Feb 15, 2008

The Water Bulb Formula

What you are going to read ahead.. well u see.. me and my friend ( my bestest of the bestest friend Buds) well we wrote this when we were in VI std. We were just learning all the chemical formulae and all other amazing scientific crap. We used to design state-of-the art stuff on our desk. Don't mind the spellings or some unkown words.. ( coz i haven't changed any!!) just hoping that some one discovers our great invention and maybe we get a Nobel or something.

here it goes.. its called The WATER BULB.

H2MC2 + atom bombization + fire extinguishization + soya sauce + bulb formization + H2O addization + H2SO4 mixization + NaCl dissoluization + CH4 pumpization + CaCO3 breakization + HNO3 purization + Tomato sauce + Caramel + Chocolate + C12H22O11 powderization + CO2 liberazation + sodium carbonization + NaOH addization + SO2 subtractization + N2O5 dividization + 2MgO multiplization + H2CO3 Square route findization + human protectization + elastic extention + paper tearization + tomato pullation + NaNO3 + NaCl mixization + H3PO4 evaporation + CH3COOH condensization + H2CO3 fussion + Heart beatization + D2 attractization + wood burnization + sandwich decompositation + NH3 coolization + Na2CO3 composition + Bitter gaurd sauce + cotton weavization + wire joinization + rail track gap leavization + (-)(-) repulsion + (-)(+) nutrelization + (+)(+) repulsion + dress stichization + potato sauce + sausages + pen writization + air raisization + grease application = WATER BULB FORMULA.

p.s. after reading this.. plz dont stop reading my blog. I'm more intelligent now..


  1. The best things i liked in the equation.. tomato pullation and dress stichization :DD hehhe funny

  2. have you patented it yet?!!
    go for it i say, you never know :)

    Thanks fir the visit on my blog, please keep checking back , we keep lowering our standards :)


  3. @ Rambler
    :P dunno whr we got those words from!!! or even the idea..

    @ Nothingman
    yea.. will def patent it. as i've said.. also hoping for a Nobel or an Egg Nobel will also work just fine..

  4. The formula shows that you were very intelligent at 6th std itself.....I don't know whether all these were taught in your school then.......terminologies speak about the intelligence and age at which it was written.

    Nice post.

  5. hmmmmm...I can only say, after a long time managed to revisit those never ending chemistry formulas...have a nice weekend!

  6. Its too bad this formula wasn't around in the 1960s....forget the Water Bulb, India would probably conducted around a million nuclear bomb tests using this potent formula just once...and as for the Nobel Prize, I think you and your friend are certainly in line for one...this first Nobel to be handed out to ask budding scientists (Read: You & ya Friend) to STOP experimenting!

    There is no question though that you gusy had some serious brains back then (whatever happened to playing with dolls and bitching about guys?)....May Your Tribe Increase!

  7. @ Indian Farmer
    we were very intelligent indeed :P

    @ Kalyan

    @ Pankaj
    lolz.. dude the formula ain't that bad!!! u don't play with dolls in 6th std.!!!!

  8. after reading that, i feel an urgent need to rush towards the regrigerator and grab a bottle of concentrated H2O. [:o]

  9. pen writization! hehehe

    this should be patented and defintiely tried out!

  10. captivating blog...i agree that u r intelligent nw..!! :)

  11. @ CRD
    thts a lil unusual reaction.. btw.. whts concentrated H2O???

    @ Roflin
    yea.. all the popular demand. i think we shud give it a shot.

    @ Abymittal
    thnx a lot fr d second complmnt :P

  12. Interestinghtr post

  13. did you try it? it might just work.

  14. Hic !!!

    Water bulb !!! I love it,,,,Remember myself doing a lot of such crap when young....Proof of which i will have to search in the deep darkness of my lil cupboard !!! !!!

  15. @ samurr, busy writer
    lolz.. thnx :)

    @ Solitaire
    m yet to try it. was never so confident about its sucess.. :P

    @ zahid
    hope this post also helps u in ur group discussions.. :D

  16. Grr....Tussi ab mera mazaak uda riya !!! Sob Sob !!!

  17. i cant belive u still hv the original sheet of the formula!! if u guys get a nobel prize u better thank me too!! i was there when u guys wrote it!!!!!! lol! my grandkids & yours r gona hear abt your craziness!!

  18. @ zahid
    nahi yaar.. no mazak. i ws jus thinkin maybe my formula is really great.. :P

  19. you were around 10 years i guess when you invented the formula of bulb formation. do you know what interested me on reading this - even if you hadnt said it was written by gals - it very well gives hints that it is the brains of gals that evolved to find the formula for making water bulb . impressed especially the chocolate, caramel tomato sauce - gues you gals loved these more ha ha aha ha... some chemical formula seems new to me but it is interesting to read such . do make such post often

  20. omg, i remember this post!!! i've been here before!!! yuh-ikes, and i was thinking all the while that im here for the first time..sigh. memory.

    and hehe, seems like am on a some sorta commenting spree na? lol. am in this major readin mood right now..and your blog is darn nice! :)


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