Apr 1, 2008

April Fool

Peep Fool! What do you wish to see?
Being the first of April
I play the fool with thee
In this first image i see
Fool is an image of non but thee.

Mountains of gold and hills of grass
The receiver of this is a shameless ass.

The fish in the pond and the dog in the pool
The reader of this is a downright fool.

The roses are red and violets are blue
Devils are fools and so are you.

Garden of Eden was meant for two
Fools read such things only fools like you.

Make up your hair and bear it in mind
That another fool like you is difficult to find.

Oh!! Monkey of a fool
April's day is just meant for you.
And if this joke for harm you take...
Excuse me darlings for April's sake :)

I've had this poem since school days. Every year I post it in different places. i just love it :P hope u did too..


However, keeping aside fun for sometime, all of us should campaign against China's doings in Tibet. We must not support the Olympic Games. The torch is coming to Delhi. Rajpath is buzzing with security and they are trying to prevent any kind of protests. Imagine barbed wires have been put up to block public from coming onto the streets!!!

The Olympics symbol is for unity. The games is meant to promote unity and sportsmanship among nations.

Our govt seems to be scared of taking a stand on any foreign issue- Iraq, Nepal, Bhutan, LTTE etc.. never ending list of blunders n cowardice!!!

We have to raise our voices for one of the few peace loving people left in the world.


  1. hehe.. i enjoyed your poem.

    And yes, we should all protest.

  2. i feel like adding to ur list of fool's day poems, but nevermind [:p]

    not just india, but the rest of the world should stand uip agst china...

  3. and oh btw/...ur choice of pic is too good re..or is it the experts?[:p]

  4. "
    Garden of Eden was meant for two
    Fools read such things only fools like you."

    hehhe this was funny...

  5. hahah..rgdg the poem..u kept calling the reader a fool..n i cldn't stop reding it.haha

    aur haan..i hv to read up the news on wat china is doing n stuff..Its hubby's duty to keep me updated on the latest news 'coz im bad gurl n don't read by myself. So cant comment on that.

    BTW?Howz studies cmg along? Can't wait for ur xams to get over :)

  6. @ Setu
    Welcome back :)

    @ CRD
    Wht list???
    and no its not 'the experts' there r no experts!! jus 1 guy and why wud i involve him in my blog??

    @ Rambler
    hmm.. my fav line :P

    @ Pavi
    yeah can't wait fr my exam to get over. i've been waiting fr it for over a year now!!

  7. the way India dels with the tibet issue - saying Tibet is a part of China, and asking dali lama to refrain from doing anything politicla about the Tibetan issue - I personally find it very objectionable.
    A country like India can now really put weight on one side of the arguments, and it is really pathetic to see thet the politicans stant without the guts to take a firm decision againist the atrocity and stand against it.
    I feel proud of Baichung Bootia for not running the olympic torch, and feel sthat PT Ushas comment - keep sports and politics seprate - is an immatur eone - a comment amde without really understanding the problem and whay and what lead baichung bootia ot take that decision...

  8. phew! been meaning to come here since quite a while..finally here. nice template..i had this before! :D

    and lol @ the poem. way too cute..lol, it said "ur a fool" so many times..that by the end of that, i was 'confused'. :P

    hmm, olympic games..the hot news now. honestly, i havent read up on it...so i dont really know much. but indian govt bein cowardly? hmm..will sure read up on it asap.

  9. Mountains of gold and hills of grass
    The receiver of this is a shameless ass.
    O.K. this was really hilarious. LMAO.
    It's really gr8 that you are "spreading the word" abt what's happening in Tibet. I guess sometimes it's so easy for us to get wraped up in our own selfish lives that this is just another piece of "news of what the world is coming to".
    Appreciate u dropping by at my blog. I'm relatively new in the blogging world :)

  10. SECURITY CENTER: See Please Here

  11. @ Xh
    Welcome :)

    @ Busy Writer
    Thnx :)

    @ Sangeeta
    Welcome :) and thnx.

  12. politics is meant 2 be dirty.....
    but never mind.... njoi being d "foool" :)

  13. yes..
    we should support for the cause..

    nice post

  14. But then there exists a wise man
    The one who is commenting upon !!!

    Ahem...Seems you were busy festivalising your blog for april fool for holi...Ah..

    And once again salute for all the things you'd collected for the preparation....I can see the counter ticking backwards...All the best !!!

  15. @ Cold & silent
    yea.. we r d fools.

    @ Matty

    @ Zahid
    hmm.. thnx a lott :)

  16. :)
    so nonboy has ever called me a "fool" so many times over again ....

    as for the torch thingy
    they can do anything but the protestors will get to the torch...

    i feel china isnt exactly the best place to hold the games given their human violations
    but even india ... they must take a stand
    even USA is acting so double faces in this entire thing ...

    anyways the last time i can here there were 38 days, now there are 35... and it is as if the dancing spiderman is asking me to get up from the front of the computer and go and study .....

    but whatever .. best of luck for preps .....

  17. The poem was cute!On the other hand,the Olympics issue is something to frown about.Let's all join hands and yell PEACE!

    Have a nice weekend :)

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