Dec 14, 2007

Tagged again..

Hmm.. well I've been tagged again.. by buddy Roshan.. here goes..

1. Pick out a scar you have, and explain how you got it..
hmm.. well i have a scar on the back of my left hand. My doggie Dennis jumped at me and sratched. His nails dug pretty deep.. n now i look like a pirate i guess.. arrgghhh.. Ms.
Capt. Hook is in the house.. aarrgghh..

2. What does your phone look like?
hmm.. i have a Nokia 2300 fully customized it myself.. so i dont wanna let go of it.. it says 'Psycho Chic' on it :D and has 5-6 danglers..

3. What is on the walls of your bedroom?
SYLLABI of all my subjects for my civils. Important pointers, maps etc.. in between them are sum of my creative stuff..

4. What is your current desktop picture?
hmm.. well i'll be honest and hope Tentacles of Thought won't put a Copy write suit or something.. its from his post 'Your soul within'. Lovely pic of a girl with a skull on her back.. check it out..

5. Do you believe in gay marriage?
yeah.. why should anyone have a problem???

6. What do you want more than anything right now?
WORLDPEACE!! Seriously.. all this war thing is gettin too much…

7. Last person who made you cry?
the wind made me cry.. i was driving in the mornin.. n the wind was so chilly.. my eyes were watering.. technically crying ryt?

8. What is your favorite perfume/cologne?
Tommy Girl by Tommy Hilfiger.. bestest of the best.

9. What are you listening to?
Tumse hi from Jab We Met :D

10. Do you get scared of the dark?
i used to be scared... when i was miniature.. i had watched Predator. Not scared anymore though.. i know so many ways to kill them now.. all thanx to Mr. Cameroon :D

11. Do you like pain killers?
yeah.. if they can work on my heart.. (not for heart attacks)..

12. Are you too shy to ask someone out?
dunno... neva gave it a shot..

13. If you could eat anything right now, what would it be?
French Fries.. French Fries.. French Fries.. French Fries.. French Fries.. French Fries.. French Fries.. French Fries.. nothing yummier has ever been made..

14.Who was the last person who made you mad?
sum weirdo.. his question- "will u be friendship with me?".. had been so long since i'd heard the line.. i thot their species was extinct..

15. Who was the last person who made you smile?
everybody.. even the previously mentioned weirdo made me smile.. lol actually..

16. Is someone in love with you?
Dunno.. can't say

and the tag passes on to Matty..


  1. so we r in a tagging spree..

    thanks for tagging me yaar..
    i will do the tag right away...

    the wall paper blog..was awesome!!

    good post!!

  2. Hi
    Nice to know that you have syllabi and maps in your room.....also make sure that it will percolate into your head!!!!!

  3. @ matty
    yeah.. looks like.. :D we'll do 1 more tag eh? hattrick?

  4. @ indian farmer!
    i hope so too.. fingers crossed..

  5. ms captain hook ..... lol ....
    ahem ahem forgive me but i am your partner in crime , i am guilty of stealing that pic of tentacles blog .... sorry !!!!

    anyways good tag !!!

  6. hello confucius :) thanks for linking me up.. i hope you survive the tagging spree :p

    i am adding you as well ....

  7. btw.. ssnab doesn't make any sense.. is that any US war ship's name? SS Nablus :)

  8. finally, u accepted the tag :P

    nice to know a few more things about u..

    u need painkilers for the heart huh? now thts one thing i dint abt ur life so far

    keep writing

  9. Ahem ahem nd once more wat do i read havin a hell of a time writin 8 stuff abt me.nd yea dont u find that pic a bit scary.i kinda freak out wn i luk at it.

  10. @ bluebutterfly
    thnx :)

    @ Ron
    i'd like to be INS n not ss...

    @ CRD

    @ tentacles :P
    u see.. m not the only fan of the pic..

  11. THat's mean you're in love? haha..
    Hello.. I am curryegg.
    Merry Xmas to you...

  12. cold....a technical angle of urs...!!!nice...a gud way to escape....
    ur last ans says u r tryin 2 hide somethin :)

  13. Now, I'm really confused after reading your confusing profile which highlights confusion.


  14. It will take time to think and answer all the questions...give the time please

  15. Sukanya Sri Nidhi Ashok VenkatRamu Bagur!!!! you must have been in 5th std by the time you learned to write ya name properly... phew

  16. heh.. Capricorns.. u can always tell them apart..
    btw, i wont be surprised if i see a post 'tagged, third time!'

  17. Hehe, you have a nice blog too, bro. I like the eye. :)


  18. @ setu
    no.. no tagged third time'.. wrkin on sum typical confusion post :D

  19. Haha, sorry, didn't know you are a girl. like it?


  20. me too use tommy is bestest indeed..wind isnt a "person" :P....will u be frndship.....yuk....dat ws d badest frndship request :P...

  21. ur bagheera is too cute........


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