Jan 27, 2008

Evolution of my computer addiction

My Internet addiction has been in phases. Every 3-6 months i have a new craze. From a new website or a whole new genre of stuff I've been through a lot.. i mean the addiction..
  1. First was the chatting. actually it all started as my dad was in Delhi and i was in Bangalore. so the only way of continuously chatting was well.. chatting on the net. so i started chatting on yahoo messenger in 1999!!!!

  2. Then came mailing!!! i used to spend hours reading and forwarding mails. all sorts of nonsensical mails.. this phase went on for quiet some years.

  3. Then it was the Yahoo messenger again. Coz when i came to Delhi my gang became very big. Netpals.. the craze of chatting with people I don't have a clue about..

  4. There was also a phase when i googled or searched on wikipedia almost anything and everything. I used to log on to the net to search. and i woulf decide my search topic according to my mood.. baah!! i didn't get much G.K. from it..

  5. ORKUT!!! nobodies net life is complete without spending some years on orkut. From orkut there were many diversions.. Hi5, gazag, tagged.. bla bla.. but i never left base. ORKUT!!! i'm not yet over it though i've passed on to many newer things.. Jai Orkut!!! Orkut Zindabad!! there was a time when i've spent hours chatting and playing weird games in communities. kick or kiss.. some shit like that.. but i'm over those now.. i just use orkut to scrap my friends. that's healthy..

  6. GTalk!! all my orkut friends got transferred to my gtalk list without me doing anything. what more did i want.. at this my job was also such that i spent my entire day on the net.. so there was no stopping me.. but i'm not complaining of it. i have many friends whom i really adore. thanx to gtalk.. :)

  7. Tickle.com!! days and weeks have gone into doing love tests, intelligence tests, compatibility tests.. bla bla..

  8. Blog!! blogging hold of me just before i cracked. guess it kinda saved me.

  9. for quite some time i used to comment on other blogs to get comments on mine.. the i scratch ur back u scratch mine funda.. but later i realised that some blogs are really good. So then it was other blog addiction. i didn't bother to open my blog. but bookmarked blogs and read them before i could check for comments on mine.

  10. Now its NFS: Most wanted. everytime i switch on my comp all i want to do is play. make a career, get bounty, jump from on top of buses and have doughnuts crumbling down etc..

and to top it all.. i've got only 110 days left for my Prelims exam. This addiction has no antidote or a rehabilitation centre. except ofcourse if dad hurls the laptop outta the balcony and disconnects the internet.. hehe.. hamare zamane me na.. at exam time mom used to get the cable disconnected.. but now its internet!!! ghor kaliyug!!!


  1. NFS!!?
    Dint knw gurlz likd gaming too!!
    Gtalk addictn hasnt caught up with me yet...even tickle
    otherwise i hav had all of these.use to chat wid pretty girls regularly from states nd all...hehe...pervertd me...
    I hav music addictn too!!

  2. hey!! whts wrong with grls gaming??? NFS is just awesome.. anybdy cn play it..

  3. i cud identify myself with lot of lists...yahoo im, orkut, gtalk and now blogging.......

    u in US ?

  4. @ ashu
    US??!!! no.. m in good ol' delhi INDIA :)

  5. are you kidding me abt NFS.... i used to loooovvve playing it .... we used to fight about the scores and discuss at length the various editions ...
    great post yaar ..... i could so totallly identify with the "phases"... excpt i spent my fifth one on hi5 ...
    spending hours and hours and hours decorating the profile ... and begging for testi's ....

    right now i am into blogger ...
    and my mom has tried hiding the internet plug thingy .... but well i find it everytime so now she doesnt hide it anymore ... she is waiting for the realization to hit me ....
    and well i am waiting too ....

  6. everybody's addicted... something or the other.. vicious circle of things..
    nice post..

  7. hum...we all had had the same set of addictions i guess..
    well blogs r the best anyway..
    at least we have a feeling of doing something creative...

  8. Get addicted to books also...100 days for prilims!!!

  9. Helllo... Came into ur blog as I saw ur comment on another blog....

    U have some nice stuff here :-)

    n yeah..rgdg addicition to the computer..specifially internet...woah...talk about it..Wait till u come to the US of A..The 1st thing u do once u wake up and the last thing u do before u hit the bed.. will be something on the net!
    n I actually wish there was some way to de-addict(if thts a word!) myself!

  10. guess everybody is an addict and like pavi says.. we gotta get de-addicted.. or shud we?!!

  11. hehe I can imagine how hard it should be for parents to get people off net :)..
    but good you are developing newer interests..somewhere you will hit upon on thing which will surely keep your interests for long.

  12. Interesting...I started off with ICQ, then hotmail, then yahoo, then interactive games, now i am just about getting over orkut, and addicted to blogs!

  13. hey nice topic.....computer addiction... when i was new to orkut i was also into this kick or kiss and stupid games like that....but now when i see those topics i feel so embarrassed that i also played those nonsense game...

    anyways talking about yr blog its very nice specially the template and yes nice topics...though i haven't read it fully..and the flame thing is just so interesting.

    keep it up!

  14. @ Sourav
    thnx a lot :)
    even i've played many such games and they dnt interest me anymore..

  15. hehe.. hamare zamane me na.. at exam time mom used to get the cable disconnected.. but now its internet!!! ghor kaliyug!!!
    this is good.


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