Mar 9, 2008

SWOT analysis

Pavi has tagged everyone to do the SWOT analysis. I had done it in college for case studies but now its for me!! I was suppose to write 4 but some places it may exceed.. gotta lot to tell.. Here goes..

1. Very talented. :P I have lot of ideas in my head about things I want to do. It could be anything from writing, sketching, craft or knitting, designing... anything!!
2. I'm not an introvert or a loner but I love solitude. I love to be alone. I think of it as a strength considering how people usually get paranoid of being lonely. I enjoy my own company very much.
3. Very commanding. People just seem to listen to me and do whatever I tell them. Even my parents and relatives do so!!! Best part is that they don't seem to mind a bit :)
4. I have a very strong intuition. I rely on it completely for taking decisions and especially judging people. I have seldom been wrong and yeah.. I'm very proud of it.

1. I love food. Especially french fries!!!! I am perennially on diet and go for my morning jog everyday, hoping to loose a few hundred kilos… but my weight never fluctuates!!!
2. I get very emotionally attached to people. My friends are my biggest weakness!! It's very difficult for me to let go of people.

3. I end up trusting people blindly. Not that I've had had any bad experiences (you see I've a strong intuition :D)
4. It's very hard for me to stay focused on one thing. Nothing can hold my interest for long.
5. I like to debate and discuss on current affairs. Blame it on my exam!! Sometimes when I have a strong view on a certain issue I end up arguing and try to force my view on others. Also being stubborn I don't allow others to explain their's.

1. I put to test most of my creative ideas for my organization.
2. I had to quit law school for some reason.. that gave me a year's time to prepare for my civil services exam. Maybe if I had continued in law school I wouldn't have been able to study for it.

3. Again, through my organization I have not lost touch with the legal field in which I intend to work at some point of time in my career.
4. Civil services is a wonderful opportunity for me to go to Antarctica.
5. How can I forget blogger. Its one of the very few things that I'm sticking on to even after such a long time.

1. I have so many ideas going on in my head all the time that I usually end up ignoring most of them and in turn lose out/ forget some really good ones.
2. Since nothing holds my interest for long. I very seldom finish what I start. That's a very big hazard for me.
3. Most of the times I've to choose from amongst my interest/talents and therefore have to ignore others. This way I have let go of singing which I very badly regret!!
4. ooh!! I'm also under constant threat of blowing up one fine day if I should ever stop my morning jog!!

I hereby tag everyone to do this tag.
farak khudi dekhiye.. varna 7 days me paise wapas!!

Mar 7, 2008

I just wish the world would stop for just 1 year. Is it too much to ask?? The noose is getting tighter!! Barely two months more for my exam!!! Aaarrgghh and I'm still lagging behind in current affairs.

I've done 10 years question banks of GS, Sociology + more MCQs from here and there. They couldn't possibly ask weirder questions from outer space!!!

But current affairs.. how current is current affairs?? I mean from exam point of view?? 1 month old news is also not good enough!!!

Just when I start feeling that I'm upto date on some satisfactory level.. some knew shit happens somewhere and I've gotta start learning Why?? What?? Where?? When?? Which?? How?? Past.. Present and future of it!!!!

Have you ever seen the news channels go blank?? There is something happening all the time. Why can't people just take a break??

Somebody has to invent something and then get an award for it. Somebody's gotta make a plan… or get killed or get elected or get thrown outta power… and I've gotta learn all the Ramayana and Mahabharata about it!!!

Dad: What is the target for power generation in the XIth plan period??
Me: dunno

Dad: how much percentage of the GDP is earmarked for defense??
Me: ummm..

Dad: How is the NREG scheme funded?
Me: umm.. I kno this one. Umm.. mm..

Dad: How many people received the Basava awards…
Me: whats that???

Dad: You know Praful Patel's daughter got married in Jodhpur last month?
Me: (thinking "finally something I know :D")
Dad: Do you know from where the funds were diverted? Do you know that a international airport was built in 3 months? Do you know that it was given airport authority sanction………………………………………………………………
………………………. ……… ……………… ………….

Bottomline:: I want the world to pause for just one year. Only 365 days.. not a day more.
Wish I had one of those universal remote thingy to pause whatever and whenever I wanted or Dexter's time stopper..(coverts 1 minute into 60 minutes!!!!) in its 4.6B years of history.. I don't think it should matter much.. just 1 year until I catch up with all the current affairs and finish off with the exam!!!!

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