Jan 31, 2008


A worldwide survey was conducted by the UN. The only question asked was:

"Would you please give your honest opinion to the shortage of food in the rest of the world?"

the survey was a huge failure.. u kno why??

  • In Africa they didn't know what 'food' meant.

  • In India they didn't know what 'honest' meant.

  • In Europe they didn't know what 'shortage' meant.

  • In China they didn't know what 'opinion' meant.

  • In the Middle East they didn't know 'solution' meant.

  • In the South Ameraica they didn't know what 'please' meant.

  • And in the USA they didn't know what 'rest of the world' meant.

Courtesy:: Dunno. I jus know its not mine. Pinched it from somewhere. But i liked it a lot :P

Jan 27, 2008

Evolution of my computer addiction

My Internet addiction has been in phases. Every 3-6 months i have a new craze. From a new website or a whole new genre of stuff I've been through a lot.. i mean the addiction..
  1. First was the chatting. actually it all started as my dad was in Delhi and i was in Bangalore. so the only way of continuously chatting was well.. chatting on the net. so i started chatting on yahoo messenger in 1999!!!!

  2. Then came mailing!!! i used to spend hours reading and forwarding mails. all sorts of nonsensical mails.. this phase went on for quiet some years.

  3. Then it was the Yahoo messenger again. Coz when i came to Delhi my gang became very big. Netpals.. the craze of chatting with people I don't have a clue about..

  4. There was also a phase when i googled or searched on wikipedia almost anything and everything. I used to log on to the net to search. and i woulf decide my search topic according to my mood.. baah!! i didn't get much G.K. from it..

  5. ORKUT!!! nobodies net life is complete without spending some years on orkut. From orkut there were many diversions.. Hi5, gazag, tagged.. bla bla.. but i never left base. ORKUT!!! i'm not yet over it though i've passed on to many newer things.. Jai Orkut!!! Orkut Zindabad!! there was a time when i've spent hours chatting and playing weird games in communities. kick or kiss.. some shit like that.. but i'm over those now.. i just use orkut to scrap my friends. that's healthy..

  6. GTalk!! all my orkut friends got transferred to my gtalk list without me doing anything. what more did i want.. at this my job was also such that i spent my entire day on the net.. so there was no stopping me.. but i'm not complaining of it. i have many friends whom i really adore. thanx to gtalk.. :)

  7. Tickle.com!! days and weeks have gone into doing love tests, intelligence tests, compatibility tests.. bla bla..

  8. Blog!! blogging hold of me just before i cracked. guess it kinda saved me.

  9. for quite some time i used to comment on other blogs to get comments on mine.. the i scratch ur back u scratch mine funda.. but later i realised that some blogs are really good. So then it was other blog addiction. i didn't bother to open my blog. but bookmarked blogs and read them before i could check for comments on mine.

  10. Now its NFS: Most wanted. everytime i switch on my comp all i want to do is play. make a career, get bounty, jump from on top of buses and have doughnuts crumbling down etc..

and to top it all.. i've got only 110 days left for my Prelims exam. This addiction has no antidote or a rehabilitation centre. except ofcourse if dad hurls the laptop outta the balcony and disconnects the internet.. hehe.. hamare zamane me na.. at exam time mom used to get the cable disconnected.. but now its internet!!! ghor kaliyug!!!

Jan 23, 2008

88% i wish..

I was thinking what to write for my next post. There are so many 'burning topics' as my year books call them. But i've been told not to post any India bashing posts.. so i was searching for some masala type topic.lolz.. and i got all nostlagic. yeah it happens when you study too much. wow.. i said that so easily.. 'when you study too much' it actually sounds like an under-statement!! Actually the nostlagic attack was triggered by something i saw in the papers.. a name to be precise. No point in going into the details.. that will become another post then..

I was thinking of all the crazy love tests i used to do in school. And beleive it or not i actually got paper and pen and started doing all the stuff i could remember!! i guess most of you also must have done them as when my bro got to know what i was doing (well i was doing them on a newspaper!!), he admitted to have done them as well. he also told that it was craze amongst his class girls so am guessing its a typical girly thing for me to do.

mind you.. you are about to read from the pages of a future bureaucrat or possibly a ambassador.. who knows.. then you'll tell your friends and colleagues that you happen to know weird stuff about the officer who got the nuclear deal signed.. whoa..*royal rambling*.. it's a common symptom of Civil Serviceyosis.. neways.. This post is also like a crash course in all the instant love test. that can be done with a simple apparatus of paper and pen and you don't even have to log on to the Internet..
  1. FLAMES:: i don't think therez anybody who has not done this atleast once.. well for the uninitiated FLAMES stands for : Friends, Love, Affair, Marriage, Enemy or Sisiter!! well it shows the kind of relationship you are destined to have with the person. it looks something like this..

  2. Rafael is Rafael Nadal.. lolz..

  3. Then is this.. i dunno what it is.. but i think its indigenous to my school.. so here goes.. u start line drawing thingy.. i dunno what they call it.. and then you stop. this is done thrice. see the image.. u'll know what am saying.. the 102 or anyother number you get has a message. 102 happens to mean "he is thinking of you, but he's not interested in you" !!!! well there is a possibilty of getting numbers anywhere between 000 to 121 and there is a message for every possibility. you can make your own.. i just happen to remember what 102 stands for coz i always get that..

  4. Then is the percentage method.

88%.. wow.. i wish..

Its clearly evident that i've put in quiet some effort into making this post.. but therez no bottomline.. i have no clue why i wrote this post..

Cheerz.. stay confounded..

Jan 17, 2008

The Last Stand

After Poli-Ticks I & II and some nice debate, I have come to a conclusion. Na mera na tumhara.. perfect for a bureaucrat in the making.. this is my first conclusion post.. lol..

Bottom-Line:: Our country is still baby. Its only 60yrs old!! To begin with, there was never a nation called India. Though we have epics that run length and breadth through the country but the people/kingdoms never felt any fraternity towards each other. Rather they were always busy killing one another. They came face to face for the first time in 1857 (only 150 yrs ago) desperately trying figure out the mess they were in.

And all of a sudden we were free. Free to do as we please. Thrown in the middle of a fierce competition in a world just stepping out of the Great Depression of the 1930s. Each trying to out do the other in a desperate bid to survive. Its something like you sleep on Friday night and wake the next Friday and realize that you are a week late for work..
The US which became free in 1776 was 150yrs older than India, Britain that was its own master, France, Russia all super powers were/are some of our competitors. To top this India was a country had to face some (4-5) big wars within the first two decades of being 'born'.

Most importantly India even today is not a nation. Unlike the US or the UK or for that matter any other country.

Nation by definition means:: An aggregation of people who share common customs, origins, history, and frequently language. Even after so much modernization you and me don't speak even remotely similar languages, definitely don't have common origin, and don't celebrate the same festivals. There is no other country in the world that inherently has such diversity of culture, religion and tradition.
Thus eventually leading to regionalism and factionalism because we still fail to recognize each other as part of a bigger group. There are still sections of people who want a new state or want their state separated from India.


Bottom line of Bottom line:: our country is like us.. struggling to find what we want become 'when we grow up' trying to grow with and over come all the problems that is endemic only to India.

So no matter how corrupt or unconcerned, unworthy our politicians and other policy-makers may seem. They seem to have done a pretty awesome job until now. I bet when the US was 60 yrs old.. they didn't have a clue about running a country without the queen's help.

Jan 7, 2008

Poli-Ticks II (with a twist)

In continuation of my earlier post Poli-Ticks my blogger buddy SUDARSHAN has written about the other side.. the politicians version.. seems its not easy being a politician of such a big nation. With population accounting for 16% of the total world population!!


These are some of my observations …..I am not defending the corrupt politicians. But, I am trying to view politics from other side….hope our discussion will be healthier.  


I feel politics is one of the good professions to serve the society. Unfortunately, some politicians have spoiled it because of their selfishness. Even today, we can see some honest politicians working at various levels.


Many people question the amount of salary drawn by our MPs. A politician has to devote his considerable time for constituency leaving his own work. Like any other employee politician also deserve salary for his/her work. Presently, many people with undergraduate degree without experience are earning more than MPs…..politicians are like any other human being require salary to survive and maintain their status in society and the present amount is fully justifiable.


Naturally, allowances are to be provided for touring constituency, attending sessions etc. Air travel is fully justified because he has to fly to New Delhi and other such places to attend sessions, committee meetings etc. To employ a secretary or such staff and maintain an office, to carry out his/her duty, Rs1,68,000 per annum which is paid to MPs is not sufficient in many places.


Very often we hear politics as the last option of a scoundrel and all such stuff. Now-a-days, it has become fashion for youngsters to blame politicians as corrupt and illiterates.


Whom to blame for corruption? Are we electing right persons? Major chunk of our young graduates are not willing to spend even an hour to go to polling booths and cast his/her vote. Many times people vote based on the influences of caste, money, alcohol and other selfish reasons. It's our mistake of not electing right persons. Even, Manmohan Singh has lost his election in our capital city Delhi. Is he corrupt or illiterate or factionist or racist?


Today, politics has become a business. A candidate has to invest in terms of crores to become MLA/MP. Naturally, he/she is worried about earning money throughout the term of five years which has been spent in the election. The worry is more when they do not have the guarantee of getting party ticket and being elected next time.


We can see judges, doctors, IAS, IPS officers etc. being corrupt. Are they not educated? Basically, one has to have good character. Many village level politicians who are less educated or illiterates are better than these officers.  So, do not blame politicians as corrupt…..it's our mistake of not electing right persons and we have to take the blame.


Who is helping the politicians to be corrupt? Do all politicians know all the loop holes in the rules/constitution? People think that civil servants and other officials are good (educated and honest) which is not at all true. Without the help and nexus of so called bureaucrats and other officials it's difficult for politicians to be corrupt. Civil servants and other officials are equally responsible for the present state of affairs.



Many of our present politicians are well educated. We cannot call all of them as illiterate and fake because of few….They are really intelligent. Politics is one of the toughest fields and without intelligence one cannot survive there. In the present lok sabha we can find MPs with post graduate and doctoral degrees from good universities or educational institutions of the world.


On any day, I respect a politician rather than an IITan or graduate of IIMs. Government has started these institutes like IITs and IIMs to develop technologies and models suitable for our country. Government is spending tax payers' money on these graduates. But, more than 90% of them are not working in their fields of specialization and most of them prefer to work abroad serving MNCs who in turn exploit our country. Same is the case with graduates (doctors) of AIIMS who are not willing to work in rural areas. If they are not interested to care of the society and the people why the government has to spend on them? How these so called educateds better than corrupt politicians?


We have to take responsibility for the present state of affairs of our country. Hope the youngsters will take interest in socio-political aspects and work for the welfare of India.

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