Sep 19, 2011

Just a Thought

At the risk of sounding stupid… I don’t understand economics. The concept of economy and its dynamics just blows over my head and hits me behind the ear like a sock full of wet sand!

It’s like me trying to explain cyber space. Its logic, which I don’t understand hence can’t explain. I use the internet, but I don’t ‘get’ it. It’s a network of cables under the sea.. connected to servers around the world?!! That’s it? So where exactly is – is it on a server somewhere… How? And I can access it in seconds through half satellite and half wire connection… How? But I open google 1000 times a day, have blogs, tweet, facebook etc... but I don’t ‘get’ it.

It’s like me trying to comprehend how big is the universe. Milky Way, then Andromeda, then 10 more galaxies, then what? Where does it begin and where does it end?

So, when I read in the papers that there is rampant inflation, that there is uncontrolled price rise. I simply don’t get it. As in, who is to say that there is inflation? How do we know what is inflation? Who came up with the idea in the first place and most importantly why should we listen to him? So when people tell that the Rupee is losing its value how do they know that? Suppose for whatever reason, people are getting poor or there is unemployment, why can’t we just print more currency and infuse it into the market? How will the country become poorer and deposits reduce?

No really, what would happen if we tell the world that we are not interested in their theory of economics and that we will function in the way it fancies us. We don’t want their FDI, globalization or open economy and such. Who is to say and enforce that an item that cost Rs.50 yesterday will cost Rs.100 today even though the same amount of labour and raw materials have been used?

No really, will our lives be so miserable and unlivable if we say… switch to barter system? Or if we take a more moderate view say, switch to a closed economy? Can’t we just grow and consume what we want and be self sufficient? I think it’s the easier way to escape the BT Cotton, beautiful looking tasteless bananas and mangoes with ‘tested. Ok.’ stickers on them. Easier to escape times when middle class families may have to lose out on their family vacation just to run a scooter, keep track of gold rates, stock rates, vegetable rates, interest rates, FD rates, saving bank rates, DA, PF, electricity rates, water rates, increment, school fee, college fee, medicines… phew!!

Its just a thought… who is to say that there is recession or slow down or mow down or any other ‘crisis’? All that I have seen is that billion dollar companies lose trillion dollars worth of value. Where neither the owner nor the employees have seen either the billion dollars or the trillion dollars and some guy with alphabets after his name tells them that there is loss so, the company has to wind up, people have to commit suicide and the country becomes pauper.

No really..


  1. How did you end up with eco in the first place. With such existentialist questions you sound more of a literary fella or a philosopher.

  2. Ha ha ..loved it.
    profound questions!!!
    Economy: sometimes i feel i know it and then i fail to understand all the statistics behind it.

    Keep write well.


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