Jun 13, 2008

m bak..

Soooo.. here I am, this is me.. therez no where else i'd rather be.. more so after I so horribly blew my civil's prelim exam. I can't go anywhere in public where anybody might know me and also know that I've given the exam. People don't remember simple things like my doggie's name or what i'm studyin etc but they do remember that i gave civils and they'll never lose a chance to ask "to kaisa raha exam? aah.. tumhara to achchaa hi hua hoga".  Well.. i dunno.. i see the sarcasm dripping everywhere!! AAARRRGGHH!!!
I've got another chance at law and i'm taking it. Law faculty here i come. entrance exam is on 15 june. hope i don't bungle up this one.
well.. after the exam i've been left with sum side effects..
for one i think that i'm kinda pregnant. that's the only rational explanation for my unusual chocolate cravings. its all my fault i agree. but i didn't expect the addiction to linger on for so long. Well.. i used to drink gallons of hot chocolate at odd hours while studying. Now i'm simply hallucinating about rum chocolates and bitter ones, almond ones.. aaarrrgghh.. m hallucinating even while writing about them!!! I had for so long dreamt of eating a couple of DBCs but now i'm still stuck in Delhi while my mom is enjoying all the DBCs in b'lore!!! :( koi gal ni.. atleast it's kinda helpin me lose some of my exam weight :D
also all my known hobbies seem to have vapourised. i have no idea how to spend my break time. i used to go online and chat away. but now i don't even do that!!! i don't even read novels anymore- u know the normal fat paperbacks!!! I read EPW instead and Enid Blyton's Chimney corner stories!!! I dunt have any problem reading Enid Blyton.. its reading EPW that bothers me.
and the worst of all.. i speak statistics and figures. in normal life if anybody spoke to me the way i do now, my reaction would be a simple "go get a life!!" its like as if i've memorised an entire encyclopedia and put on a freak show.. spitting out figures and statistics!!! It has become sort of an obsession now. i've gotta know how much the govt spent on what? how many people shop in malls and regular grocery stores? how many people travel by metro, dtc bus, blueline bus and autos on a daily basis........................... bla bla bla..
okk.. whteva.. m bak.. yipeee :|


  1. wow.. welcome back... chocloate cravings... do u know wht is latets in my list? the thick bars made by nilgiris... man, i seriusly need to go to some place whr they dont serve all these.. or i will be a balloon figure soon...

    bestos for teh law exams...

  2. Welcome back!

    Good luck with the law entrance :)

    I could read Enid Blyton any day given a choice between all the "grown-up" books and those :P

  3. hey welcome back..
    was wondering what happened to you :)

  4. hey, welcome back :)

    Civil was bad for everyone this time, so don't lose heart.

  5. oh dnt loose hope.....gud luck fr ur law entrance!

  6. HEYYYY! WELCOME BACK NIDS!! I was itching to comment on ur blog! [:d]

    Do well at ur law entrance exams. tommorow, right?

    All the best dear. :)

  7. that was a nice post i read . I am in blog world after a hibernation and your post gave me a smile. choclate addiction is as bad as smoking. beware

  8. @ xh
    nilgiri's is like heaven!!!

    @ Sameera
    yeah.. i love Enid Blyton.

    @ Rambler
    :).. m bk now

    @ :)
    welcome here.
    yeah i know, but i've seen the kinda ppl who gt thru.. n i dnt thnk m anywhr near tht league!!

    @ Vasu
    welcome here..
    :) thnx

    @ CRD
    achchaa??? well now m gonna b more regular.. so u comment :) atleast thts wht m planning..

    @ Known Stranger
    i know!! i thnk there shud b sum rehab prgrmms fr choc addictions too..

    @ All
    thnx fr all d wishes.. the exam was great!! there's no doubt of me gettn thru.. hopefully :)

  9. Welcome back girlie...

    M so sorry if i kept asking u how ur civil xams were...

    n hope the xams on june 15th went all fine. I will do my best to not ask how they were ;)

    n yessssssssssss...i'm gonna have DBC soooooooon!

  10. hey Nablus .... Now you know who i am :) keep that as a top secret...

  11. @ :)
    how many blogs dya hv?? WHY???

  12. yes there is - after getting fat and gaining three tyres in abdomen

  13. @ Pavi
    naah.. i dun mind d Q frm frnds.. its d neighbor aunties whom i dislike.. they really dnt have good intentions for anybody. u knw the gossip variety!! ughh..

  14. yey !!!!
    you are back ...
    hope the law exam went awesome !
    lost hobbies and chocolates are like teh severe side effects of the exams ... dont worry .. give yourself some time to return back to the non exam world ....
    oh i can so totally relate to the last paragraph ..
    studying for my entrances .. i know enough gk to last me a lifetime ...

  15. hey welcome back...
    and good luck for law results!

  16. @ Bluebutterfly
    :) yeah.. only those reeling under the aftershocks of entrnc exams n such understand.. hmm..

    @ Sach
    aloha :)
    welcome here.

  17. look!! rats!! OMG!!!! it's a rat race!!!

    chill.do something different.

    keep posting :)


  18. Thats normal after the 'mains'Atleast for some days nobody will like to read the Hindu...
    wishes for your interviews...
    me too blog
    do visit.

  19. :)..

    good luck 4 the entrance exam..

    u ve a good blog out here!

  20. @ nothingman
    yea.. will do :)

    @ aqua gurl
    welcome here :)

    @ man in painting
    i gotta clear the prelims first.. thn mains n thn interview..!! phew!! thnx anywayz :) Welcome here..

    @ matangi mawley
    welcome here :) thnx

  21. Gosh !! Reading such posts makes me think what an jackass i am.

    Three cheers to ur own Knatchbulley Encyclopedia !!!


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