Apr 23, 2008

Celebrating Civils

Its official.. my admit card is here!!!!

here are some pix celebratin civils.. before the exam!!!

my table!! I like it this way.. make me feel like i'm studyin!!

My countdown calendar

My notes!!! only i can read'em!! :P

View from my table.. not as lovely as the breeze that comes in..

My bed at 3 a.m.

My wall with all my models!! i know!! coz m gonna be designin clothes in my spare time as ambasador to Antartica

Half syllabus of prelims on my window.. other half is a mess so can't put that here

Half syllabus of mains on my door.. too far yet..

** my wall is occupied by lovely designers can't put things like my syllabus there, now can I??**

So, i'm just 13 exams, 1 interview, 1000 sleepless days/nights and 25-30 Kgs of study material away from being an IFS Officer..



  1. dreams r not what you see in sleep, but what keeps you sleepless.. good one, man.. all the best for the sleepless nights, kilos of study materials and the exams... go full steam...

  2. Good....keep working and achieve your dream. "leave a mark before you leave this world" (from some author....i don't remember.

    I appreciate the efforts that are being made for joining public sector and work for the nation (in contrary to contemporary notion of working in private and...).

    Country needs people like you...

    ALL THE BEST......

  3. hey I liked your notes slip..would be fun to read them more closely..did get most of it though :)

  4. wow...tht was amazing. now i know y ur not in tuch

    ur really workin hard re [:O] i think ive done nothing for my exams [:O]

  5. @ xh
    thnx :)

    @ Indian Farmer
    thnx so much. liked that quote!

    @ Rambler
    u read my notes?? its sumtimes hard fr me to decipher it!!

    @ CRD
    m glad atleast u think m making sum efforts. my dad thinks i waste my time!!! :(

  6. WOWIEEE.....all the best with ur Xmans dude and I love the view actually...the one frm ut table...may not be the best one bt i like it...and "dreams r not what you see in sleep, but what keeps you sleepless" Super....

    Keep it up


  7. @tina...I guess she is a woman :P

    @ post...Yea I know what it takes to crack civil entrances...I just hope that you prepare well and Luck is on your side right at the time when it matters the most


  8. hey knatch! Woooow..u've been studyin soooooooooo much!
    Good luck Gurl...n i'd probbably say that 10 more times :) U'll surely be in my prayers for the next mth or so. I feel u deserve it!

    That sayin on Dreamz was v.interesting :)
    n mabbe u could have put up a pic of ur admit card???

  9. Had I put atleast 1% effort during my exams,must have topped my college...

    Now will be proud to say my friend's going to top the list...

    All the best..!!!

  10. @ Tina
    welcome here and thnx :)

    @ Comfortably numb
    dude is fine.. ;)
    n yea luck is very imp n i hope i hv lots of it n Welcome here :)

    @ Pavi
    Thnx yaar, i thot of puttin my admit card pix here but its got a weird pic of mine n all.. so.. :P

    @ Frisbee
    Welcome back.. where have u been?? had stopped bloggin???
    yea tht wud b really nice if i cud top.. n thnx fr d wishes :)

  11. wow i mean you are one optimistic soul ... great work though ...
    my table is just the same
    cluttered with all the books that i have .. and i dont even study ..
    the notes are well kinda hard to decipher ..
    pretty view ...
    oh i love the wall model collage thingy .. i have one too .... lol ...
    thats well a lot of syllabus ...
    but you can get thru all of this ..
    you rock !!!!

    lots and lots of best wishes for preparing for the exams ....

  12. whoopsie, keep that optimism up! :) btw, lurrvly study-table pic..made me feel so normal. ;) :P

  13. @ Bluebutterfly
    thnx a tonne :)

    @ Busy writer
    ah!! made u feel normal.. :P

  14. knatch !! Knatch !!! Knatch !!!

    Remember my long longer longest term goal for you and everybody.... You are almost there.... Do well !!! You actually inspire me to think back on my career when sometimes i feel planning for the futue is a big myth live life as it goes !!!

  15. nachballiye :)

    Be an IFS officer, marry me and we can settle down in Florida 0:)

  16. @ Zahid
    hmm.. i've been forced into all this planning :P btw m very good at planning, its d execution tht's a lil elusive :D

    @ Ron
    settle in florida?? wudn't antartica be more nicer??

  17. Whew girl!You sure are hardworking!Keep up the spirit :)

    All the very best.Cheers!

  18. wow..what optimism..good luck!

  19. Hope all is goin well with preps for the grand exam... Dropped in to Wish u Luck!

    n wtg for ur cme back post :)

  20. hey best of luck for the exam .. i had thought of coming by yesterday but the stupid computer refuse to work ..
    do well ...
    tons of best wishes !!!!

  21. How were exams? I'm sure all the hard work will pay off!

    Now when r u comng back to bloggin??

  22. i never knew that its going to be so easy!!!hehehe...best of luk!!! keep up the hard work

  23. hey..i think i have seen these buildings somewhere....by any chance is it there in vasundra enclave,delhi!!!...don't know but its haunting me so very much!!!

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    good wishes!

  25. When u gonna resume writin dear? or just njoyin urself after all the stressful studies? Atleast let us know how ur xams were?

  26. @ everybody

    thnx a lotttttt all u guyz :) it ws really nice to see so many wishes..

  27. i read the interview / chat interview of ambassdor of india to oman and his wife who is also IFS officer and ambassidor in one of the GCC countries. I never aspired for IAS or IFS but while reading their interview felt why i havent attempted or aspired. To the surprise they didnt encourage their sons to do. they are in IT profession and other guy doing his studies in australia.

  28. best of luck n thanks for visiting thru my blog... :) tk care


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