Feb 28, 2008

Crushed by Exam

"M.N.Srinivas first used the term brahminisation instead of sanskritization" focusing on the line, again she read it out loud "M.N.Srinivas first used the term brahminisation..." the sentence seemed very familiar, like a song playing over and over again.

She settled into herself again. There was a book before her, a really huge one. Sociology or something it said on the cover.

Everything around her these days were of magnitudinous proportions- big exam, fat books, great expectations and a large calendar that was staring in her face all the time as it did now. Exactly 2 months for the big exam.. really?? She tried to see the date.. what date was it??? The huge calendar with the large fonts was all invisible to her. All she could see was his face. She tried to wiggle him out of her mind. She had to concentrate on her exam.. it could make or break her career.

"Do you think he likes me?"
He did say once that he liked her. But now she wasn't sure. He was always flirting with her.
"I like you very much" she said out loud... Only that he wasn't there.

She looked at her book again; she had not moved a sentence ahead since she sat down to study 2 hours ago.
"M.N.Srinivas first used the term brahminisation instead of sanskritization" said her book…

There she sat in the coffee shop beside him. She was too nervous to look him in the eye. Too excited to say anything or to answer his questions. It was there first meeting. Why hadn't they met earlier? They had known each other online forever. At least they met now... she was happy. He had got a job and was moving to another city thousand kilometres away. He was telling her something. She wanted the day to go on and on… for he was leaving the next day.

Live horoscope was coming on the TV opposite to her. It was her sun sign… She read the forecast with crossed fingers hoping for some blessings from cupid. she read as the words came on the screen..

"M.N.Srinivas first used the term brahminisation instead of sanskritization"

"I must be loosing my mind!!!"
Why did she think of him so much? She had met him only once and that too almost a year ago. They rarely spoke now. He never replied to her messages or called her. They did however manage to chat online a few times. But he was all she could think of... like that day... like everyday.

"It's either him or your career! What s it gonna be?" asked a voice from within. She had to take a decision.

Then suddenly everything was clear. The decision was made. Destiny was charted…
She closed her eyes and went back to him.

He offered to drop her home. She was only too glad to accept. He took the longest route to her house. They chatted and laughed. She had refused to hold him, so he occasionally caught her off guard and suddenly applied the brakes so that she crashed into him. He sang a song for her… out loud so that other passers by did a double take on hearing the song. He did all other silly things for which she liked him.

At the signal, when they had stopped, he turned around raised his visor to say something... their eyes met. His eyes were filled with hope and expectations. The kind of look she had been yearning for...

"M.N.Srinivas first used the term brahminisation instead of sanskritization"

What the!!!??? She was reading her book again… or maybe by now it was reading itself…

"Maybe I'm thinking too much"
"Maybe he too likes me… maybe…"
"He has to like me!! It can't be just me… !"

She did not want another regret in her bag. This time there was a choice, there was a chance, and there was optimism somewhere. She had to tell him. She didn't want to live her entire life wondering 'what might have been….' She had to take a chance. Let go of her ego or fear or whatever it was that was holding her back; she had to shed it, for her... for him...

Charged with renewed strength of optimism she picked up her cell and dialed his number.
"I am going to tell him this time for sure. No excuses!"

"Hey!!! hi... I wanted to tell you... something that I've been wanting to tell for quite sometime now. .... oh! God i dunno how to say this...
... Well, you know u've... I've... we've...
um mm
did you know that M.N.Srinivas first used the term brahminisation instead of sanskritization??"

-------------------------------- -----------------
"Happy endings are for unfinished stories!"

Feb 22, 2008

Ganesha's Wedding

Ever seen an animal??? Lol :P I mean have you properly observed it?? Then have you ever wondered why all the animals walk with their head bent down. They always walk rubbing their noses to the ground. Well there is a very strong reason buried in Indian mythology for this unusual behavior of animals.

Ganesha wanted to get married. All the Gods objected to it. There was also the problem that no girl would agree to marry Ganesha. After all he is a little weird looking.. with the elephant head and he eats a ton of food.

But Ganesha still insisted on getting married. After a lot of searching the gods found a girl for him.

But his wedding was not meant to be. The Gods didn't want him to get married. It would lead to a lot of chaos in the God world and on earth. So they had to either convince Ganesha not to get married or to somehow stall his wedding. So, they roped in the great illusionist Narada muni. Obviously he was an expert in handling and pulling off such stunts. Well, he was also the only one who could dare to play such mischief with The Gods.

On the day of the wedding, Narada muni was the first to arrive. As is the custom he was shown the mangalsutra. (It's a south Indian custom to show the mangalsutra and ask people to bless it) When Narada muni was sure no one was looking, he quickly pocketed the mangalsutra. As the wedding ceremony proceeded and the mangalsutra was called for, then suddenly they realized that it was missing.

There was a frantic search for it, but it was nowhere to be found.

Shiva at once summoned all the animals and asked them to search for the missing mangalsutra. Without it the wedding wouldn't be solemnized.

Even after a lot of searching the mangalsutra was not found. Narada muni was gone with it. He did not intend to return it.. ever!!!!

Shiva was furious and he gave strict orders to the animals, not return until they had found it.

So, even to this day the poor animals are searching for the missing mangalsutra. Ganesha is still hopefull of getting married oneday . And the animals, they never raise their heads, lest they should miss a spot and overlook it.

P.S. My grandma told me this story. Any mythologist who doesn't believe in this story.. is welcome to file a suit… atleast the story will become famous even before it becomes a screenplay!!!

Feb 19, 2008

me a CSI.. wow!!!

i had a very interesting day today. Most exciting day ever!!!

As usual i was sitting at home studying. All of a sudden i heard all lot of hullabaloo outside. its not unusual, coz there is a huge unauthorised colony just opposite my appartment and all the hooligans of east delhi live there. Then i heard the most amazing sound. Something i've been dying to hear for a very long time- A Gun Shot!!!!! Yes!! a i heard a gunshot in real life. Not in the movies or in an Army Day parade.. and that too near my house!! I have been dreaming of seeing a shootout for ever. Every time i see CSI or anyother movie.. how i wish to be there, at the scene..

Instantly abandoning my books I rushed out with my bro and dino (my doggie). He had been barking crazily by then. When i went outside to the landing of the stairs, there was a huge crowd and a policeman chasing two guys. Apparently they had stolen a bike from a neighboring appartment!! They barged into our building and and tried to jump over the fence to the next building

The policeman, poor dude, had no lathi or a gun with him. Still, he chased the duo to the very end our compound wall. One of the guys jumped over the fence and ran into the neighboring appartment. The other stayed back, God knows why, when he saw the policeman close on him. He took out his revolver, ( yup, i saw it!!! a real gun in a real shoot out!!!) and shot at the police guy. From the look of it, he was definetly a novice at shooting. Coz the gun tilted as soon as shot and went flying from his hand.

The unarmed police guy didn't dare chase him. Its totally understandable. Poor dude!! He was brave enough to have chased him this far. The other guy too jumped and within seconds he was gone too.

Now all that is left behind is a Gun, a bullet shell, lots of glass pieces and a bullet hole IN MY CAR!!!!

Yes there is a bullet hole IN MY CAR and the bullet was/ is lodged inside the backseat!!!!

>>>> such an adrenalin rush<<<<

my car window!!!!

Feb 15, 2008

The Water Bulb Formula

What you are going to read ahead.. well u see.. me and my friend ( my bestest of the bestest friend Buds) well we wrote this when we were in VI std. We were just learning all the chemical formulae and all other amazing scientific crap. We used to design state-of-the art stuff on our desk. Don't mind the spellings or some unkown words.. ( coz i haven't changed any!!) just hoping that some one discovers our great invention and maybe we get a Nobel or something.

here it goes.. its called The WATER BULB.

H2MC2 + atom bombization + fire extinguishization + soya sauce + bulb formization + H2O addization + H2SO4 mixization + NaCl dissoluization + CH4 pumpization + CaCO3 breakization + HNO3 purization + Tomato sauce + Caramel + Chocolate + C12H22O11 powderization + CO2 liberazation + sodium carbonization + NaOH addization + SO2 subtractization + N2O5 dividization + 2MgO multiplization + H2CO3 Square route findization + human protectization + elastic extention + paper tearization + tomato pullation + NaNO3 + NaCl mixization + H3PO4 evaporation + CH3COOH condensization + H2CO3 fussion + Heart beatization + D2 attractization + wood burnization + sandwich decompositation + NH3 coolization + Na2CO3 composition + Bitter gaurd sauce + cotton weavization + wire joinization + rail track gap leavization + (-)(-) repulsion + (-)(+) nutrelization + (+)(+) repulsion + dress stichization + potato sauce + sausages + pen writization + air raisization + grease application = WATER BULB FORMULA.

p.s. after reading this.. plz dont stop reading my blog. I'm more intelligent now..

Feb 11, 2008

Biharis:: Victims of Politics

I completely agree with Raj Thackeray. We must respect local culture. Immigrants cannot impose their culture over the local practices.

All the latest arguments have been directed towards 'Biharis'. Its very common to find people saying that they hate Biharis or that Biharis have ruined their city etc. But we have to think about it.They are not here out of their choice. they have been forced to move out of their state and seek refuge in other states. If they had good jobs and infrastructure in their home state, why would anyone want to settle down in anyother state??

Then again it all boils down to politics and corruption.

Ask any Bihari.. He would love to go back to his home town anyday. but without the fear of being kidnapped and married off etc.

As for the issue of respecting local culture, i guess its one of drawbacks of metropolitan culture. Cities like Bangalore, Pune, Mumbai etc cannot claim to be singular societies anymore.

however, being 'outsiders' we must not over do things in the name of culture. In Delhi, the ITO bridge which can be called as Delhi's Brooklyn bridge is blocked for 2-3 days during the chhath pooja. And as most of the labourers are from Bihar, they literally hold the city hostage.

Its like the story of the Camel and the Arab. It goes like this:
An Arab was going across the desert on his camel. At night, he setup his tent and went to bed. It got very cold and chilly at night and the camel couldn't sleep for he was sleeping outside. He woke up the Arab and pleaded and begged the Arab to allow him inside. As there was no space, the camel agreed to put only his head inside the tent. After sometime, the Camel asked the Arab if he could put only his right front leg. Then his left front leg. Then he didn't bother to ask and put his hind legs also inside. Thus within no time the Arab was out of the tent and the camel was sleeping cosily inside!!

We must not exploit others hospitality or consider it as their weakness.

Unfortunately, the weak are as usual the victims here. All this is again politically driven. The Biharis have been reduced to mere pawns in a political game. They will have to fight for their state rather than fight for their rights in other states.

We in general.. the public, disregard and disrespect Biharis. It's because we associate them with their home state Bihar. All the things its infamous for. They, the Biharis will have to realise that until their home state is made respectable, it will be hard for them to earn respect elsewhere.

Not that they are unwelcome, we think that they will bring anarchy (like the one prevalent in their state) with them and ruin ours as well.

There is no clear argument or solution to their problem. except that the biharis have to raise their voice against being exploited by their own people.

Feb 7, 2008

"I believe that as a species, human beings define their reality through misery and suffering."

"I'd like to share a revelation I've had during my time here. It came to me when I tried to classify your species. I realized that you're not actually mammals. Every mammal on this planet instinctively develops a natural equilibrium with their surrounding environment, but you humans do not. You move to another area, and you multiply, and you multiply, until every natural resource is consumed. The only way you can survive is to spread to another area. There is another organism on this planet that follows the same pattern. Do you know what it is? A virus. Human beings are a disease, a cancer of this planet. You are a plague, and we are the cure."- Agent Smith, The Matrix.

Why does it always take a monster or an alien or some android to teach us the value and importance of earth and nature? In the movie the The Abyss, the alien threatens humans with dire consequences if they don't stop all the wars and killings. These are just movie characters. But in real they have a very valid point.

Has anyone ever given a thought as to why we need to develop?? Develop what?? Develop whom?? At what cost??? What is the goal??? The goal can't be development. Development is a process to get somewhere. But I think we humans have forgotten about the end point 'The Goal' and we are concentrating more on the process of development.

The so called 'Developed countries' don't seem to have arrived at their destination. The 'Developing and Under-Developed countries' as the name suggest are getting some where.. but where??? Where is all this taking us??? It's a vicious circle. You have this, then you want that, then something else. Individually or nationally no one can be ever satisfied. We are depleting all our natural resources in the name of development.

The UN guided Bali summit on Climate Change have declared that we need to cut down our emission levels by 80% as per 1991 readings by 2045 to just barely save our planet. That is before it reaches the 'Tipping Point'. [Tipping Point is the temperature which once crossed will lead to uncontrollable meltdown of all ice caps all over the world. Ice has a tipping point after which the melt down is self sustained.]

The so called 'Developed Countries' are apprehensive about reducing emission levels because that means they will have to shutdown currently functioning industrial units. They are worried about economic consequences!!! The developing countries and under developed countries have their own dilemma!!


Nobody can deny that we have only one planet. If we ruin it we have no where else to go. Worse still, if there are really any aliens out there and they know what we have done with our planet, do you think that they will allow us in on their planet???? Seriously consider it.. Would you???

Suppose taking the Bali Summit report seriously all the countries do shutdown their industries and everything in the name of development is stopped. What do you think will happen???

With all this education and social advancement, technological advancement etc are we in anyway better than our forefathers who were supposedly technologically backward.

Bottom Line:: We, Humans are neck deep in shit. And its high time we set right our priorities and for once work for something that really matters.
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