Jan 17, 2008

The Last Stand

After Poli-Ticks I & II and some nice debate, I have come to a conclusion. Na mera na tumhara.. perfect for a bureaucrat in the making.. this is my first conclusion post.. lol..

Bottom-Line:: Our country is still baby. Its only 60yrs old!! To begin with, there was never a nation called India. Though we have epics that run length and breadth through the country but the people/kingdoms never felt any fraternity towards each other. Rather they were always busy killing one another. They came face to face for the first time in 1857 (only 150 yrs ago) desperately trying figure out the mess they were in.

And all of a sudden we were free. Free to do as we please. Thrown in the middle of a fierce competition in a world just stepping out of the Great Depression of the 1930s. Each trying to out do the other in a desperate bid to survive. Its something like you sleep on Friday night and wake the next Friday and realize that you are a week late for work..
The US which became free in 1776 was 150yrs older than India, Britain that was its own master, France, Russia all super powers were/are some of our competitors. To top this India was a country had to face some (4-5) big wars within the first two decades of being 'born'.

Most importantly India even today is not a nation. Unlike the US or the UK or for that matter any other country.

Nation by definition means:: An aggregation of people who share common customs, origins, history, and frequently language. Even after so much modernization you and me don't speak even remotely similar languages, definitely don't have common origin, and don't celebrate the same festivals. There is no other country in the world that inherently has such diversity of culture, religion and tradition.
Thus eventually leading to regionalism and factionalism because we still fail to recognize each other as part of a bigger group. There are still sections of people who want a new state or want their state separated from India.


Bottom line of Bottom line:: our country is like us.. struggling to find what we want become 'when we grow up' trying to grow with and over come all the problems that is endemic only to India.

So no matter how corrupt or unconcerned, unworthy our politicians and other policy-makers may seem. They seem to have done a pretty awesome job until now. I bet when the US was 60 yrs old.. they didn't have a clue about running a country without the queen's help.


  1. Shit SSNAB....u r going too much into politix nd civil...stop studying so much..!!...its apparent from ur posts that u r gonna top the civils nd seriously to an engg studnt like me its kinda boring....no offence but i sincerely hope u wil gv this india thingy a break....cant v hv sum humour once....puhleeeezz
    or i l set laloo's wife on u!!
    but yeah india is still a baby and like u said , it is also a child prodigy.

  2. good one, u forgot my blog ?

  3. @ Tentacles

    ohh.. thanx a lotttttt TTOT.. i really hope i get thru.. and tht too in my first attempt. btw.. do i really sound tht intellignt??? :D

    yeah i'll give this India thngy a break with my next post. i had to write this post coz i love my country and all ths bashing(two posts).. had to write something nice about it.. lolz..

  4. @ ashu

    m so sorry.. hav not forgttn ur blog.. i've bn a lil busy lately.. will come by v soon.. :) thnx fr droppin by..

  5. bahut achha likha hai ,,achha sochti ho ,,ek alag hi najariya dikhaya hai bharat ki rajneeti ka ,,humesha ek alag najariya rakhti ho kisi bhi prakaar ke kshetra main ,,,tareef karne ka mann kar raha hai,,,maine aise nahi socha tha yaar kabhi ki koi rajneeti ko aise bhi samajh sakta hai ,,,nice work...

  6. hey ....
    ohk after discussing the entire topic in length .... thanks for finally reaching a conclusion ....
    anyways best of luck for your exams ...
    yeah india is a baby ... a science genius kick all the other nations ass but still dealing with its own problems baby !!!!

  7. I think i can pick a few points from your posts to discuss in a group discussion. Especially when my placements are aout to begin in a short period !!!

  8. @ Cook book
    thnx :) thrz a different angle for everything..

    @ bluebutterfly
    yeah.. kick all other nation's ass.. but nt only in science.. bt also in all other fields as well..

    @ zahid
    oohh.. nice..thrz always an optimistic side tht appeals to everybody..

  9. well that was a nice post.

    yeah india still isnt a nation in the true sense.i think OUR name should have been United Nations,instead of the body based in Geneva. We have a Maratha Rashtra, a Telugu Rashtra, a Sikh nation, a Bodo nation, etc etc.We're forever divided.

    good post. u gott be more regular [:p] ok..i think ive heard this before, from ur mouth perhaps [:p]

    love and regards,

  10. i've just been busy with the new sem.. distracted by too manu things..

    btw, a good post..

  11. Hi
    After these hot discussions I think people understood the reality....

    I accept the fact that our country is an exception - Unity in Diversity. It's unique. Our greatness is that, with such diversity, we are able to maintain democracy even after 60 years of independence.

    Within diversity we do have some common things. For example, if you consider some festivals, they are being celebrated throughout the country, may be with different names sometimes. But we can see lot of common bonds among us...

    we can continue these type of topics and debates sometimes.
    I really liked the discussion.....many people get to know the things which otherwise wouldnot...

  12. Very true!In spite of all the criticism,our country has come a very long way in these sixty years :)

  13. good thot provoking post. But India has come a big way despite all negativities and corrupt politicians and separatist people....

    despite having suffered so hugely for terrorism and having 1000s of people killed in different parts of country to riots, terror attacks and stupid fights, we have come long way as nation.

    we are strong, self reliant, dont need any one s support and we stand tall amidst the world, whereas the countries round us are struggling....

    And despite differences amidst people in diff states, cultures we as nation are still ONE.

  14. @ post
    definitions are meant to be re-defined and meanings are meant to be changed

    add or subtract...india remains india

    btw....tho i i didnt agree 1st with ur "we should forgive" line..
    i believe everyone..(or almost everyone)...who forgives is a hypocrite....coz after all u only forgive if it doesnt hurt u in a big way....mayb one day we'll have an india where everyone forgives... cheers :)

  15. @ cold & silent

    yes.. denitions r meant to be re-defined.. and we as indians are doing just tht..

  16. Il tel u wat...go to the chatbox in my blog and click on ur name..'ssnab'...it takes u to a wierd site...!...just click on it nd c.

    nd i lovd the pigtail poem..i did notice it b4 but nevr said nethng abt it.cheers to william thackeray(bal thakeray's relative?).

    i am eagerly waiting for an update on ur blog.
    Cya SSNAB auntie.

  17. @ TToT beta

    thts jus a mistake.. wrong URL.. lolz..
    abt the poem.. i know its a lovely poem.. i learnt it in V std!!.. n i dunno if W. Thackeray is related to B. Thakeray's.. let u kno..
    update?? i thot u wr taggin me???!!! wht happnd?? lolz..

  18. Yea i will...it so happens that this particular tag is a bit boring.nd i too hav to complt the tag.lol.

  19. Seriously,u made me think..now,lemme think,"wen was d last time i was thinkin??" lolz

    awesome post!!
    Truth is hard to accept,but yea,u are right abt our country

  20. @ TToT
    okk.. take your time..

    @ Vithya
    wonderful.. my mission accomplished thn!!! want to make people think.. :D

  21. though a engg nut i am, i liked this stuff. nice analysis - i liked your bottom line of bottom line.


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