaning 'many' and Ticks meaning 'blood sucking insects'.

1. Salary per month: Rs.16,000.
2. Constituency allowances: Rs. 20,000 per month.
3. Allowances for attending parliament and Panel meetings: Rs.1000 per meeting
4. Road travel within the constituency: Rs.12 per km
5. Free air travel: 34 per year
6. Unlimited  first class Rail travel
7. Free accommodation with 50,000 units of electricity and 4000 kilo liters of water.
8. Office expenses: 1, 68,000 per annum.
9. And many more sumptuary allowances at various rates.
10. Pension: Rs. 6000 per month.

These are some of the many benefits given to a MP in our country who are the most corrupt, illiterate and have no national consciousness or a vision for their country. Rajiv Gandhi had said that only 17 paise of every rupee spent by the govt actually reaches the people it was meant for. The rest …. Well.. You know where it goes..

MPs are also given the position of cabinet ministers. As we all know that these posts are distributed on the basis of favoritism and who can give more support to the govt. and not by who is more qualified to handle which ministry. Check out this page and find out who is actually qualified for the ministry that's under them.
Obviously you find huge resumes before each name. But how many of them ( degrees and masters etc) are authentic??? With the minister actually having spent time to study the course…. Bhagwan jane..

There are 17 categories of committees in the parliament. These committees give reports on the working of the various ministries and the working of the parliament etc. Of these there is a Parliamentary Subject Committee under which there are 17 standing committees on various subjects. From topics ranging from commerce to defense to labour and social welfare. The people who fill these committees.. I don't think they even know the words 'Inclusive Growth' let alone its meaning and its impact on Indian economy. But they are so ecstatic about their govt's new idea for the XIth plan!!!!

Some of the privileges given to MPs are::
1. They cannot be arrested for civil cases during the session of the House.
2. Or for a period of 40 days before or after the session of the House.
3. they can speak anything on anybody giving reference to 'reports' of their committees on the floor of the House that may otherwise amount to defamation or misrepresentation etc.. and not get arrested for it.
4. No MP can be summoned by a court to give evidence as a witness without the leave of the House. Boleto.. it's the House speaker's wish to give permission or not.. and how many times a Mp is asked to do that.. one can imagine..

People like Shibu Soren get away with corruption even after being caught red-handed. All because the bribe was taken inside the parliament and anything that happens in there is beyond the jurisdiction of normal law. The anti-corruption law is also flawed. It blames the giver of bribe and not the taker. Whereas the giver is always the loser. Why will anybody want to part with their money if there is no taker??? The taker of bribe should be held responsible for bribing.

Bottom-line:: Next time your mom starts scolding you for not studying. And goes on to say what will happen to your future when all your friends have gone to IIT or IIM or where ever.. your simple answer can be.. "They are earning for me.. ma Why worry.. I'm gonna be a MP.. white ambassador car with a red light nah.. make that a BMW…….." its not a bad career choice if you see.. very high returns on investment, and no investments needed to begin with (the more educated you are.. more problematic.. see Dr. Manmohan Singh)..

Hey but that's not about me.. ok.. I'm gonna be a civil service officer. Without us the MPs like I said before.. wouldn't even have known that the words 'inclusive growth' or any other kinda growth words exist.


  1. What to say.....the points that uve raised are very true.Half of their qualifications is not authentic and there is always some jhol behind all this.Then there is also the problem of bribes and so many other types of corruption.Basically Indian poli ticks is akin to cancer for the country.becoz of such idiotic people our country is not able to progress at the rate at which it cud hav.infact aftr readin their allowances and perks i may safely conclude that even an illiterate layman can be better off than many ppl if they join politicks....nice post bringing an important social issue into the light..

  2. well put annd this privileges mean more freedom for corruption ....

  3. Glorious. Now, I can surface all my anger through this post. :P


  4. Hi

    These are some of my observations …..I am not defending the corrupt politicians. But, I am trying to view politics from other side….hope our discussion will be healthier.

    I feel politics is one good profession to serve the society. But, some politicians have spoiled it because of selfishness. Even today, we can see some honest politicians working at various levels. Also, now-a-days, it has become fashion for youngsters to blame politicians.

    A politician has to devote his considerable time for his constituency and for this the present salary of MPs in India is fully justifiable (even less). Even people with undergraduate degree without experience are earning more than MPs…politicians are like any human being require salary to maintain their status in society.

    Naturally, allowances are to be provided for touring constituency, attending sessions etc. Air travel is fully justified because he has to fly to Delhi from his place to attend sessions etc. To employ a secretary or such staff and maintain office Rs1,68,000 per annum is not sufficient in many places.

    Whom to blame for corruption? Are we electing right persons? Major chunk of young graduates are not willing to spend an hour to go to polling booth and cast his/her vote. Many times people vote based on the influences of caste, money, alcohol and other selfish reasons. It’s our mistake of not electing right persons. Even, Manmohan Singh has lost his election in our capital city Delhi. Is he corrupt or illiterate or factionist or racist?

    We can see judges, doctors, IAS, IPS officers etc. being corrupt. Are they not educated? Basically, one has to have good character. Many village level politicians who are less educated or illiterates are better than these officers.

    Who is helping the politicians to be corrupt? Do all politicians know all the loop holes in the rules/constitution? Based of your writing it seems civil servants are good (educated and honest) which is not at all true. Without the help and nexus of so called bureaucrats and other officials it’s difficult for politicians to be corrupt. Civil servants and officials are equally responsible for the present state of affairs.

    Many of our present politicians are well educated. We cannot call all of them as illiterate and fake because of few….They are really intelligent. Politics is one of the toughest fields and without intelligence one cannot survive there.

    When it comes to investment you are really impractical. Politics really need huge investment.

    On any day, I respect a politician rather than an IITan or grad of IIMs….there are valid reasons which I will share next time.

  5. wow..amazing research for those figures. nice to rad something from u after a long time.

  6. @ tentacles
    yeah.. cancer of the country!!!

    @ ashu
    thnx fr d commnt :)

    @ shadow
    thnx :)

    @ indian farmer
    u've written my next post!@!! anywayz.. thnx :)

    @ CRD
    yeahh.. all thoz tags n all.. hd to write sum signature confusion post.. lol.. thnx :)

  7. huh?? a post inside a commment box by an indian farmer... points you have raised nice ones...but still im not convinced to be an mp..hope i see you as a civil service officer one day !!!!

    P.S: playin hnagman here!!!!

  8. well researched post..
    i wish things could change.. i want to do something about it.. it's frustrating..

  9. @ zahid
    thnx :) need sabki duayein :)

    @ setu
    thnx :) join the gutter cleaning force (IAS accrdng to RDB)lolz..

  10. heyaa
    nice post
    but its up tp us to clean the system n make it better

  11. Very informative and nicely put.
    i like what Sudarshan (Indian Farmer) said..
    you both have a valid set of points..
    well i would like to add something to it also..

    Almost all the parents want their child to become an IITian or an IIM grad..all they want him is to be successful earn millions..
    but no mom wants her boy to be a politician..a MP...
    no dad wants his child to enter the so called gutar..of poli-ticks.'s not only the mindset of the youth but everyone..

    btw..nice post..

  12. @ aditi
    thnx :)

    @ matty
    yea.. very true.. thnx
    and sudarshan is posting a post on the same matter on my blog..

  13. i liked the black humour in this post


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