Jul 17, 2008

child abuse

There are no seven wonders of the world in the eyes of a child.- Walt Streightiff

Children are the future of the society. Playing a key role in driving the market economy. Top brands want to woo them. The govt wants to woo them; they are their pseudo vote bank. Parents nurture them as the torch bearers of the family name.. well.. That's you and me.

Kids: they dance before they learn there is anything that isn't music.

There's another section who haven't been placed on a pedestal. Who are dehumanized everyday across the globe. Child Abuse is one of the sickest things anybody can perpetrate. It leaves behind grave injury- injury to the physical body, to the psyche, to the soul… what else is left??

The term 'Child Abuse' includes several activities-
1. Physical Abuse- beating, burning, whipping, making them to work as laborers in inhuman conditions etc.
2. Emotional Abuse- children are emotionally tortured and made to see their mothers or siblings being abused. Repeatedly telling them they are a big burden.
3. Sexual Abuse- Personal abuse as in rape, molestation or a commercial abuse like trafficking, forced prostitution.
4. Neglect- When parents/ guardians neglect the child- physically or emotionally its abuse again.
Children are one third of our population and all of our future.-Select Panel for the Promotion of Child Health, 1981
There are several legislations in India and several international conventions against Child Abuse. There are severe punishments prescribed for perpetrators. The world is a vicious circle of events. Beggary, prostitution, child labor and hoard of other activities have been banned keeping child abuse as a major factor. Most of the beggars on the streets are children. Most of the prostitutes are underage girls posing as majors. Everyday many pimps and their prostitutes are rounded up by the police. The pimps get away scot free, it's the prostitutes who bare the brunt. The child laborers have no where to go or do if they are not serving tea or shinning shoes. The police harass in the name of the law and others don't need any sanctions from law or God.

The abuser is usually the father or a male relative of the child's immediate family circle. Its the saddest fact of child abuse that the abuser is someone who should have beeen protecting the child from this big bad world.
Children are the living messages we send to a time we will not see. -John W.Whitehead
It is weird that we write poetry, articles – as I've written this post, take photos etc., to fight child abuse. I do believe that it is for a good cause, we must spread awareness about such things that happens everyday across the world. But what have we done towards the cause?? For our brothers and sisters who are treated like toilet tissue..

Every child comes with the message that God is not yet discouraged of man.-Rabindranath Tagore

As I write this post and as you read it, there must be a boy somewhere who is being mercilessly beaten for breaking a tea cup, a girl somewhere muffling her cries of pain and anguish for her brother's sake as she is brutalized by her once-upon-a-time-favorite-uncle. A brother-sister duo hungry, crying dried tears sitting by the roadside hoping against hope that their parents will come back. It's OK if they don't bring back food. A girl contemplating between suicide or prostitution, then deciding on the later as she can then assist her dad, financially at least if not in any other way being a girl n all.
You are worried about seeing him spend his early years in doing nothing.What! Is it nothing to be happy? Nothing to skip, play, and run around all day long? Never in his life will he be so busy again. -Jean-Jacques Rousseau
As you go through your life.. you don't have to do big things, small and simple things equally matter. Be kind to your maid- whether 14 or 40.
When you go to dhaba or where ever don't yell out "chotuuuu! Do chai la oye!!!!!" instead try "Chotu. Beta do chai lana." And enjoy the twinkle in his eyes.


Know more about the state of child abuse in India. Read the
'Study on Child Abuse India 2007' by the Ministry of Women and Child Development, Govt of India.


  1. child abuse is the most sicko of the things one can do...
    a very touching and thoughtful post...

    the theme is in your face, and eye catching... and big fonts and bright colors... attractive...

  2. well written!
    Rightly said, *Parents nurture them as the torch bearers of the family name.* We have so much to be thankful for but those kids of just our age..they face a life full of plight...
    You have done total justice to the post. Good job!

  3. it's totally disgusting an issue
    high time we individuals pledge against it
    e1 my college boys of the age 10-12 work in the canteen

    well written

  4. Sensitive issue.... But yes its high time that we put a check on this. Cos some perverts wont learn it the simple way


  5. My heart totally goes out to such children whenever I come across them.Pity I can do nothing more than give a smile or a pat on the back or a kind word or some money(in case of beggars).Maybe someday I would do much more.

    A wonderful hard hitting post with great quotes!


  6. hey!! This is a good one. People should be made more aware.
    Have you read my story on Calm Frenzies on child abuse. Read it when you get a chance. Its called "The Morning Hours".

    How have you been? Long time since I saw you around.

  7. wonderfull lines there on a perhaps one of the most sensitive issue we are dealing in our country!!!....way to go...keep it up!!!

  8. thats the worst thing that ever can happen - when someone abuses kind who can not protect themselves. And sometimes i regret there is no death sentence for those who keep on abusing innocent children.

  9. Thanks for the inspirational post in recent times (after MPs salary)...keep posting such social issues....

  10. Child Abuse is one of those problems we now face which is so difficult to eradicate because this is not a problem arising from government enterprise or a physical reason. It arises out of man's attitude and complacency in acting against such things.

    But as one of the quotes says - children are 1/3 rd of our population and all of our future. To build a secure future for earth we need to do away with child abuse .

  11. the extent of child abuse is difficult to measure, it is recognized as a major social problem, especially in industrialized nations. It occurs in all income, racial, religious, and ethnic groups and in urban and rural communities. It is, however, more common in some groups, especially those below the poverty line.Cultures around the world have different standards in deciding what constitutes child abuse. In Sweden, for example, the law prohibits any physical punishment of children, including spanking. By contrast, in some countries of Asia, Africa, and the Caribbean, parents are expected to punish their children by hitting them.


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