Oct 19, 2011

Ahum Brahmasmi?

 Who or what is God after all? Something so big and so powerful that you feel absolutely powerless before it, something you have never seen but feel its presence. Belief in which, sometimes helps explains the inexplicable. Hurricanes, earthquakes, floods are all what we call 'natural calamities'. Lesser advanced people, as we call them, may call it 'god's wrath'. But what is nature separate from God? Thomas Robert Malthus said that nature has a way of balancing itself. Nature multiplies arithmetically whereas man multiplies geometrically. So when man over populates to such a number that nature can’t take it any more, there are ‘natural calamities’ to balance out the excessive population. Logic applied to Dinosaurs also. We might have logical explanations to all the calamities that befall us, tectonic plates and low pressure zones etc but at the height so science is the inexplicable- God.One can say that we have grown so much in number that God is having a 'pest problem'? His earth has been infested by humans who consume and destroy everything in their surroundings.

Applying the above.. here is my conclusion :-

I am God in some ways. I think that insects and other tiny creatures perceive us as Gods. We have the power to destroy their homes or put some food near it and help them prosper just like how 'God' creates the natural calamities for us or a sudden abundant harvest season. We squish them, torture and terrorise them when we fancy for fun like misleading an ant from its path in a long line of ants carrying food home or like when we hold a cockroach by  its feelers and watch it scrambling in the air or like spraying water on a spider and watching it run.. when  we do such things the little creatures must be praying to 'God' (read- humans) "Oh dear God! what did we do to deserve this! We are such a peace loving colony, eating all the woodworks and furnitures that 'nature and GOD' has provided for us." They might even be having an idol or a picture representation of their 'God' which may be a huge 3feet tall ant or a spider or termite as the case may be. A God that can walk on water, control everything that is happening in their universe and maybe provide answers to their eternal questions such as how life came to being in their little galaxy of Kitchen Cabinet.

Also considering that we humans are so gigantic compared to the tiny forms of these creatures.. maybe they cant even see us, we might be out of focus for their tiny eyes. They might, as we say in our little colony, not have the 'sight' or 'vision' to see 'GODS' without proper meditation and rigorous penance but they do feel our presence like the housefly that flies away just before you squat it or the cockroach that dashes into the nearest crevice the moment you lift that rolled newspaper, they don't know what they fled from, but they know something was there.

The little pests don't know who controls their Kitchen Cabinet, how their world's topography of cutlery changes after every 7 generations. It must be something of a prophecy handed down by the elder of the colony to new generations. Little do we know of the havoc that we cause every Sunday when we bring out the dinner cutlery. They don't even know that their exists another cabinet and so many more cupboards. Like we don't know how many more 'kitchen cabinets' there are apart from our Milky Way and a few others.

So, i believe that we are pests in God's house and we are Gods to the pests in our house. Should we not treat those pests how we would want God to treat us? :-D
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