Mar 7, 2008

I just wish the world would stop for just 1 year. Is it too much to ask?? The noose is getting tighter!! Barely two months more for my exam!!! Aaarrgghh and I'm still lagging behind in current affairs.

I've done 10 years question banks of GS, Sociology + more MCQs from here and there. They couldn't possibly ask weirder questions from outer space!!!

But current affairs.. how current is current affairs?? I mean from exam point of view?? 1 month old news is also not good enough!!!

Just when I start feeling that I'm upto date on some satisfactory level.. some knew shit happens somewhere and I've gotta start learning Why?? What?? Where?? When?? Which?? How?? Past.. Present and future of it!!!!

Have you ever seen the news channels go blank?? There is something happening all the time. Why can't people just take a break??

Somebody has to invent something and then get an award for it. Somebody's gotta make a plan… or get killed or get elected or get thrown outta power… and I've gotta learn all the Ramayana and Mahabharata about it!!!

Dad: What is the target for power generation in the XIth plan period??
Me: dunno

Dad: how much percentage of the GDP is earmarked for defense??
Me: ummm..

Dad: How is the NREG scheme funded?
Me: umm.. I kno this one. Umm.. mm..

Dad: How many people received the Basava awards…
Me: whats that???

Dad: You know Praful Patel's daughter got married in Jodhpur last month?
Me: (thinking "finally something I know :D")
Dad: Do you know from where the funds were diverted? Do you know that a international airport was built in 3 months? Do you know that it was given airport authority sanction………………………………………………………………
………………………. ……… ……………… ………….

Bottomline:: I want the world to pause for just one year. Only 365 days.. not a day more.
Wish I had one of those universal remote thingy to pause whatever and whenever I wanted or Dexter's time stopper..(coverts 1 minute into 60 minutes!!!!) in its 4.6B years of history.. I don't think it should matter much.. just 1 year until I catch up with all the current affairs and finish off with the exam!!!!


  1. first comment aain..Yippee...

    Err..Knatchbulley..Ye naam bhi kisi korean born nigerian grown ethiopian president ke doosri patni ka teesra beta ka naam hoga.. Knowing the GK you have...

    Aur baat rahi to that time converter of 1 min into 60 mins..I dont have that ...But i have something that can divide a minute in 60 seconds...Go visit

    Aur please ye kuch bhi karke ek saal ko rokna mat. mere placement ka time hai yaar !!!

  2. take it cooly girl.. dont worry so much..

    btw love the idea about dexter's time stopper :)

  3. I hate current affairs ! i'm not sure i hae the rite to say keep reading, keep urself updated.

    But stay motivated k.!

    n hey i dint tag u kya? i cant remb. Pls do the swot tag when time permits!

  4. @ Zahid
    err..hw did u knw d genealogy of my name?? shh.. its top secret!!

    @ Rambler
    yeah.. thnx to dexter!! now gotta find sum1 to invent it!!

    @ Pavi
    no choice there.. gotta stay updated!! n yea u've tagged me.. will do it soon.. :)

  5. haha...nice idea..alas its impossible

    if u watch india tv and star news, current affairs would mean which actor is CURRENTly having an AFFAIR with which actress[:p]

  6. He he!That was cute!

    Good luck for the exams gal.Am sure you will crack them :)

  7. lol, lmao! epitome of cuteness, this is! hehe!!

  8. Woooooooohhhh!
    You must be almost killing urself...

    but ..
    i have something to contradict u..
    I want the time to run faster..
    I want to fastforward my life..

    all the best..
    Dont worry..
    u will make it..

  9. Hi..
    Watch the movie 'CLICK'...
    Atleast you can see that happen....
    only if u have time....!!!

    and whats that 'snatch pulley huge scene' thing...please explain....


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