Dec 10, 2007


Yipee I have been tagged finally by blogger buddy matty. I was actually thinking of taggin myself :P hmm.. so here it is.. 8 facts about me..

1. My name:: SSNAB is the very short version of Sukanya Sri Nidhi Ashok VenkatRamu Bagur. I was born on a sleepy Sunday winter afternoon.. So I'm pretty much the way the day was when I was born. I'm epitome of lethargy according to dad and an example of inertia according to my bro. They are not exaggerating.. I have everything that I need and may need at arms length from my bed.. I write or think of a layout for a new post but it takes me almost a week or two to get typing same goes for replyin to sms n scraps..

2. I'm a collector –period. I collect trash in general and artistic trash in particular. Artistic is by definition crap, but basically I collect anything that I consider can be converted into something- anything. My latest acquisitions are around 80-odd floppy disks. I hope to make something outta them someday. Chck out My Art Attack I.

3. Like everybody else.. even I have a gut feeling that I am born to be SOMETHING. So even I have a long list of the many SOMETHINGS that I think can be/or want to be.. IAS, IFS, fashion designer etc etc.. But kambakht Blogger and Orkut are the hurdles that are keeping me a step away from them.

4. Technically I'm a day dreamer. I think.. I actually dream and conjure up situations. I have bollywood-hollywood inspired dialogues et al. Ex:: I imagine someone to say something and I reply as if it is for real.. This happens on a regular basis and more so if I'm hyper.

5. I'm also a hypochondriac (Fear/Belief of contracting/or having contracted a disease). I see infections every where.. I can't stand if anyone sneezes around me especially in public places. Bus travels are a nightmare.. Being in Delhi.. people keep spitting everywhere.. TB!!!!!! Hepatitis A-Z and what nots… yuck!!

6. I have a habit of giving running commentary on the traffic while I'm driving. Its more like.. I talk to the vehicles around me. Ex:: If a bus comes too close then "BUS!!! Hat hat.. dur jaa be.. abe!!! Go away!!" or maybe if the signal is gonna change and I'm totally uncertain about the driver in front of me then "ruk matt.. brake mat dal.. thok dungi.." Problem arises as I say it all aloud. It scares the people riding with me… :P

7. I'm stuck in front of a computer no matter where I am.. and I have been on d net for.. I've lost track.. atleast 4 years now.. So.. I have more netpals than I have real friends. I have net buddies of more than 2-3 yrs and I'm so lucky to have them as my friends :-) this is for you Peeyush, Zulu, Rohit, Roshan.. :-)

8. Finally.. I'm a philosopher. I have many borrowed philosophies from all around.. "Don't bother to know people, just make yourself worth knowing.." etc.. etc..
But.. All my conviction lies in 'what goes around.. Comes around' in karma.. that whatever we do.. we will get it back.. not in our next life.. but in this lifetime itself and with interest..

hmm.. that went pretty well I guess.. now to pass on the tag.. make someone else do a noble deed.. CRD and Tentacles of thought


  1. well yeah that surly did go pretty well. Thank god you wrote your name finally. All the time i was wondering what does this ssnab meant?
    So a hypochondriac!
    yeah i read ur art attack!
    hope u make out something of those floppies.
    even i am day-dreamer btw...

    gud post..
    got to know more about you!

  2. i loved the 6th point -- talking to urself, something similar to wot i do.

    for me its like , "abe teri to..." and then it gets me into trouble!!!!


  3. hmm.. interesting points about u..
    i noticed lotta similarities..

    and thanks for the lovely comment! :)

  4. i tag u....:P now get to work

  5. now..why is philosophy about afterlife n all that jazz.. i thought philosophy was about now.

  6. hey .... one we have lot of similarities and two thanks for writing the fifth point ....coz i am rigth there with you on that one .... one of my friend calls me "HNF" thats hygiene neat freak ....but well i cant help it
    nice knowing somebody is there to support me on this cause ...

  7. @ matty
    yeah.. even i hope to make sumthng outta thm soon.. else my mom will throw 'em out.. lol..

    @ Ashu

    @ Setu
    glad tht u left a link ths time..

    @ CRD
    thnx buddy fr taggin me.. agn..

    @ Raghu
    the philosophy is abt ths life n specifically not after life..

    @ Bluebutterfly
    yeah same here.. glad to know i hv company.. atleast we r two freaks nw.. lolz


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