Feb 28, 2008

Crushed by Exam

"M.N.Srinivas first used the term brahminisation instead of sanskritization" focusing on the line, again she read it out loud "M.N.Srinivas first used the term brahminisation..." the sentence seemed very familiar, like a song playing over and over again.

She settled into herself again. There was a book before her, a really huge one. Sociology or something it said on the cover.

Everything around her these days were of magnitudinous proportions- big exam, fat books, great expectations and a large calendar that was staring in her face all the time as it did now. Exactly 2 months for the big exam.. really?? She tried to see the date.. what date was it??? The huge calendar with the large fonts was all invisible to her. All she could see was his face. She tried to wiggle him out of her mind. She had to concentrate on her exam.. it could make or break her career.

"Do you think he likes me?"
He did say once that he liked her. But now she wasn't sure. He was always flirting with her.
"I like you very much" she said out loud... Only that he wasn't there.

She looked at her book again; she had not moved a sentence ahead since she sat down to study 2 hours ago.
"M.N.Srinivas first used the term brahminisation instead of sanskritization" said her book…

There she sat in the coffee shop beside him. She was too nervous to look him in the eye. Too excited to say anything or to answer his questions. It was there first meeting. Why hadn't they met earlier? They had known each other online forever. At least they met now... she was happy. He had got a job and was moving to another city thousand kilometres away. He was telling her something. She wanted the day to go on and on… for he was leaving the next day.

Live horoscope was coming on the TV opposite to her. It was her sun sign… She read the forecast with crossed fingers hoping for some blessings from cupid. she read as the words came on the screen..

"M.N.Srinivas first used the term brahminisation instead of sanskritization"

"I must be loosing my mind!!!"
Why did she think of him so much? She had met him only once and that too almost a year ago. They rarely spoke now. He never replied to her messages or called her. They did however manage to chat online a few times. But he was all she could think of... like that day... like everyday.

"It's either him or your career! What s it gonna be?" asked a voice from within. She had to take a decision.

Then suddenly everything was clear. The decision was made. Destiny was charted…
She closed her eyes and went back to him.

He offered to drop her home. She was only too glad to accept. He took the longest route to her house. They chatted and laughed. She had refused to hold him, so he occasionally caught her off guard and suddenly applied the brakes so that she crashed into him. He sang a song for her… out loud so that other passers by did a double take on hearing the song. He did all other silly things for which she liked him.

At the signal, when they had stopped, he turned around raised his visor to say something... their eyes met. His eyes were filled with hope and expectations. The kind of look she had been yearning for...

"M.N.Srinivas first used the term brahminisation instead of sanskritization"

What the!!!??? She was reading her book again… or maybe by now it was reading itself…

"Maybe I'm thinking too much"
"Maybe he too likes me… maybe…"
"He has to like me!! It can't be just me… !"

She did not want another regret in her bag. This time there was a choice, there was a chance, and there was optimism somewhere. She had to tell him. She didn't want to live her entire life wondering 'what might have been….' She had to take a chance. Let go of her ego or fear or whatever it was that was holding her back; she had to shed it, for her... for him...

Charged with renewed strength of optimism she picked up her cell and dialed his number.
"I am going to tell him this time for sure. No excuses!"

"Hey!!! hi... I wanted to tell you... something that I've been wanting to tell for quite sometime now. .... oh! God i dunno how to say this...
... Well, you know u've... I've... we've...
um mm
did you know that M.N.Srinivas first used the term brahminisation instead of sanskritization??"

-------------------------------- -----------------
"Happy endings are for unfinished stories!"


  1. Hey when i call her perhaps in future i dont want to say "You know failure is caused when themaximum srength app;lied crosses the yield strength of the material".... (me being a mechanical engineer)

    Tum toh janti ho na... :( pagal dimag hai...Hamesha aise hi hota hai !!!

  2. @ Rambler
    not exactly.. its stuck on one issue :)

    @ Zahid
    hmm.. who else should know better eh?? ;)
    p.s. it took me 2 mins to undrstnd ur commnt :P

  3. Left me asking for more! :)

    Have a nice weekend.

    P.S. Blogrolling you!

  4. hehe. wow!! it can happen to others as well eh? ive been thru this too...i mean trying to read and being stuck on a solitary line for hours or days together.

    seems uve fallen for mr poona very deeply [:P] i wish u be happy dear:)

  5. btw..my sis has started blogging as well. heres the link...


  6. @ Sameera
    thnx.. blogrollin u too :)

    @ CRD
    lol dude!!

    @ Solitaire
    hmm.. guess so :)

  7. this is one the best psot from you..
    had me gripping till the end!!

    and..i know..how this feeling is..
    i have know it all my life!!

    nice that you are evnturing into love now!!


  8. Tagged..check my blog for details!

  9. :) at the end of the story!

    But i know exactly wat that gurl must be going thru'!

  10. I hv heard of being crushed by a tree, but never by an Exam..lol cute one!


  11. you are just amazing...i can comment coz i don have words...simply fantastic all i can say...Peeyush

  12. @ Matty
    thnx buddy :)
    m nt venturing into 'love' its just one post. got inspired by Solitaire's blog :)

    @ Pavi

    will def do d SWOT tag

    @ Keshi
    yea!!! guess being crushed by a tree better thn ths one :P

    @ Peeyush

  13. nach balliye...

    did you copy that font from superman comic?

  14. I mean the title 'confusion confounded'

  15. superman?? lolz..
    naah.. just sum font d graphic generator thing offered :P

  16. i liked this story narration. pretty sweet and cute with great thread. i liked it. and thanks for your comment on the poem for my niece. yea it is simple one and surprise to it it got a prize so am happy....

  17. aww, so damn cute! is this true? as in, tis bout you? if yea, am curious ( :P), did you finally tell him?
    and whoaa, so many online relationships everywhere..wow. :)

    and jesus christ, the whole M.N srinivas sentence was a pain to read. ;) :P


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