Jul 2, 2008

BC to AD

i have a question.. i dont know why i thought about it. No one has yet given me a proper answer. There must be one... also.. i dont know if its a lame question but it has been bothering me for sometime now. So I thought of asking you guys.

All of us know that there was BC (Before Christ) before AD (Anno Domini) right? and that BC years are counted backwards until it ended with 1 and then AD started.

Well, my question is :: Did the years actually go backwards.. boleto.. did the people living in those times count their years backwards??? or is it that we now, in AD have made the BC years backwards, but the people back then must have counted their years normally 2,3,4..



  1. achha question....
    hmm how can one answer this one :p
    but people must have counted their ages normally as we do naaa..

    and i guess we can consider this as a number scale with origin at centre and right side we have ad and left we have bc,.....btw nice put

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  2. well in the olden days they dint have concepts of years. they counted seasons.

    BC and AD are modern concepts to measure years.

  3. hey criss btw how u know

    u seem to be a clever person :p

  4. they must hv used something diff coz the concept of counting was introduced later...
    but yeah, interesting question... :)

  5. AD is actually a mirror reflection of BC... There is a cave paining in Tibet mentioning a confused girl who lived in BC 2008, heard about it? :p

  6. I will give you a tougher question...Christ was born in 0 BC(wtf??) and died somewhere in 34 AD.A lot of people interpret AD as after death...but then how can he die in 34 "AFTER DEATH"???

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  7. @ Solitary Writer
    Welcome here..
    yea.. they must've countd thr age nrmally.. they go frm 100 to 0 cn they!! :P

    @ CRD
    dude!! ur really clever yaar!!

    @ XH
    hmm.. still lookin fr tan explanation..

    @ Scribblers Inc
    Welcome here..
    i think Christ was born in 4 B.C!!
    hmm.. another interestn question.

  8. *scratching head*

    no comments on this at least!

    btw..blogrolled u 2 :)

  9. we,ppl think of bc neing counted backwars...what if the people living in that era thought of ad being counted backwards..watevr i am too confused

  10. hey how u doing ? long time indeed !!

  11. @ Sach
    ;) think.. think..

    @ ToT
    hey!! looooooong time..

    @ Ashu
    hey :)
    yea.. long time.. have bn royally busy!! so nice u came by :) :)

  12. Passing by... would like to say DUH!!

    I see that the average IQ on this blog is not too high... And i'm sorry for my bluntness...

    Let me put you all right...

    The BC AD system of counting is part of the Christian Calendar... This calendar is a solar calendar and is called the Gregorian calendar. It has been changed and adjusted many times... Sometimes by emperors and sometimes by popes...

    People have always counted normally and there have been many other calendars throughout the ages. There are two Hindu calendars in existence today- The Vikram Samvat and the Saka Samvat... These calendars are where we get tithis from... Both of these are Lunar calendars.

    There's also a chinese calendar... also a lunar calendar...

    I hope this information has been of help to you all... Also, you should practice thinking once in a while... it's a good habit...

    P.S: Lunar calendars measure time by observing the moon's orbit... Solar calendars use the time it takes for the earth to go around the sun...

  13. ^^^^^that is highly intellectual

  14. holy shit! someone mentioned Thinking! some people!

    AD or BC, who cares, all you have is This moment. Enjoy or it will slip away. Woosh, see? GONE!



  15. @ Adi
    Thnx for all tht gyan.. m sure my IQ has doubled now..

    @ Tot

    @ Nothingman
    ryt.. who cares!!!

  16. thanks!

    and i guess that the people back then were too dumb to know how to count.
    hop that answers your question.

  17. You guys! You guys!!!
    get a hold of yourself!!

    The only right person to answer this is Calvin's dad!

  18. Baap Re..itna complicated Q ...had too much time in ur hands kya?? :P

  19. I dont know....It's all man made. Great mathematicians all existed only in the A.D and i believe numbers were coined in the A.D too. There is no clue that tells us that they even counted !!!


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