Jan 23, 2008

88% i wish..

I was thinking what to write for my next post. There are so many 'burning topics' as my year books call them. But i've been told not to post any India bashing posts.. so i was searching for some masala type topic.lolz.. and i got all nostlagic. yeah it happens when you study too much. wow.. i said that so easily.. 'when you study too much' it actually sounds like an under-statement!! Actually the nostlagic attack was triggered by something i saw in the papers.. a name to be precise. No point in going into the details.. that will become another post then..

I was thinking of all the crazy love tests i used to do in school. And beleive it or not i actually got paper and pen and started doing all the stuff i could remember!! i guess most of you also must have done them as when my bro got to know what i was doing (well i was doing them on a newspaper!!), he admitted to have done them as well. he also told that it was craze amongst his class girls so am guessing its a typical girly thing for me to do.

mind you.. you are about to read from the pages of a future bureaucrat or possibly a ambassador.. who knows.. then you'll tell your friends and colleagues that you happen to know weird stuff about the officer who got the nuclear deal signed.. whoa..*royal rambling*.. it's a common symptom of Civil Serviceyosis.. neways.. This post is also like a crash course in all the instant love test. that can be done with a simple apparatus of paper and pen and you don't even have to log on to the Internet..
  1. FLAMES:: i don't think therez anybody who has not done this atleast once.. well for the uninitiated FLAMES stands for : Friends, Love, Affair, Marriage, Enemy or Sisiter!! well it shows the kind of relationship you are destined to have with the person. it looks something like this..

  2. Rafael is Rafael Nadal.. lolz..

  3. Then is this.. i dunno what it is.. but i think its indigenous to my school.. so here goes.. u start line drawing thingy.. i dunno what they call it.. and then you stop. this is done thrice. see the image.. u'll know what am saying.. the 102 or anyother number you get has a message. 102 happens to mean "he is thinking of you, but he's not interested in you" !!!! well there is a possibilty of getting numbers anywhere between 000 to 121 and there is a message for every possibility. you can make your own.. i just happen to remember what 102 stands for coz i always get that..

  4. Then is the percentage method.

88%.. wow.. i wish..

Its clearly evident that i've put in quiet some effort into making this post.. but therez no bottomline.. i have no clue why i wrote this post..

Cheerz.. stay confounded..


  1. fuunnny post, reminds me of school days.........

    btw did u forget my blog ?

  2. the rules we had are very different.. anyways, none of my 'flames' had enough power :p

  3. @ ashu
    thnx.. m visiting ur blog pakka. NOW!!

    @ Ron
    lolz.. heard abt the SSBN of the Indian Navy???

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. Hehe....damn funny....especially wn u c it in a post.
    Well...i err..being in college...still do it...nd if it turns out nice n all then i believe the test....else im like 'what the crap?'...
    Funny tho....
    Nd india bashing ... Hehe...
    Nd yea that was some royal rambling....now im gonna expect u on tv ...rofl..
    Btw wats wrong wid my cbox....cnt c much from cell...

  6. ssnab? is it u? [:P]

    u ok? [:p] the love bug has finally bitten u it seems [:p]

    i know the flames thing...never heard abt the other 2.jab online milenge(pata nahin kab) tab samjha deejiyega.

    and btw...kya hua? tera vaada?forgot tht also?

  7. @ CRD
    hehe.. yea.. m ok.. :D
    ok.. i'll explain it to u.. lolz.. u wanna try thm!! i've frgotn my vaada.. i've writtn a draft.. i'll finalise it today. don't worry :)

  8. rofl !!!
    i am still in school and although we dont do this anymore ... bt i can distinctly remember all those times we did .... flames was like the super famous method ... percentage came later with advances classes .... required math yu see, but excellent post ...
    i even rememebr there used be a forward mail which used to ask you to fill in the name(s) of your crushes and then the site wuld tell whether its true love or not ... but rather than any crap about true love it send the name of your crushes to the sender of the mail ... i got the hang of it after i got busted by one of my class mates ...
    and whose sukanya , u ???
    royal rambling is a common symptom ... lol .... this is a really funny post ... far much better than the india shining thing ....

  9. Some posts are so fun without a bottom line. And i think i should learn how to do that percentage one...Couldnt get it completely..You know i might just need to use it...Lolz These kin of mails ocme in internet and i always fin them interesting...except the one that says you send this to every body and your crush will flash on your screen. I never tried it but it is as well crap

  10. Gold old school days!!!!
    I used to do this a million times, using all the possible spellings of my name and her name until it came out to be love or some high percentage of love.
    Funny. But these gave me a smile in those days telling me "yes she is all yours. She is the one".

    Aaaaah what days they were!!!!

  11. @ bluebutterfly
    hehe.. i am sukanya lolz.. this post is better than india shining?? u mean the India bashing post ryt?? newayz.. thnx.. sum post is good na.. ;P

  12. @ Zahid
    u wanna kno the % method..???!!! okkk.. thoz mails really frustrate..

  13. @ matty
    :) i've done it a million times too.. guess all of us have..

  14. very nice impressive work my nidhi ther's so much aboutthat i dont know!!!
    touching,heartfelt,silly,philosphical an entire gamut of emotions brought out wonderfully keep it up honey...

  15. yena kodumai ithu? just a slang from madrasi - dont bother. best of luck for your preliminary exam. once in a paper i read a advt - why do you want to limit yourself with MBA just managing a company of few thousands. Manage the country - ASPIRE to crack civil service exam. - tht was a catchy advt. unfortunate i never was interested.


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