Feb 19, 2008

me a CSI.. wow!!!

i had a very interesting day today. Most exciting day ever!!!

As usual i was sitting at home studying. All of a sudden i heard all lot of hullabaloo outside. its not unusual, coz there is a huge unauthorised colony just opposite my appartment and all the hooligans of east delhi live there. Then i heard the most amazing sound. Something i've been dying to hear for a very long time- A Gun Shot!!!!! Yes!! a i heard a gunshot in real life. Not in the movies or in an Army Day parade.. and that too near my house!! I have been dreaming of seeing a shootout for ever. Every time i see CSI or anyother movie.. how i wish to be there, at the scene..

Instantly abandoning my books I rushed out with my bro and dino (my doggie). He had been barking crazily by then. When i went outside to the landing of the stairs, there was a huge crowd and a policeman chasing two guys. Apparently they had stolen a bike from a neighboring appartment!! They barged into our building and and tried to jump over the fence to the next building

The policeman, poor dude, had no lathi or a gun with him. Still, he chased the duo to the very end our compound wall. One of the guys jumped over the fence and ran into the neighboring appartment. The other stayed back, God knows why, when he saw the policeman close on him. He took out his revolver, ( yup, i saw it!!! a real gun in a real shoot out!!!) and shot at the police guy. From the look of it, he was definetly a novice at shooting. Coz the gun tilted as soon as shot and went flying from his hand.

The unarmed police guy didn't dare chase him. Its totally understandable. Poor dude!! He was brave enough to have chased him this far. The other guy too jumped and within seconds he was gone too.

Now all that is left behind is a Gun, a bullet shell, lots of glass pieces and a bullet hole IN MY CAR!!!!

Yes there is a bullet hole IN MY CAR and the bullet was/ is lodged inside the backseat!!!!

>>>> such an adrenalin rush<<<<

my car window!!!!


  1. oh this looks serious, I did not know Delhi was so unsafe

  2. wooow..thats some experience! Pls stay safetly!

    I saw the cop chase n shoot a guy at the metro station in Baltimore..n the train doors were shut to avoid more confusion..I was dying to go out n get a closer look at all the action!

  3. @ rambler...you need a reality check!

  4. hey!!! i thought i was gonna get to see ur bf's pics[:P] this must have been such a thrilling moment for you.

    so did u finally change the glass and get rid of the bullet, or did u keep it as it is to show it on ripley's beleive it or not? [:p]

    actually i'm thinking of sending an entry to ripley's if im able to speak to u some day [:P]

  5. @ Rambler
    its serious, but i enjoyed my CSI momment :P n yea delhi hs b'cm highly unsafe!!

    @ Pavi
    yea, one of a kind experience!!! its so intriguin cn undrstnd.. we're all attracted to gory scenes :P

    @ Unknown user

    @ CRD
    why will i put my bf's pics on my blog!!! newayz.. it ws indeed a very thrilling momment.
    the bullet ws taken away by d police guyz b they also broke my window.. i kept only glass pieces :P

  6. OMG!! this is horrible!! You are excited??????
    What are you going to do about the car?

  7. wow man...so cool...i wish i could have been in ur place....ofcourse if i were u, i would post the same photos, with a different story....three or four rougues chasing me with gun, middle of road, big crowd, matrix stunt by self, and blah blah......
    PS: hey, on a serious note. has the police taken any action regarding the same. i mean, any civilian could have got injured....why was the police so careless...why dont u post ur story on ibnlive citizen journalist, asking them for security for civilians in such mad rash polic chases!!!

  8. @ Solitaire
    lol yea its an exciting thing fr me. i've never been in a shootout befr!!! the car is insured so no prblmo :)

    @ New Philosopher
    lol.. well i'm not into fiction writing. u cn take d pics n write ur story :)
    as for writing to the media, this shoot out has been all over the news- newspapers n TV.

    p.s. Welcome to my blog :)

  9. OMG I'd be so shattered (no pun intended) if that happened to my car! wut a loser he is!

    u should be able to claim it from ur insurance right?


  10. no doubt it gave u an adrenalin rush.

  11. @ Keshi
    yea, i'll get to claim insurance.

    @ Setu

  12. from a legal point of view, the bullet lodged in ya car seat belongs to you... you heard a real gun shot, saw a real revolver and got a bullet to prove all that... so chill :p

  13. @ Ron
    the bullet doesn't belong to me!!! its fr d forensics ppl. its evidence.

  14. Ssnab....SSnab....SSNab....SSNAb.... SSNAB !!!! What is that??? Now now you din tell me you lived in a high sci fi area... And try and preserve the bullet na.... :D

  15. @ Zahid
    dude!! wht is a high sci fi area??? i live in a very calm and peaceful area. excpt the area opp to mine.. everything else is jus fine :P

  16. i had been told by a friend in delhi in vidhyavihar that he seen guys with guns in delhi. But said he never heard of shoot out. i saw the pictures first thought of accident that was a surprise to hear about the gun shot. hey did you get that bullet ?? by the way how did police handled the case - our great indian police did they make the life miserable ? tell me after shooting the car glass did the bullet stuck in seat ? or did it make hole beyond the seat. you should hang the bullet with a thread in your rever mirror - classic it will. live bullet.

  17. @ known stranger
    guns or shootouts r very rare in delhi. n sadly i dnt get to keep the bullet. its evidence.. so its in court.
    n the police dnt make our life miserable.. infact they dnt do anything which is more annoying..
    the bullet almost came out from the other side of the seat.. but it was stck thr only.. thnk god..
    else d police wud hv ripped out 2 seats!!!

  18. High sci fi is kin of science fiction area which means things really do happen !!!

  19. Glad no one was injured.Kudos to your spirit gal to actually have enjoyed all this :)

    P.S. Must say I admire the shattered glass design! ;)

  20. OMG...whoaa!!! whoaa!! :O :O

    Happening life eh? ;)


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