May 28, 2009


We are killing our beaches. India is going to have a port or a harbor every 30 kms if we don’t do something quick to stop it.

So why should we stop building ports??

Apparently ports obstruct the natural flow of sand and formation of beaches. Monsoon and winds move the sand inwards and create long beaches. Ports obstruct this movement. Therefore sand piles up south of a port whereas it gets severely eroded north of the port, leaving behind ugly black rocks.

People think that it’s a natural phenomenon. Whereas, actually, it is a complete man-made disaster.

All over the world the ports are responsible for dredging the sand from south to north to maintain the beaches. However in India there is no such rule.

Instead of having 5-6 big, modern and profitable ports, India commissions a small new port every few months. These ports mostly incurs losses and therefore can’t afford to dredge the sand. Instead of making it mandatory for the ports to maintain the beaches around them, the Indian govt gives lucrative offers to companies to fill up the empty beaches with rocks and build miles of rock walls along the dead beaches. It is one big land scam with everybody having a vested interest in murdering our beaches.

Beaches make the sea shore more enjoyable. You can walk miles into the sea with the water just waist high. Where there are no beaches, it becomes dangerous to get into the water. Since there is no shore, the sea bed drops drastically and suddenly.

If this goes on in a few more decades we will have only a long necklace of black rock!!!! As is so evident in Pondicherry already. Pondicherry has already lost about 12kms of its beaches.

This, death of our beaches affects everything that is dependent on it. Starting from loss of tourism. Even though we have one of the longest coastlines in the world, we still feel jealous when we watch beaches of Miami. Why?

Sand acts as a filter and does not allow salt and sea water to seep into the mainland. However, due to the loss of the beaches, sea side villages have now realized that their underground water has become saline and their crops are dying. Leading to the death of their livelihood aswell.

Where is Mamata Banerjee??? Does she ‘protect’ the rural people only from the Tatas??

Courtesy:: NDTV 24x7


  1. Hi!
    I'm doing fine. What's up with u?

  2. its so darned important to preserve our environment...our planet is goin to the dogs..i tell u !

  3. seems like every one is trying his best to poach the environment and make his purse larger... :(


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