Nov 19, 2010


I cannot understand that why every now and then we hear the I & B Ministry and people in general making a huge hue and cry about all the obscene, vulgar content of the programs aired on TV. I am just concerning myself with the objections to vulgar content, not the propagation of antisocial behavior. I seriously have problems their bitching, conspiring and general bad behavior which they are insidiously teaching everyone not just impressionable kids.

What is obscene?
Offensive to morality or decency; indecent; depraved: obscene language. Offensive or outrageous to accepted standards of decency or modesty. Abominable; disgusting; repulsive.
As it is very clear, each of the words used to define obscenity is by itself questionable. What is morality? What is indecent? Or accepted standards of decency?

I also don’t understand why nudity, sex and related things are all categorized as obscene. In almost all spiritual teachings it is said that because we wear clothes our mind is corrupted. God/ Nature made us naked, we were not born with clothes on. All other animals in nature are living normally and quite happily I must add, without clothes. Our desperation to cover our bodies stems from our apprehensions about our sexual nature.

Without being too philosophical and spiritual if we ask, what is our purpose in life? The answer is very clear. It is the same as that of every other living being on this planet. It is to grow up all healthy and nice and mate, hunt for food, make a shelter, take care of the offsprings, teach them the ways of life and die. It is only our misconception that We have a bigger or a better purpose in life, than to indulge in silly trivial matters of the body. This we believe can be achieved by covering our bodies and pretending it doesn’t exist.

Some people argue that humans indulge in sexual behavior for pleasure and not as a force of nature and that is why it should be morally condemned. Such people must be informed that humans are not the only species to indulge in sexual acts for pleasure. There are other animals for example dolphins that do it for pleasure and breeding in just incidental to them also. We don’t see them wearing clothes and telling their kids to look the other way.

When we watch Natgeo or Animal Planet etc, we see uncensored, ‘educational’ videos about habits of animals around the planet. How does that become educational? The animals on the channel are for one naked and indulging in activity which is forbidden (mating). They are not nude but naked. There is also no question of the film being ‘aesthetically’ shot.

Having knowledge about the sexual habits of animals will constitute as General Knowledge and may even get you a doctorate and respect in the society. But having knowledge or even having a desire to learn, even a tiny bit, of human sexual habits is deemed as perverted and unacceptable. The person who is oblivious to his, as a human, sexual nature and that of humans in general, is hailed as naïve, seedha-sadha, bhola-bhala, uncorrupted or unpolluted etc. I say such a person is abnormal and in the wild, would be left to die without having accomplished his purpose.

We love to break rules. When something is taboo our mind is drawn to it. We have to explore it just for the thrill of doing something one is not allowed to. If straight forward facts are in our face then we will accept it and will eventually ignore shrug our shoulders and say “big deal!”. Like girls wearing jeans or spaghetti tops are now “No big deal”. Instead of running in the opposite direction, we must teach ourselves and our kids to accept and respect our sexual nature. It is not new, odd or something of a handicap that should be condemned. Its just normal!!


  1. Absolutely agree and so glad to see such clarity :)
    Moral policing is a norm in our country , evolving into a healthy society is so difficult in such situations :(

  2. the problem is with whether the content is meant to titillate or educate. that difference is what brings about the censor-board howling.

    the reason kids these days are such know-it-alls at such a tender age has a lot to do with the content they get access to.

    obscene IS offensive in a sense =)


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