Feb 22, 2008

Ganesha's Wedding

Ever seen an animal??? Lol :P I mean have you properly observed it?? Then have you ever wondered why all the animals walk with their head bent down. They always walk rubbing their noses to the ground. Well there is a very strong reason buried in Indian mythology for this unusual behavior of animals.

Ganesha wanted to get married. All the Gods objected to it. There was also the problem that no girl would agree to marry Ganesha. After all he is a little weird looking.. with the elephant head and he eats a ton of food.

But Ganesha still insisted on getting married. After a lot of searching the gods found a girl for him.

But his wedding was not meant to be. The Gods didn't want him to get married. It would lead to a lot of chaos in the God world and on earth. So they had to either convince Ganesha not to get married or to somehow stall his wedding. So, they roped in the great illusionist Narada muni. Obviously he was an expert in handling and pulling off such stunts. Well, he was also the only one who could dare to play such mischief with The Gods.

On the day of the wedding, Narada muni was the first to arrive. As is the custom he was shown the mangalsutra. (It's a south Indian custom to show the mangalsutra and ask people to bless it) When Narada muni was sure no one was looking, he quickly pocketed the mangalsutra. As the wedding ceremony proceeded and the mangalsutra was called for, then suddenly they realized that it was missing.

There was a frantic search for it, but it was nowhere to be found.

Shiva at once summoned all the animals and asked them to search for the missing mangalsutra. Without it the wedding wouldn't be solemnized.

Even after a lot of searching the mangalsutra was not found. Narada muni was gone with it. He did not intend to return it.. ever!!!!

Shiva was furious and he gave strict orders to the animals, not return until they had found it.

So, even to this day the poor animals are searching for the missing mangalsutra. Ganesha is still hopefull of getting married oneday . And the animals, they never raise their heads, lest they should miss a spot and overlook it.

P.S. My grandma told me this story. Any mythologist who doesn't believe in this story.. is welcome to file a suit… atleast the story will become famous even before it becomes a screenplay!!!


  1. hey did not know this one.. thanks for sharing :)

  2. yo.... feels great to be back :) bit busy, read ya blog later....

  3. hey knatchballiye :p

    damn, even am gonna join the search.. atleast I know where it is.. that mangalsutra will let me blackmail the Gods :p

  4. @ Rambler

    @ Ron
    Welcome back :)
    u knw whr the mangalsutra is??? hw cm?? better u tell d poor animals na. u cn blackmail the gods together :P

  5. Tinkle digest used to have lots of this...And when i lost touch of tinkle i lost touch of all stories such... I also remember reading a stroy of how crabs were flat...Andi laughed so much at it...read it about 100 times !!!

  6. wow! nice story. i love mythology.

    wonder why my rocky dares look up all the time though [:P]

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  8. hey .. any more stories ..?? pls pls pls put them up here? I had not heard/read this particular one .. chances are I might have missed more..!!

    nice one ..!!! ::thumsup::

  9. wow thats interesting to know!

    btw dun miss my Supermodel post:)


  10. nice one..
    really gud..

    and the compliments are for ur grandmother not u

  11. thanks for dropping by my page. On reading your about me - i was excited with " I wear cross ..... " reminded me of my child hood days. it was not gurudwara but masjith. I envy your flow of english it is too good i wish i am blessed with the flow of yours.

    One small opinion - but not an authentic information - this also can be a myth. In south india there is a myth that ganesh the divine had two wifed named sidhi and buddhi. they are daughters of Braham creator. there is also a myth story that he has two sons names kshem and labh. In south india specifically in tamil nadu there is a temple for lord ganesh with a woman in his lap. i am not able to recall the place. Once my friend from west bengal during an argument ( ofcourse with out giving attention to theory of machines class) said ganesh has a wife named kolabou which i was not agreeing. Latter upon checking with some old people and theologist they shared me this myth. But predominently we accept ganesh as bachelor and single. but there are some myth stories refering him to family man. so now why do animals keep their head down ?? ;)

    some can sue me for saying a myth which is against the popular myth.

  12. @ known stranger

    welcome to my blog.
    every place has its own myth. its lovely to know them. well.. i don't think it matters wether ganesha is married or not.. :P

  13. Really! What an interesting story.

  14. "ena kodumai ithu saravana "- tamil. a famous dialogue from the the the the the superrrrrrrrrrrrrrr starrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr rajinnnnnnnnnniiiiiiiiiiiiiiii khanttttttttttt..

    means - what a torture is this - something like that.. but used in a very funny jolly situation by locals.

  15. was an intresting read...does ur grandmom have any more mythological stories to share?


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